AWS staffing allocation update

As you are aware planning for teaching for 2021 has been challenging this year and has been significantly affected by the following:

  • student enrolments for 2021 being uncertain - despite our domestic student enquiries increasing
  • our savings plan in response to the University’s financial position
  • the Pandemic Reset Program.

In an effort to gather as much information as possible to feed into the planning process for 2021 and beyond we have spoken with cognate leaders, research centre directors, program directors and course co-ordinators to identify teaching needs and to feed into the broader workforce planning for MGSE. This is a part of articulating a more efficient and transparent process as discussed, but we also want this workforce planning process to be a more collaborative engagement so we can truly represent out diverse work. We have been developing a draft process. You can see where we are up to here.

Our next step in our planning for 2021 is to work with individuals to identify our workforce teaching gaps. To do this we will send out a prepopulated survey (similar to last year) that includes roll over information and some updated information. It’s also important to note that generally allocation of time will be similar to last year.

This process will help us understand staffing gaps as well as individual needs. Also, this will signal an opportunity for you to discuss your plans for 2021 with your supervisor, this may be the catalyst for some variation in your teaching, research and leadership.

Over the next couple of weeks Fletcher will be reaching out to you to clarify your work plans for next year.  Also, we hope that this will be an opportunity for you to put your hand up to collaborate in a variety of ways across teaching, research and or leadership.

As you are aware, we are attempting to streamline our workforce planning process so that at an organisational level it is much more efficient and less stressful for you.

We really appreciate your patience and the support that many of you have already given in assisting with planning our teaching for next year.