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New seminar series presented by the Educational Leadership Cognate Group

The Educational Leadership Cognate group invites all MGSE staff to participate in weekly sessions which will include time for discussion. See more information about the Spotlight and Mentoring series below.

Spotlight Seminar Series

The Spotlight Seminar series will be lead by members of the cognate group presenting their research followed by a 30 minute group discussion.

  • Leadership in schools under challenging circumstances

    Presented by Associated Professor David Gurr
    Date: Monday 17 August
    Time: 10am

    Register via Zoom

  • The changes we need in education

    Presented by Professor Jim Watterston and Professor Yong Zhao
    Date: Thursday 3 September
    Time: 10am

    Register via Zoom

  • Link between principal leadership and growth in student learning

    Presented by Dr Pauline Thompson and Associate Professor HelenStokes
    Date: Monday 14 September
    Time: 10am

    Register via Zoom

  • Aspiring female leaders

    Presented by Dr Barbara Watterston
    Date: Monday 28 September
    Time: 10am

    Register via Zoom

  • Critical leadership capabilities

    Presented by Dr Teresa Angelico
    Date: Monday 12 October
    Time: 10am

    Register via Zoom

  • Reach for greatness: Personalisable education for all children

    Presented by Professor Yong Zhao
    Date: Monday 26 October
    Time: 10am

    Register via Zoom

  • Leadership, moral courage and ethical behaviour

    Presented by Dr Natasha Ziebell
    Date: Monday 9 November
    Time: 10am

    Register via Zoom

  • Leadership preparation for the future

    Presented by Dr Daniela Acquaro
    Date: Monday 23 November
    Time: 10am

    Register via Zoom

Mentoring Seminar Series

Each week an expert panel will present on a different topic which will be followed by time for questions from attendees. This mentoring series is for MGSE staff only.

  • Creating an academic narrative for promotion

    Presented by Professor Yong Zhao
    Date: Friday 21 August
    Time: 10am

    Register via Zoom

  • Research your practice

    Presented by Associate Professors David Gurr, Lawrie Drysdale and Helen Stokes
    Date: Friday 4 September
    Time: 10am

    Register via Zoom

  • How to make an impact with your research

    Presented by Professor Yong Zhao and Laureate Professor John Hattie
    Date: Friday 18 September
    Time: 10am

    Register via Zoom

  • Cat 1 - 3 Grant writing

    Presented by Professor Janet Clinton
    Date: Friday 16 October
    Time: 10am

    Register via Zoom

  • Navigating gender barriers: Implications for mentoring and progression

    Presented by Dr Barbara Watterston and Dr Lisa Ehrich
    Date: Friday 30 October
    Time: 10am

    Register via Zoom

  • Publishing your research

    Presented by Professor Yong Zhao, Associate Professors David Gurr and Helen Stokes
    Date: Friday 13 November
    Time: 10am

    Register via Zoom

  • Understanding engagement and impact in your narrative for promotion

    Presented by Professor Helen Cahill, Associate Professor Larissa McLean Davies
    Date: Friday 27 November
    Time: 10am

    Register via Zoom

Producing excellent graphs

Dates: Thursday 13 August
Time: 10am - 11.30am


This free half-day seminar over two mornings online via Zoom will discuss the principles of producing graphs to enhance the quality of your thesis and research presentations. It will cover a software package freely available to University of Melbourne graduate research students and staff. If you are frustrated about the quality of the graphs you are currently creating and how much time it is taking, this seminar is for you.

Staff wellbeing sessions

The University's Employee Assistance Program provider Benestar will host live webinars to support staff during this time. Places are limited but if you miss out on attending the live session, a link of the recording will be sent to you if you have registered.

