University end-of-year closure
The University will close from COB Wednesday 23 December 2020 and re-open on Monday 4 January 2021.

Any staff members who have annual or long service leave approved for 24 December will have these hours re-credited back to your leave accruals. You do not need to submit a change request, however, if you have already done so there is no need to take further action if the adjustment has been approved by your supervisor. Please note this may take some weeks for the adjustment to appear in your leave accruals due to manual processing. Please contact your Human Resources representative for related queries.

MGSE Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training

This year the Indigenous Curriculum Taskforce successfully rolled out the Melbourne Graduate School of Education’s first Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training program, partnering with the Koorie Heritage Trust. This was an opportunity to bring staff together to experience a shared understanding of some of the history, stories and experiences that shape the Koorie community and Indigenous-settler relations.  

Thank you to all those who participated in the training and provided feedback through the survey and Zoom conversation sessions. The feedback was very positive about the experience and some of the suggestions for further work included to:

  • Provide academic staff with links to further resources for curriculum development (see link below and more coming soon)
  • Make the training more relevant to the work of professional staff (more guidance on this coming soon)
  • Make the MGSE building and spaces more culturally safe and relevant for the Koorie community
  • Continue to strengthen our connections with local Koorie organisations

There will be further sessions available in the new year for those who have yet attended, and this trainin will be embedded into new staff induction.

Dates 2021Regististration
Monday 22 February Registration to open in the new year
Thursday 4 March Registration to open in the new year

Thank you to the Indigenous Curriculum Taskforce for the work involved in delivering this first step as part of the 2019-21 MGSE Divisional Indigenous Development Plan (DIDP). 

Please explore MGSE's ‘Indigenous Resources’ page including resources that were gathered through the training that might be of interest. Please note further resources will soon be available.

Update your emergency contact details

In the event of a positive case of COVID-19, the ability of the University and DHHS to conduct quick and thorough contact tracing will be critical. This can only happen if your current contact details are recorded in the Themis. All individuals should check their details are current.

Themis planned outage

Business Services advise that Themis will be unavailable from 7am-6pm on Saturday 16 January 2021. During this period, the team will be completing 2020 notional cash and encumbrance carry-forward. Themis will be made available earlier if this activity is completed ahead of schedule.

2021 Academic Women in Leadership Program

Female academics at Levels C and D should soon receive an email inviting them to apply for next year's Academic Women in Leadership Program. Applications will close by Monday 18 January 2021 and will require endorsement from the Dean.

Download the application form

Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme (FITS)

As you are aware, the University of Melbourne, along with the sector, has been working closely with the Federal Government and its agencies to develop the University Foreign Interference Guidelines. These guidelines aim to protect the nation’s sovereignty, including the valuable research we produce.

As part of the work to mitigate the risk of foreign interference, the Australian Parliament passed the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme Act (FITS), which establishes a registration scheme under which organisations and some individuals must register, on a public website, certain activities conducted on behalf of foreign principals.

While the University of Melbourne’s current systems are rigorous, foreign interference is a recognised risk and in an increasingly complex global environment there are improvements being made and identified gaps being addressed.

As part of the first stage of improving the University’s approach, a new training module has been developed to support all our staff in understanding the FITS Act, their obligations and responsibilities, and the scheme’s application to the University. It explains the types of activities which must be registered, the concept of a “foreign principal”, which includes a foreign government, a foreign political organisation, a foreign government related entity and a foreign government related individual, and also outlines the penalties and risks of non-compliance under the FITS Act.

  • All academic staff and professional staff who work with foreign parties are required to complete the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme (FITS) awareness training module on TrainMe as soon as possible.
  • You can access the training module via TrainMe.
  • Further information about the FITS and the module can be found on Staff Hub.

Please contact Risk and Compliance (Legal and Risk) at if you have any questions.

Hire a Student@Work intern 2021

The Students@Work team is now inviting expressions of interest from University hiring managers looking to hire a S@W intern for a period of three, six or nine months commencing April 2021. Internships are approved by Chancellery Executive for exclusion from the FTE cap, with interns paid at PSC 4 casual rates by the hiring department.

This is a unique opportunity to embrace the possibilities of staff-student co-creation and for managers to accesses a bright and energetic workforce with invaluable knowledge and experience of the University, who can provide input into service design and delivery.

Comprehensive recruitment, selection and contract management support will be provided by the S@W Team. Potential 150 hour subsidy may be available for managers who are unable to fund a placement, but are interested in recruiting an intern. Register your interest before Friday 22 January 2021. For any enquiries contact Sandie Tsan.

Mental health training for staff

Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS) offer a range of mental health online training for staff including, Supporting Student Mental Health, Mental Health First Aid and other tailored mental health training.

Visit the mental health training page

Staff Development 2021

Please note there is no cost for the following courses, all courses are offered virtually, please enrol via TrainME:

Training for managers

  • Managing with Emotional Intelligence (2 x 90 min) 1, 2 February
    Learn to use emotional intelligence in virtual and physical work settings to positively impact teams and help maintain morale and wellbeing.
  • Me, My Team and Change (2 x90 min) 20, 21 January
    Understand the psychology of change and transition and gain practical strategies to support individuals and teams.

Training for all staff

    • NEW Working with Emotional Intelligence (2 x 90 min) 19, 21 January
      Learn how to use emotional intelligence to increase your impact and wellbeing in the workplace.
    • Navigating Change (2 x 90min) 18, 19 January
      Gain practical strategies and build understanding of the emotional and psychological transition needed to manage self through change.
    • Responding with Resilience, Hope, Optimism and Efficacy (2 x 1 hr) 18 January
      Builds understanding of psychological capital, providing strategies to build resilience.
    • Managing My Work (Foundation) (3 x 1 hr) 16, 23 February and 2 March
      Gain tools for managing work effectively through prioritisation and time management.
    • Professional Staff Orientation (1 x 90 min) 30 March
      Formally welcomes new staff, provides an understanding of the University's history, culture, values and strategic agenda.
    • LGBTI+ Awareness Employee Briefings (2hr) 11 February
      Provides an understanding of why LGBTI+ workplace inclusion is important to an organisation, a level of comfort around terminology and explores challenges often faced by LGBTI+ employees.

For any enquiries contact: