Staffing approval process

MGSE Staffing Approval Process

The MGSE Staffing Approval Process has now been updated. The need for additional levels of Chancellery approval on some staffing decisions as a consequence of the current budgetary crisis has also necessitated a review of how we manage and track staffing requests. The necessity for these steps will be reviewed regularly.

What has changed?

  • We have replaced the previous staffing forms and casual spreadsheet with  two simple, one page forms that cover all staffing requests
  • Staff submitting requests will need to ensure they have sought approval from the point of implementation to the appropriate coordinator as well as  Cognate Leaders/Research Centre Directors before it is submitted
  • All requests will be emailed into the same inbox and assessed by the appropriate group
  • Casual requests will be assessed and outcomes advised twice a week (with the exception of professional staff casual requests which still need to be approved by Chancellery and therefore will take longer)
  • All other requests will be assessed fortnightly and forwarded to Chancellery for approval where relevant.

What do you need to do? 

  • Familiarise yourself with the two forms and the process as outlined on the recruiting staff page on the intranet
  • Please be patient as we navigate the additional Chancellery approval process which inevitably will cause some delays in decisions
  • If a request is urgent, please flag this on the form.

How do you get help and support?

  • Casual staffing requests – support and help will continue to be provided by Stephen Goldstraw, the Student Experience team and the Finance, Strategy and Planning team
  • For all other requests, the People & Culture team can provide support
  • Reach out to your teams, colleagues and cognate leaders or centre directors.

As always, the People & Culture team encourage you to provide feedback on the process as they continue to improve, automate, and provide a better overall experience for MGSE staff. The team have made a commitment to review the process after a period of three months.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the People & Culture team for further advice.