Maintaining a nutritious diet during lockdown
Date: Thursday 13 August  
Time: 2pm - 3pm


Taking back control - managing burnout, fatigue and self-care during a COVID-19 lockdown
Date: Thursday 20 August
Time: 11am - 12pm


3MT Grand Final

Date: Thursday 13 August
Time: 2pm - 3.30pm


Join the 3MT grand final where ten graduate research students discuss their thesis topic and research in three minutes. That's roughly 80,000 words condensed into 180 seconds. Watch the video presentations from students across the University and hear about the exciting new research they are undertaking. The winner receives a $4,000 grant and will go on to represent the University in the Asia-Pacific 3MT grand final.

Research Impact and alternative funding routes through translation

Dates: Friday 14 August
Times: 12pm - 1pm


Can your research be used to solve problems or generate real-world impact? If you are new to IP and research translation or just want to learn more about this important area, please join this webinar on: 'Research Impact and alternative funding routes through translation - Engineering and ICT start-up stories with IP Group'. This webinar will outline how creating a start-up can lead to additional impact for your research, without you having to run the start-up if you don't want to.

IP can be tricky sometimes, so before diving into the start-up world, let the Knowledge and Technology Transfer team in Research, Innovation and Commercialisation (RIC) know about the IP you created by submitting an "IP Disclosure" online via Service Now. Please click on "Request Something", followed by "IP Disclosure Request" to fill out the online form.

A member of the Knowledge and Technology Transfer team will contact you for a discussion and provide guidance as necessary.

Science Festival - Trusting science in a time of crisis

Dates: Friday 14 August - Sunday 23 August

Find out more

Science Festival is a series of events that coincides with National Science Week. Entirely free, online and open to the public, this Festival covers all areas and disciplines of science. The theme this year is: 'Trusting science in a time of crisis'. Why do some people not believe in science? And what role does a university have in changing that?

Using FeedbackFruits, Peer Review and Group Evaluation in assessment

Dates: Tuesday 18 August
Times: 4pm-5.15pm


This online webinar is designed to give you an overview on using FeedbackFruits to facilitate peer feedback assessments. Instructors can use Peer Review to create assignments for students to provide feedback to their peers on deliverables. The tool structures and streamlines the process of students reviewing their peers' work. Topics covered in this webinar include Peer Review, and Group Member Evaluation.

Go Green compost bin/worm farm workshop

Date: Tuesday 18 August
Time: 4.30pm - 5pm

Join via Zoom

Learn from our in-house composting experts Jenny Lowe and Lucy Bond on how to set up a compost bin and/or a worm farm at home!

Launch of Open Days

Full Open Days program goes live: Wednesday 19 August
Undergraduate Open Days: Saturday 5 - Sunday 6 September
Graduate Open Days: Monday 14 - Thursday 17 September

Find out more

Given current restrictions, 'Open Days 2020' will be delivered virtually this year, with over 200 webinars and online information sessions planned.

Over the coming days, the University will start promoting Open Day events through social content and digital advertising, see a sneak peek at the 'Redefine Possible' marketing campaign.

Melbourne Institute Virtual Colloquim

Date: Runs from July - August 20
Time: 11am - 11.45am


Join this colloquium designed for policy makers, practitioners and analysts. This regularly held colloquium will showcase the Melbourne Institue's projects and researchers. This is a forum that encourages discussion on how research insights should inform policy and practice. The colloquia will be moderated by the Institute's Professor A Abigail Payne, Director and Professor Ronald Henderson and Professor Roger Wilkins, Deputy Director.

For any enquiries contact: melbinstitute-tickets@unimelb.edu.au.

Unpacking Education webinar

Pedagogic affect and its power: Assembling the citizen subject

Date: Monday 24 August 
Time: 11.30am - 12.30pm

Join via Zoom

In this webinar, Dr Dianne Mulcahy and Dr Sarah Healy discuss the transformative powers of pedagogic affect and social and environmental change.

Please contact Amy McKernan for further information and to register.

