MGSE media

MGSE Media Mentions

Research Fellow Paula de Barba in ‘Distance learning: making the most of online education’, Herald Sun, 2 January 2019.

Associate Professor Larissa McLean Davies interviewed about recommended English texts and curriculum in schools, 3AW radio, 7 February 2019.

Dr Jason Lodge in ‘Confused? Don’t worry because that can be a good thing’, 27 February 2019.

Professor John Polesel in ‘Could a four-day school week be heading to Australia?’, Nine Now, 27 February 2019.

Professor Chi Baik in ‘Lecturers influence mental health: survey’ (subscription required), The Australian, 27 February 2019.

Dr Anna Dabrowski in ‘Positive findings for teacher wellbeing toolkit’, Education Matters Magazine, 27 February 2019.

Honorary Senior Fellow in ’13 per cent of Australian students missing a year of school by year 10’, The Sydney Morning Herald, 1 March 2019.

Honorary Fellow Julie Hare in ‘Step aside doctor, medical robots are here’ (subscription required), The Australian, 5 March 2019.

Sector News

Australian Association for Teaching of English wants more students to read LGBTIQ literature, The Daily Telegraph, 7 February 2019.

Best universities in the Asia-Pacific region 2019, Times Higher Education, 20 February 2019.

What you might learn from watching yourself teach, Teacher Magazine, 25 February 2019.

Dan Tehan warns against crackdown on admissions standards for teaching degrees, The Sydney Morning Herald, 24 February 2019.

TED Talk: How education helped me rewrite my life

Shorten government ‘would review NAPLAN’ (subscription required), 21 February 2019.

Labor promises $300m extra to support school students with a disability, The Sydney Morning Herald, 19 February 2019.

One in three Australian teachers leaves in first five years, inquiry hears, Brisbane Times, 25 February 2019.

Unis teach students more than knowledge, SBS News, 26 February 2019.

One in three principals are seriously stressed, here’s what we need to do about it, The Conversation, 27 February 2019.

Labor to unveil $3.2m plan to get more country students into tertiary education, The Guardian, 27 February 2019.

There is a better way to teach students with learning disabilities, Time, 28 February 2019.

Labor’s election agenda, Campus Morning Mail, 1 March 2019.

How the university campus is moving into the digital age, Real Views, 1 March 2019.

Community effort to remove barriers and promote the importance of early education, The Sector, 4 March 2019.