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MGSE Media Mentions

Dr Gosia Klatt was interviewed on Polsat News (24-hour Polish national news television channel) about Australian schools dealing with online learning, access to technology as well as the legacy of distance education in Australia.

Professor Yong Zhao’s blog post was adapted by Teachers College Press in ‘Watch for Side Effects: Important Questions to Ask about Going Online Amid Covid-19’ – 20 April 2020

Professor Jim Watterston in ‘School’s out: Meet the family of nine bracing for online learning as term two looms’ – SBS’s The Feed 22 April, 2020

Associate Professor Peggy Kern co-wrote the comment piece ‘Damning stat shows how Australian kids struggle’ – The Age and associated Nine Newspapers – 27 April 2020

Professor Sandra Milligan in ‘Lessons in learning’ – Western Independent (Student publication from Curtin University), 27 April 2020

Professor Janet Clinton and her report ‘Supporting Vulnerable Children in the Face of Pandemic’ received widespread media coverage. Professor Clinton, her research and the Melbourne Graduate School of Education were quoted or mentioned in the following publications:

This was subsequently republished by MSN news – 28 April 2020 and in The New Daily – 28 April 2020

Professor Vin Massaro wrote ‘Far-reaching reform of the funding model must begin now’ in The Australian, 28 April, 2020

Professor Lea Waters wrote ‘What's your emotional style? How your responses can help children navigate this crisis’ – The Guardian, 29 April 2020

Professor Jim Watterston in ‘Students doing online learning will fall behind peers in other states’ – The Sydney Morning Herald and associated Nine Newspapers – 29 April 2020

Natasha Ziebell, Daniela Acquaro, WeeTiong Seah and Cath Pearn’s survey was mentioned in Campus Morning Mail – ‘Asking what’s working on-line’ – 1 May 2020

Professor Lindsay Oades and the Talking Teaching podcast mentioned in ‘Fires then COVID-19: The struggle to cope with 2020's disasters’ – The Canberra Times and the ACM newspaper network

Professor John Hattie in ‘Parents ponder repeating their children after pandemic disruption’ – The Sunday Age and other associated Nine Newspapers – 3 May, 2020

Professor Lea Waters in ‘The secrets of secrets revealed by psychologist’ on ABC Radio Melbourne (Weekend Mornings with Libbi Gorr) – 3 May, 2020

Dr Nicky Dulfer in ‘School captain injects humour into student notices online during coronavirus lockdown’ – ABC Gippsland / ABC News Online – 4 May 2020

  • Republished by MSN – 4 May 2020

Professor Barry McGaw in Indooroopilly State High’s most outstanding graduates – The Courier Mail, 4 May, 2020

Dr Gwilym Croucher and Dr James Waghorne co-wrote ‘Universities have gone from being a place of privilege to a competitive market. What will they be after coronavirus?’ in The Conversation – 6 May, 2020