MGSE staff news

Who's travelling?

The following MGSE staff will be travelling soon. If you have colleagues, potential RHD scholars, prospective students, events, or opportunities in or near the locations that they are travelling to, you are encouraged to get in touch with these staff directly to explore the potential for collaboration.

Julie McLeod 8/03/19 MEL LHR SIN MEL Singapore Other
Wes Imms 8/03/19 MEL SYD MEL Sydney Conference
Keren Shlezinger 10/03/19 MEL DAR DIL COM DAR MEL East Timor Other
Helen Cahill 10/03/19 MEL DAR DIL COM DAR MEL East Timor Other
Emily White 11/03/19
Lorraine Graham 11/03/19
Rhonda Di Biase 13/03/19 MEL COL MAL COL MEL Maldives Research
Lisa McKay Brown 14/03/19 MEL SYD MEL Melbourne Meeting
Joseph Connellan 14/03/19 MEL SYD MEL          Sydney Meeting
Joe Lo Bianco 15/03/19 MEL SYD MEL Sydney Meeting
Annie Gowing 23/03/19 MEL ADL MEL Adelaide Conference
Christopher Corbel 24/03/19 MEL SIN MEL Singapore Other
Terry Bowles 25/03/19 MEL BRIS LAX ATL DAL LAX MEL Atlanta Conference
Julie Choi 29/03/19 MEL DUB MAN DUB MEL United Kingdom Conference
Sarah Truman 31/03/19 MEL VAN TOR PEA VAN MEL Canada Conference
Sandra Milligan 01/04/19 ADL MEL Adelaide Conference
Carmelina Mesiti 02/04/19 MEL LAX TOR PEA LAX MELB Canada Conference
David Clarke 02/04/19 MEL LAX TOR PEA LAX MELB Canada Conference
Esther Chan 02/04/19 MEL LAX TOR PEA LAX MELB Canada Conference
Jim Watterston 03/04/19 MEL LAX TOR PEA LAX MELB Canada Conference

Travel advice

A reminder to staff that all University-related travel must be booked in the UniTravel system, which enables the University to fulfil it’s duty of care to staff and students travelling on our behalf. This is particularly important where risk to travellers can escalate quickly, such as in the case of recent advice regarding the risk of travel to Iran.

Booking travel within the UniTravel system also eliminates the need for a travel diary for staff, where the dominant purpose of travel is University business.

MGSE Talks

Last year staff were asked what they liked and wanted more of from the existing staff forums. As a result of the feedback some minor changes have been made to the format. The overwhelming feedback from staff was that they wanted the forums to be internally focused on staff and to see and hear about the work that is being conducted around the Graduate School and not so much on operational ‘how to’ presentations.

The staff and Dean's forums have now been merged and renamed ‘MGSE Talks’. These sessions will continue to be one hour in length and scheduled every two months.

To achieve the aims of bringing people together internally to hear about the work that is going on across MGSE and get to know each other better, the format will be broadly as follows.

  • Introduction of new staff members
  • 15 min presentation and Q&A from a professional staff team
  • 15 min presentation and Q&A from a Research Centre
  • 15 min presentation and Q&A focused on Teaching & Learning

The agenda will be distributed approximately one week before the session and the format will remain flexible to accommodate updates from the Dean when required.

Please enter the following dates and times into your diary

Tuesday 19 March 1pm - 2pm Q230
Tuesday 14 May 11am - 12pm Q230
Tuesday 2 July 12pm - 1pm Q230
Tuesday 3 September 11am - 12pm Q230
Monday 4 November 12pm - 1pm Q230

Academic workload

While Helen Stokes is on long service leave, please refer to the Staffing Processes document on the MGSE intranet. Please Cc MGSE-Staffing into any staffing related emails.

For all Master of Instructional Leadership queries contact Pauline Thompson.

For all research project queries contact Michelle Tonissen.

Appointment of Associate Dean: Staffing

Associate Professor David Gurr is the successful applicant for the Associate Dean: Staffing position. As a renown Educational Leadership academic who was awarded a Doctorate in Education at the University of Melbourne in 1996, David has a 38-year background in secondary teaching, educational psychology, school supervision and research in educational leadership with over 170 publications and a similar number of conference presentations.

David is well credentialed to take on this important role where he will lead in partnership with the School Executive and key professional staff, the balancing and prioritising of MGSE’s strategic staffing priorities, ensuring alignment with a broader oversight of the annual workload allocation process. David will transition into the role over the next fortnight.

Academic Promotion Round 2019

Following the recent academic promotions briefings, applications are formally invited by the University for academic promotion to Levels C, D and E in the 2019 round. The call for applications for promotion from Level A to Level B will be made later in the year.

If you intend to submit a promotion application in 2019, please follow the steps below to register your intention:

  • Discuss your intention with your Supervisor, and any other relevant senior Academic in a leadership position (e.g. your Centre Director or Cognate Leader), at your earliest convenience;
  • Send an email confirming your intention to apply for promotion to, by Sunday 10 March 2019;
  • As we are a ‘one-department faculty’, the Dean will confirm who will act as the ‘Head of Department’ for your promotion application.

