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Professor Lea Waters in ‘Wellington school focuses on wellbeing during testing times’ – EducationHQ (Subscriber content) – 07 April, 2020

Dr Ben Deery in ‘In uncertain times, we can help children through mindfulness and play’ – in The Western Sydney Business Access, Parramatta– 9 April 2020 (republished from his original article in The Conversation)

Professor Lea Waters in ‘For Goodness Sake’ – The Good Weekend magazine in The Age and associated Nine Newspapers – 11 April 2020

  • Republished on Nine MSN Australia 11 April 2020

Comments from Professor Lea Waters were published in How millennials can get through Covid-19 financial worries by ‘Today’ (Singapore newspaper) which originally appeared and were attributed to The Guardian – 11 April, 2020

Professor Jim Watterston in ‘The kids who will never return to school after COVID-19’ – The Sydney Morning Herald and associated Nine Newspapers 12 April 2020

  • Also republished by Australian Online News 12 April 2020

Dr Joanne Blannin in ‘What will school look like when we (don't) go back this week?’ – The Sunday Age and associated Nine Newspapers - 12 April 2020

Professor Lea Waters continues her series of videos for The Guardian centred on how to stay positive during the coronavirus crisis, including:

Dr Chelsea Hyde, Dr Joanne Blannin, Dr Sean Kang, Associate Professor AaronJarden & Mr Matthew Harrison in ‘Helping Year 12 Students Stay on Track’ – Pursuit, 14 April, 2020

Dr Chelsea Hyde in ‘Coronavirus pandemic pressure eased by children's chalk messages and letters of thanks’ – ABC News Online – 15 April 2020

Professor Jim Watterston in ‘Disadvantaged students could drop out of school system’ – The World Today, ABC Radio, 15 April 2020

Professor Lea Waters appeared on The Project and their ‘Family Survival Guide’ – 16 April 2020

Professor John Hattie spoke to Robert Blackmore on ABC Radio Sunshine Coast Breakfast program about how gaps in learning affect outcomes, 16 April, 2020 (John’s interview starts at the 58min mark)

Associate Professor Terry Bowles wrote ‘Managing Your Family’s Cabin Fever’ in Pursuit – 16 April 2020

Professor Jim Watterston in ‘Children fall back further: Fears for at-risk kids’ – The Courier Mail, 20 April, 2020 – Republished in the major NewsCorp websites including The Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, Northern Territory News, The Mercury, The Advertiser (Adelaide Now)

Dr Jeanne Marie Iorio wrote ‘Don’t worry, your child’s early learning doesn’t stop just because they’re not in childcare ‘ in The Conversation – 20 April 2020