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Digital Taskforce Update

The Teacher's Lounge

All staff are welcome every Wednesday from 2.30pm - 3.30pm to drop-in to say hello, ask a quick Canvas question, talk about something you have been trying online, or ask a learning design question.

Join via Zoom
Password: 162275

Visit the Digital Taskforce page for updates for further updates.

Kate Challis RAKA Award

The Kate Challis RAKA Award for Indigenous poets is closing soon. RAKA, which means 'five' in the Pintupi language, is awarded to an Indigenous artist in one of five categories annually, including creative prose, poetry, script writing, drama and visual arts. In 2020, the $20,000 award celebrates the best book of poems already published between 2015-2020 written by an Indigenous author. The award was established by eminent art and cultural historian Professor Emeritus Bernard Smith. It is named to honour the memory of his late wife, Kate Challis, who was known in her youth as Ruth Adeney.

Applications close Monday 7 September. For any enquiries contact Amanda Morris.

Updates for students

Many of the special arrangements put in place to support students during Semester 1 have been extended into Semester 2. Information for students has been updated on the website and includes:

  • Special consideration: Students who have been affected by COVID-19 but are unable to provide documentary evidence may submit a medical certificate, statutory declaration or student declaration as an alternative
  • Attendance and participation: Different requirements may apply for online activities. Subject coordinators should advise students of expectations and publish changes to participation requirements on the LMS subject site.
  • Weighted Average Mark (WAM): Revised calculation methods approved by Academic Board for First Half Year have been extended to Second Half Year.

Open Days 2020

Open Day 2020 is now just three weeks away. The theme of this year's virtual event is 'Redefine Possible', and we'll be bringing our Open Days 2020 participants the best of the Melbourne undergraduate and graduate experience - virtually - as they look to define their future in a changing world. You can share the event on your own Facebook channels by going to and sharing from there.

Visit the Diary Dates section for key dates.

IT Updates

Cybersecurity update: protecting yourself from ransomware

Keep yourself and the University safe from ransomware by:

  • Updating your devices and software: cybercriminals exploit technical vulnerabilities in outdated software and devices to gain access to your environment.
  • Setting up automatic updates on your devices, operating systems and applications helps to keep your environment secure.
  • Enabling anti-virus: use a trusted anti-virus software from a known vendor.
    These tools are used to detect and remove malware. If you are using a University issued laptop, they already have anti-virus software installed. If you are using your personal device, you can find out how to get discounted anti-virus software on the cybersecurity website.
  • Back up your important files regularly: ensuring that you have automated backups, so you have the option of recovering your files, is one of the best defenses against ransomware. It is also important to test these backups from time to time.
  • Staying alert to phishing emails: cybercriminals rely on tricking people into installing ransomware by playing on emotions. These emails are usually urgent in nature and require you to take an action of some sort.

To report a cyber incident or phishing scam, please raise a Service Now ticket, and to keep updated with current scams by visiting the Scamwatch website. For more information visit the Cyber Security update page.

New Microsoft 365 features available

The University is investing in our virtual campus by uplifting the Microsoft Office 365 license to unlock more apps and features:

  • Staff can now request a Teams Live Event, Microsoft's answer to a webinar.
  • We now have access to the Bookings app, Microsoft's appointment and scheduling tool that seamlessly integrates with Outlook calendar.
  • We also now have access to the Stream app, Microsoft's video management and sharing tool.
  • The capacity of staff Outlook inboxes has now doubled to 100GB.

This functionality joins an array of Microsoft 365 apps and features like Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint that make your work simpler and more integrated. Visit IT Services and Support for more information.

How to show 'Caller ID' on your University phone account

University phone calls to external numbers all previously hid their caller ID by default. This meant the recipient wouldn't see your phone number when you made an external call from a University phone. New functionality has enabled the option of showing or hiding your caller ID. This makes it easier to reach people from outside the University or even contacting other staff via their mobile phone.

Find instructions on how to show or hide 'caller ID' on your University phone account on the Staff Services Portal. For any other enquiries visit the IT services and support page.

Changes to future Zoom meetings scheduled before 6 May

Zoom is changing its cybersecurity response to the sudden global increase in the use of their application. Once-off and recurring Zoom meetings scheduled before 6 May without a passcode will be modified by Zoom to enable a Waiting Room from 27 September.

