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Associate Professor Terry Bowles as part of his work with the Alcohol and Drug Foundation looking at habitual drinking during lockdown:

Professor Emeritus Frank Larkins and Ian Marshman in ‘Research funding crisis: imminent and enormous’ - Campus Morning Mail, 13 August 2020

Professor Nicola Yelland in ‘Childcare is important for parents but vital for kids. Both are under threat’ – Crikey, 13 August 2020’

Professor John Hattie and Professor Janet Clinton in ‘Changing the grammar of schooling post-COVID-19’ – Education Today, 14 August 2020

The Master of Early Childhood course and the Languages for Young Learners program mentioned in ‘Skills Boost For Early Childhood Language Teachers’ – Mirage News, 14 August 2020

Associate Professor Larissa McLean Davies speaking to ABC News Radio’s Mandy Presland about ‘Coronavirus changing the future of education’ – 14 August 2020

The Centre for the Study of Higher Education cited in ‘Melbourne University now No. 35 in Shanghai Ranking’ – The Australian Financial Review, 16 August 2020 (subscription required)

The Centre for the Study of Higher Education cited in ‘Shanghai rankings distort the place of research in universities’ – The Australian Financial Review, 17 August 2020 (subscription required)

Professor Emeritus Frank Larkins in ‘Nation’s largest universities say Dan Tehan’s reforms could cut their funding by stealth’ – The Australian 18 August 2020 (subscription required)

Associate Professor Peggy Kern in ‘The struggle to belong at school: Australia bombs in student satisfaction’ –, 18 August 2020

Professor Emeritus Frank Larkins cited in ‘Running on empty: COVID-19 forces change on universities’ – The Australian Financial Review, 19 August 2020

Dr Christopher McCaw and David Browning’s Pursuit article ‘Education in Extreme Times’ was republished in, 19 August 2020

Professor Jim Watterston in ‘Webinar series to explore impact of COVID-19’ – The Riverine Herald,  (Republished throughout the McPherson Media Group including Shepparton News Online), 19 August 2020

Professor Lea Waters in ‘The Main Ideas Behind Strength-Based Parenting’ – Escalon Times (US), 19 August 2020

Professor Nicola Yelland wrote ‘Phoney Phonics: How Decoding Came to Rule and Reading Lost Meaning’ in Teachers College Record, 19 August 2020

Professor Vin Massaro
in ‘Record numbers of students are applying for university places months in advance’ – The Australian, 24 August 2020

Professor Jim Watterston and Professor Yong Zhao in ‘How COVID-19 cemented this school's strategic plan’ – The Educator, 25 August 2020

Dr Daniela Acquaro and Dr Natasha Ziebell in ’Nationwide survey reveals how the education sector coped at the height of COVID-19’ – Campus Review, 6 July 2020