Applicants should check the Academic Careers @ Melbourne website to ensure they are familiar with the current promotion process and have the relevant promotion process documentation. I encourage you to consider the illustrative Academic Career Benchmarks and Indicators (ACBI), which offers advice on the broad spectrum of academic activities and achievements to aid staff in framing their promotion cases.

For staff currently on ‘probation seeking confirmation’ also applying for promotion, these twin processes will be considered within a single meeting of the relevant MGSE promotion committee, for which you would need to submit a combined ‘Case’, which first addresses your probationary criteria (to claim confirmation), then addresses Promotion itself. A single CV should support both confirmation and promotion.

Should you have any queries regarding the promotion process, please contact Terri Hanlon, People & Culture Consultant.

Please note applications should be submitted via AC@M online by 5pm on the published deadline (as per the 2019 promotion timetable available at the AC@M webpage), incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.

University of Melbourne Excellence Awards

The University of Melbourne has a national and international reputation for excellence thanks to a community of highly committed staff. Each year the University celebrates the work of staff at the University through the Melbourne Excellence Awards. These awards recognise the outstanding achievements of academic and professional staff in the key areas of research, teaching, engagement, professional excellence and strategic priorities.

  • The Melbourne Research Excellence Awards, which recognise the outstanding achievements of academic staff in the areas of graduate researcher supervision, team-based research programs and industry-engaged research
  • The Melbourne Teaching Excellence Awards, which celebrate excellence in contributions to teaching and student learning
  • The Melbourne Engagement Excellence Awards, which recognise the achievements of staff in advancing public value contributions and the development and delivery of engaged teaching and research.

The integral work of professional staff is also recognised through the Melbourne Professional Excellence Awards.

Finally, the Melbourne Strategic Priorities Excellence Awards recognise excellence and innovation in priority areas for the University, including internationalising the student experience, enhancing the University's international research profile and impact through key research initiatives, facilitating diversity, social inclusion and equity and providing outstanding mentoring to University colleagues.

Each award includes a trophy and a grant of $10,000. The Bronwyn Jane Adams Memorial and Cornelius Regan Trust Awards are valued at $5,000 each. An award ceremony is held later in the year to acknowledge and celebrate recipients’ success in all University of Melbourne Excellence Awards. Visit the Melbourne Excellence Award page for further information.

Working with Children Checks - Casual Staff

The following casual staff are now required to apply for a Working with Children Check prior to commencing employment at the University:

  • All academic teaching or teaching support staff;
  • All staff employed by Academic Services or External Relations/Marketing and staff performing similar duties; and
  • Any other staff engaged in work that may involve direct contact (including electronic contact) with any person under the age of 18.

This requirement applies regardless of the length of the contract or estimated number of hours for which the staff member is engaged. It is recommended that supervisors and staff involved in the hiring of casual staff communicate the need for a Working with Children Check as part of the recruitment and appointment process. This will allow them to apply for a WWCC in advance, and avoid unnecessary delays to the casual onboarding process. Casual staff will obtain a Working with Children Check at their own expense. As part of their onboarding, casual staff will be required to submit a declaration with either the details of their current employee Working with Children Check, or their application number.

MGSE Executive Committee has endorsed the reimbursement of the cost of a WWCC for casual staff who have been advised they require this check, and where the cost was incurred after 1 December 2018 when the new requirement was introduced.

The cost of obtaining a Working with Children Check for casual MGSE staff will be reimbursed by MGSE for any WWCC paid for after 1 December 2018 (when the University initiated this requirement).

How to Claim Reimbursement
MGSE casual staff required to obtain a WWCC, can receive reimbursement for the cost of the WWCC through Themis iExpenses. Details on how to claim reimbursement will be provided to casual staff with their casual contract.

Queries and assistance
WWCC requirement information is available on the Staff Hub or via HR Assist on 903 54000.

All other related queries, please contact MGSE HR.

Expressions of Interest - Marketing and Recruitment Manager

The marketing and recruitment manager, Eddie Oates, is taking up a promotion with the Faculty of Science and her last day with MGSE will be on Friday 22 March.

While we recruit a new marketing and recruitment manager, Genevieve Jordan is inviting expressions of interest from MGSE staff interested in acting in the role. Expressions of Interest will need to be submitted in the form of a cover letter and CV (up to 4 pages) by 4pm Friday 8 March. Download a copy of the position description.

Please send your EOI to by 4pm Friday 8 March.

If you have any queries about the acting appointment, please contact Genevieve Jordan.

Expressions of Interest - Development of new University Breadth Subjects

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Undergraduate) is seeking Expressions of Interest (EoI’s), to develop a number of new University Breadth Subjects (UBS). MGSE currently houses one of the University’s 32 UBS:  Introduction to Climate Change (UNIB10007), shared between the Faculty of Science and this presents a positive opportunity to grow MGSE’s hosted UBS.

They are specifically looking for subjects that integrate knowledge from more than one disciplinary perspective, and address an area of strategic importance.Therefore, in submitting your EoI please include the following table in body of email.

