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Please note our media monitoring service iSentia has resolved its technical problems, however they are still working through a backlog while their services were down. We’ll bring them to you as soon as they’re made available.

Dr Jenny Chesters in ‘Private schooling might come with 'old school tie' elite status but it won't help your child's resume’, ABC News Online – 18 September 2020

Mark Warburton in ‘Proposed higher ed reforms: Which unis win and which lose revenue?’, Campus Review – 30 September 2020

Mark Warburton in ‘Do humanities graduates have the same job prospects as science graduates?’ – ABC News Online - 19 November 2020

  • Republished on – 19 November 2020

Mark Warbutron cited in ‘Australia’s Unforced Error On Student Fees’, Forbes – 20 November 2020

Associate Professor Wesley Imms co-wrote ‘Group tables, ottomans and gym balls: kids told us why flexible furniture helps them learn’ in The Conversation – 19 November 2020

Associate Professor Wesley Imms spoke to 2ser’s The Daily radio program in ‘Flexible Furniture Improves Learning’ – 20 November 2020

Dr Kathryn Coleman co-wrote ‘Teaching on-line in COVID-19 times’, Campus Morning Mail – 22 November 2020

Dr Matt Harrison wrote ‘Playing for Participation’, Pursuit – 24 November 2020

Dr Ben Deery in ‘Why some dolls are better for your kids than others’, ABC Life – 24 November 2020

Dr Gwilym Croucher and Dr James Waghorne in ‘University challenge’, Inside Story – 24 November 2020

Dr Victoria Millar in ‘Living with COVID: New campaign aims to help young people understand COVID-19’, The Mirage – 24 November 2020

Dr Jenny Chesters spoke to ABC Radio Melbourne’s Breakfast program with Sammy J, 24 November 2020 (audio has expired)

Dr Victoria Millar in ’Teachers to get world-class STEM support’, The Educator Australia – 25 November 2020

Dr Siew Fang Law co-wrote ‘Australia’s Universities Need To Be Free To Engage Globally’, Pursuit – 27 November 2020

Professor Lea Waters mentioned in ‘The Yellow Cottage, Scone Grammar School, receives Excellent Rating from ACECQA’, The Sector – 27 November 2020

Dr Matt Harrison was part of Sunday Extra’s Round Table panel discussing ‘The rise and rise of online gaming during the Covid pandemic’, Radio National – 29 November 2020

Melbourne Graduate School of Education in ‘Uni Melbourne admin changes: staff fear more of the same’, Campus Morning Mail - 30 November 2020

Associate Professor Wee Tiong Seah was a panellist in Asia Education Foundation’s webinar ‘Equity in Education: Shared Perspectives between India and Australia', YouTube – 01 December 2020