Mathematics, Science and Technology Education Group Research Webinar

Mathematical Grounding Activities: A Contemporary Mathematics Education Approach in Taiwan

Date: Tuesday 25 August 
Time: 12pm - 1pm


School mathematics education in Taiwan is often confronted by two challenges, these being a large performance gap between low- and high- achievers, and a new K-12 competence-oriented mathematics curriculum. Professor Kai Lin Yang will outline a contemporary mathematics education approach that has been designed to overcome these two challenges.

Building culturally safer and relationally stronger schools

Date: Wednesday 26 August 
Time: 5pm - 7pm


In this panel discussion chaired by Sophie Rudolph and featuring panelists Melitta Hogarth, Leah Avene, Nikki Moodie and Jessica Gannaway, they will reflect on some of the challenges and opportunities for building stronger and safer schools to support and value young people. If education and schools are to be part of an early intervention and diversion strategy we need to understand both how they may have been failing at this and what might need to occur to enable education to be a place of safety and strength.

This webinar is co-hosted by the Justice-involved Young People Network and MGSE.

Save the date: 2020 Professional Staff Conference

Dates: Monday 14 - Friday 18 September

The Professional Staff Conference (PSC) committee is excited to announce one of the keynote speakers for this year's conference. Aligning with the theme 'Building Resilient Futures', Dr Jennifer Gray, CEO of Zoos Victoria, will be speaking about bushfires, conservation and zoo changes.

The PSC will be delivered virtually for the first time in 2020 – this is an incredible opportunity to learn, network and engage with your peers from the comfort of your own home. Learn more about the PSC at the conference website. Send any enquiries to the psc-info@unimelb.edu.au.

Sustainable development goals, climate change and cities symposium

Dates: Wednesday 30 September - Friday 2 October
Cost: $30 AUD
Time: 9.15am


This virtual symposium will focus on providing delegates with practical tools and templates to tackle sustainable urban development issues, in particular those relating to climate change, urban planning and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Symposium will feature interactive workshop sessions, breakout rooms, keynotes and opportunities for delegates to connect across time zones. The Symposium will also showcase cities and their urban partners who are implementing the SDGs.

A key aspect will focus on developing sustainable development solutions with the 10 cities participating in the SDGs Cities Challenge. The symposium is relevant to all government, practice, academia, civil society and industry professionals and students engaged in urban sustainability and the built environment.

Virtual Cuppa - online teaching and learning help sessions

Date: Monday - Thursday
Time: 12.30pm - 1.30pm AEST


The Virtual Cuppa is your space to share online teaching and learning challenges, find practical solutions, and simplify your working life through partnership and collaboration. The Virtual Cuppa is hosted by Dr Allison Creed, learning designer and organisational coach, with co-host Dr Maxx Schmitz from the Faculty of Arts, Arts Teaching Innovation team.

Join the for a live Q and A with colleagues and industry experts to find solutions to your daily online teaching and learning design challenges. Watch this sample

Recorded live, the Virtual Cuppa engages with the higher education community and industry experts, including special guests in interactive and hands-on teaching and learning design for online and blended delivery. Topics include creating presence when teaching online, innovative language teaching and learning online, career and employability, working remotely and wellbeing, student transition, peer to peer teaching, group/team work, online assessment transformation, and co-creation (design and delivery).

Online Q and A sessions on assessment

Date: Tuesdays and Thursdays

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To support staff in (re)designing their assessment, the Melbourne CSHE is offering weekly virtual office hours with an assessment expert who will discuss alternative assessment options and answer assessment-related questions. These are curriculum-oriented sessions designed to complement the more technical and design-oriented sessions offered through Learning Environments.

2020 Corwin Professional Learning Conference

Dates: Monday 16 - Tuesday 17 November
Cost: Visit the registration page for more information


This virtual conference brings together international and national educational researchers and practitioners. Throughout the conference they will share their expertise, research and best practices in deliberately designing education to move learning forward. There will be multiple opportunities to collaborate with leaders, teachers and presenters from right across Australia as well as many practical strategies for you and your team to take away and employ within your own school.