Please provide demonstration of:

1. Alliance with the key themes and criterion, featured in the attached DVC’s memo 2. Evidence of prior or existing collaboration with other Faculties, identifying the Faculty / contact 3. Evidence of demand for the area of study or subject proposed

The EoI may nominate new or existing subjects which could be repurposed as University Breadth Subjects. UBS are specially developed for the Melbourne Curriculum and examine current critical issues using techniques and approaches from multiple disciplines. Most Breadth subjects at the University are taught by a single school or department, and focus on a specific discipline. UBS are a little different as they use multiple disciplines from across schools, departments and even faculty boundaries to study the topics presented, and are prefixed by UNIB at the beginning of the subject code.

Please read and circulate the memo and Expression of Interest form to colleagues in your academic division, we are aiming for a tight turnaround time and have provided a deadline of 5pm Thursday 11 March for return of the EoI to MGSE - Program Support.

All EoI’s are required to be approved by Larissa McLean Davies and Gavin Slemp, please contact Larissa and Gavin with queries in relation to the UBS.

Download the EOI Form
Download the EOI Memo

Professor Simon Bell to lead MSPACE

Marketing academic, Professor Simon Bell, has been announced as the new Head of School at the UoM's School of Professional and Continuing Education (MSPACE). Launched in 2017, MSPACE provides lifelong learning opportunities through a comprehensive range of high-quality professional, continuing and executive education programs - delivered in-person and online. Professor Bell has worked at the UoM in various roles since 1997. Additionally, he worked at the Judge Business School at Cambridge University, where he remains a fellow. Read the full article

2019 Quarterly Staff Dialogues

These dialogues will provide staff with the opportunity to discuss issues  with the MGSE Executive issues that are important to them. 

The agenda will be informal and driven by staff; and all attendees will be able to talk about specific and relevant topics within each group.

All dates and venues are listed below, please save the relevant dates in your calendars.

Professional Staff DialoguesDateTimeRoom
  Tuesday 21 May 3pm - 4.30pm Q101-102
  Tuesday 13 August 3pm - 4.30pm Q101-102
  Wednesday 27 November 3pm - 4.30pm Q101-102
Early Career Academics DialoguesDateTimeRoom
  Wednesday 22 May 3pm - 4.30pm Q101
  Wednesday 14 August 3pm - 4.30pm Q101
  Thursday 28 November 11am - 12.30pm Q101
Mid-Career Academics DialoguesDateTimeRoom
  Thursday 23 May 3pm - 4.30pm Q101
  Thursday 15 August 3pm - 4.30pm Q101
  Thursday 28 November 3pm - 4.30pm Q101
Professoriate DialoguesDateTimeRoom
  Friday 24 May 11am - 12.30pm Q101
  Friday 16 August 11am - 12.30pm Q101
  Friday 29 November 11am - 12.30pm Q101

2019 MGSE Results Submission dates

Results are due to by the following dates:

Mid-year: Monday 1 July
End of year: Monday 25 November 2019.

Non-standard subject results, (e.g. Summer, Term 1, Term 4): within 20 days of the end of the assessment period.  Check handbook for assessment end date.

More information about results can be found on the 2019 MGSE Result Information document or on the MGSE intranet.


UoM joins global management education alliance

The UoM joins seven of the world's leading business schools to form the Future of Management Education Alliance, the first collaboration of its kind in the business education sector. The Alliance will launch a new digital learning platform that combines faculty expertise with cutting-edge technology to meet growing demand from students and executives for a more flexible, bespoke and globally accessible study experience. Set to revolutionise business and management education, the Alliance will enable partner schools to enhance the student experience through complementing face-to-face learning with experiential and online learning methods. Full details on the Staff Hub.

Save the date - Awards Evening 2019

Please save this date in your calendars, we will be holding the 2019 Awards evening on Tuesday 4 June at the Copland Theatre, The Spot, more information to come.

Dean's Lecture - Hon. Dr Barry Jones

The next Dean's Lecture will be presented by Hon. Dr Barry Jones on The Education Paradox: Why have the most highly educated generation of Australians lost faith in democracy, public institutions and major causes? For more information and to register visit the event page.

MGSE Annual and Triennial Academic Performance Review

The Academic Performance Development Review (PDR) process is now due to commence.  Academic staff are now invited to complete either an Annual or Triennial Performance Reviews online via Academic Careers @ Melbourne in accordance with established processes.

You will have approx. 3 and half months to complete the process and all Annual and Triennial Reviews should be completed by 30 April 2019.

If you have not done so already, can you please commence discussions with your staff/supervisor.

The People & Culture (P&C) team will also be holding drop-in sessions if any staff or supervisors need additional assistance; dates and times to be advised.

For assistance, please see the details below,

To access Academic Careers @ Melbourne

  • Log in to the HR Services Portal 
  • Click on 'HR Applications' and follow the links to the Academic Career dashboard of your choice.

How to Guides are located under Performance Development Framework, located here including:

  • How to Guide for Academics
  • How to Guide for Supervisors and Department Administrators
  • Find answers to your questions by viewing the Frequently Asked Questions


Contact HR Assist using the General Enquiry form or phone +61 3 9035 4000 (option 1.1)