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Virtual Cuppa - online teaching and learning help sessions

Date: Monday - Thursday
Time: 12.30pm - 1.30pm AEST


The Virtual Cuppa is your space to share online teaching and learning challenges, find practical solutions, and simplify your working life through partnership and collaboration. The Virtual Cuppa is hosted by Dr Allison Creed, learning designer and organisational coach, with co-host Dr Maxx Schmitz from the Faculty of Arts, Arts Teaching Innovation team.

Join the for a live Q and A with colleagues and industry experts to find solutions to your daily online teaching and learning design challenges. Watch this sample

Recorded live, the Virtual Cuppa engages with the higher education community and industry experts, including special guests in interactive and hands-on teaching and learning design for online and blended delivery. Topics include creating presence when teaching online, innovative language teaching and learning online, career and employability, working remotely and wellbeing, student transition, peer to peer teaching, group/team work, online assessment transformation, and co-creation (design and delivery).

Online Q and A sessions on assessment

Date: Tuesdays and Thursdays

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To support staff in (re)designing their assessment, the Melbourne CSHE is offering weekly virtual office hours with an assessment expert who will discuss alternative assessment options and answer assessment-related questions. These are curriculum-oriented sessions designed to complement the more technical and design-oriented sessions offered through Learning Environments.

Coffee chat and Q&A for sessional teachers

Date: Monday 11 May
Time: 10.30am - 11.30am

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Join Associate Lecturer Samantha Marangell for a fortnightly 1-hour check-in about the changing contexts of small-group teaching and new challenges for sessional teachers. This session is designed to give tutors, demonstrators, and other sessional teachers the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas. What challenges are you facing? What new teaching strategies or resources would be valuable for you right now?

Intellectual Property and submitting your IP Disclosure

Date: Tuesday 12 or Friday 15 May

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Have you created intellectual property from your research that could be used to solve problems and generate real-world impact? Do you know what to do with your IP?

If you are new to IP and research translation or just want to learn more about this important area, please join this webinar which will explain everything from grant applications, agreements, research translation to career advancement.

Teaching Music Online in Higher Education

Date: Friday 15 - Saturday 16 May
Registration fee: $40


Presented by the University's Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, 'Teaching Music Online in Higher Education' is an research-informed, virtual conference on the practice of teaching music online at higher education and tertiary levels.

Researchers, practitioners and graduate students who are interested in the best practices for teaching and performing music online are invited to join in the conversations and/or present their research in the area.

With a registration cost of just $40 AUD, the conference takes place across 30 hours, to support our global attendees with live-stream keynotes at a time that is manageable for Australia, Canada/US and Europe.

Embedding student and staff co-creation and shared decision-making in universities

Date: Wednesday 20 May
Time: 12.30pm - 2pm
Venue: Zoom Meeting

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Student and staff partnership has recently captivated many in the higher education sector. As universities strive to attract students, support increasingly diverse cohorts, and fend off new competitors in the market, asking students what they need, and want, is a logical endeavour. And yet, the rationales to embrace student and staff collaboration go beyond sensible business practice. By partnering with students, universities can demonstrate their commitment to community engagement, strengthen relationship-rich learning, and support civic responsibility in their students.

Role of the Supervisor

Date: Thursday 21 May
Time: 9am - 10am


This seminar will provide opportunities to discuss what it means to be a GR Supervisor, their responsibilities, and how to act in the role effectively. The focus will be given to discussing effective supervision practices during the University response to COVID-19.

SCIP (Social and Cultural Informatics) Workshop

Date: Monday 25 May
Time: 1pm - 3pm


Kathryn Coleman and Amanda Belton of SCIP are teaming up with MERI to showcase all the support SCIP offers your Graduate Researchers! If your GR wants to dive deep into data with sophisticated digital methods, please forward the registration link to them. You're more than welcome to join us, too.

Role of the Advisory Chair

Date: Thursday 28 May
Time: 9am - 10am


This seminar will discuss the role and responsibilities of the Advisory Chair in graduate supervision, with updates on current GR policies and important information regarding COVID-19 and GRs. Perfect as a refresher for current Chairs, with insights also for those new to the role.

Conflict in engagement and partnerships

Date: Monday 1 June
Time: 10am - 11am

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This Zoom workshop is for staff at The University of Melbourne only, and is part of the Applying Collaborative Partnerships Series.

Conflict is often inevitable when engaged in any partnerships and collaborative projects. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, new forms of conflict may emerge due to uncertainty, poor communication and changes. How you react and respond to conflict can make or break an effective relationship. In this webinar, participants will look at various ways to overcome and push through conflict and disagreements and ultimately strengthen their relationships with colleagues and stakeholders.

Engaged University e-Symposium

Date: Thursday 9 - Friday 12 June

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The Engaged University e-Symposium will provide a space for professional and academic staff to reflect and explore different levels and scales of engagement initiatives for research, teaching and community, and their impacts across the University of Melbourne.

The full program will be made available in late May.

Submissions are sought for presentations by academic and professional staff employed by the University of Melbourne or associated institutes and centres. Closing date for submissions is Wednesday 13 May.

Learning design for experienced sessional teachers - Semester 1

Date: Thursday 11 June
Time: 9am - 12.30pm
Venue: Zoom Meeting

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Enhancing your teaching by incorporating theory and research into curriculum design

This half-day program is designed for experienced sessional teachers who wish to enhance their understanding of comprehensive learning design. During this program, theory and research around effective learning design will be discussed, and participants will have the opportunity to explore how those theories and findings can be incorporated into their own lesson planning. This program considers a range of teaching contexts and includes the opportunity to interact with colleagues from various disciplines in the University.

For more information please see the program page.