The Waiting Room allows you to control who enters a Zoom meeting.  You can do nothing and use the Waiting Room feature following the 27 September update for meetings scheduled before 6 May.

Alternatively, you can set a passcode for these meetings, resend the meeting invitation to your guests and update channels where the previous meeting invitation link was posted. Once a passcode is added, the invitation must be re-distributed to all attendees as the meeting link will change.

Meetings scheduled after 6 May are unaffected as Zoom required sessions after this date to set a meeting passcode. For more information visit the Staff Service Portal. For any other enquiries visit the IT services and support page.

Learn how to self-record

Learning Environments have created a video giving tips on how to self-record from your home office. This resource is also available on the MGSE staff intranet Online event resources page.

Updated Emergency Support Fund (ESF)

In recognition of the ongoing financial hardship some students are experiencing as a result of COVID-19, the University has updated the Emergency Support Fund (ESF) to support eligible students. 

Students who already received ESF funding in Semester 1, 2020, and currently fall into the Semester 2, 2020, eligibility categories, may apply for further funding if they have not reached the maximum allocation of $7,500.

Students who are ineligible for ESF or have reached the cap and continue to experience significant financial difficulties are encouraged to contact Financial Aid.

Metro Tunnel Update

Two tunnel boring machines (TBMs) commenced tunnelling towards Parkville from Metro Tunnel's Arden site in early June. The first TBM is expected to break through the Royal Parade end of the Parkville station box between late August and early September, the second TBM approximately one month later. Metro Tunnel advise that break through activity will be scheduled at night-time or on a weekend, to mitigate noise and vibration impacts on sensitive receivers and staff still operating in the adjacent Doherty Institute and Medical Buildings.

TBMs will remain non-operational inside the station box for approximately two months before being re-launched from the east end (near Gate 10/Leicester Street) and continuing towards the CBD. Metro Tunnel's initial impact assessments indicate that tunnelling between Parkville and the CBD will have limited impact on University buildings and sensitive receivers located above or adjacent to the tunnel route. The University continues to work closely with Metro Tunnel to monitor and manage impacts to University facilities.

TBM route maps:

For any enquiries contact: and for more information visit the Metro Tunnel project page.

Uom Newsletter and Events Calander Update

New editorial policy for the UoM Staff Newsletter

Due to reduced resource allocation please note that as of this next week individual events will no longer be published in StaffNews, instead it will link to the University's public events calendar. Please ensure you publish your events to interest groups and faculty channels, and to the events calendar for public events.

Promoting your online event or webinar to external audiences

The University's Events Calendar is the best place to promote virtual events hosted by a faculty, department or affiliate of the University that are aimed at an external, public audience. Events will no longer be published in Staff News.

The Events Calendar promotes a range of virtual public events from lectures and seminars to exhibitions and performances - all on one calendar. Plus it's simple to use. Staff with an '@unimelb' email address can submit an event to the Events Calendar once their account has been established. Staff who have not submitted events to the Calendar before must request access and create an account.

For specialised events aimed at specific audiences such as professional practitioners or students, it is recommended to submit events to your local calendars and also promoting via Faculty networks. Visit the Events Calendar page for more information or for any enquiries contact: You can create an account via the Events Calendar User Request form.

Have your say - University's Sustainability Plan

The University's Sustainability Plan expires at the end of 2020, and a new Plan for 2021 to 2025 is being developed over the coming months. The new Plan will shape the University's commitment to lead and act on the critical challenges of global sustainability and a changing climate, and to model our campuses as sustainable and resilient communities.

To inform the new Sustainability Plan,  the University is seeking input from staff, students and alumni on three key questions:

1. What does sustainability mean to you?
2. What role do you think the University can and should play in transitioning society to a sustainable future?
3. What priorities would you like to see reflected in the University's Sustainability Plan 2021-2025?

Have your say by submitting your response via a survey or join an online session:

Visit Our Sustainability Commitment page for more information or for any enquiries contact:

University House home delivery

University House, the University of Melbourne's staff club, is preparing and delivering healthy, nutritious, and great value meals to the University community. Daily deliveries are available Monday to Friday to metropolitan Melbourne. The updated menu includes favourites like chicken and corn soup, Tom Yum beef, and vegan jackfruit chili. There are also several wine offers available. You can find the menu and other information on the University House website.

For any queries contact Kelly Murray via email: or call 8344 5254.