Diary dates

Awaken exhibition

Date: Open Monday - Friday
Closes: October 2020
Location: Arts West Gallery
Time: 10am - 4pm

The Australian Aboriginal cultural heritage objects from a globally significant anthropological collection are on display in the Arts West Gallery, Parkville. The Awaken exhibition includes items from the Donald Thomson Collection - gathered from the diverse communities of Arnhem Land, Cape York, and the Western and Central Deserts during the Melbourne University anthropologist's 50-year career. A Faculty of Arts and Chancellery initiative, 'Awaken' has been developed in consultation with communities, using local knowledge alongside Donald Thomson's fieldwork notes to activate the object stories and their deep connection with each community.

Awaken has been curated by Genevieve Grieves, Worimi Nation film-maker, storyteller and Melbourne Museum Director of First Peoples, assisted by Rosemary Wrench (MV) and alumna Shonae Hobson (Kaantju). It features innovative digital labels, including 3D images and virtual reality. The exhibition is open Monday - Friday, 10.00am to 4.00pm and will close in October 2020. For more information visit the Arts West Gallery page.

2019 Open Day staff briefings

The University's annual Open Day will take place on Sunday 18 August, an important event in the University's calendar that showcases both our Master of Teaching and Professional Development courses.

There will be two event briefings for all staff working on Open Day (18 August) to ensure you are prepared. You are only required to attend one of the briefings:

Briefing 1
Friday 9 August
Time: 12pm-1pm
Location: Q102

Briefing 2
Date: Wednesday 14 August
Time: 10am-11am
Location: Q219

For more information visit the Open Day page on the MGSE intranet.

Dungala Kaiela Oration

Date: Friday 9 August
Time: 5pm - 7.30pm
Location: Rumbalara Football Netball Club, 20 Mercury Drive, Shepparton

The Dungala Kaiela 'Defining Goulburn Murray' Oration is an annual event co-hosted by the Kaiela Institute and UoM. The Oration celebrates Aboriginal cultural identity, creates a shared vision for the people of the greater Goulburn Murray region, and builds bridges to promote Aboriginal social and economic development. This year, our keynote speaker is Yawuru leader Senator Pat Dodson, Australian Labor Party. Known as 'The Father of Reconciliation', Senator Dodson will speak about the successes, failures, disappointments and areas of ongoing need, including in the areas of reconciliation, land, recognition and public policy.

Panel Discussion
The pitfalls and possibilities of decolonisation in education

Date: Friday 9 August
Time: 4.30pm - 6pm
Location: 234 Queensberry Street, Level 2, Room Q219, Carlton 

Melitta Hogarth is Senior Lecturer in Indigenous Education at MGSE and has research interests in Indigenous methodologies and education equity and justice.

Licho Lopez Lopez is Lecturer at MGSE and has research interests in young people and digital worlds, and “diversity” in education.

Arathi Sriprakash is a Reader in Sociology at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge where she helps convene the Race, Empire and Education collective.

Chaired by Fazal Rizvi, Professor in Global Studies in Education at MGSE.

Video storytelling evenings by Learning Environments

Date: Tuesday 13 August
Time: 4.30pm - 6pm
Venue: 100 Leicester Street, Level 5, Rooms 506, Carlton

This new series consists of five evenings focused on video storytelling and involves guest speakers from a variety of industry and university backgrounds. Each session is generally focused on a single topic. There are mini-screenings, interspersed with practical exercises, and Q&A with the panel. The topic for August is, 'Participatory video: Co-design a video project with your audience'. Join expert Mariona Guiu and guest speakers.

Making your event sustainable

Date: Tuesday 13 August 
Time: 12pm - 1pm
Venue: Arts West North Wing - Room 461

What does it mean for an event to be “sustainable”?

A sustainable event is one that has been planned responsibly, making all possible efforts to reduce environmental impacts whilst avoiding the depletion of natural resouces. But how does that actually translate for your event?

Staff and students from the University of Melbourne are invited to join this 1 hour 'Making your event sustainable' session to answer this question! Facilitated by the Sustainability Teams' Engagement Coodinator, Rhiannon has over 10 years of experience with organising sustainable events, ranging from international conferences and large scale exhibitions to small meetings and workshops.

The introducory session will cover:

  • What the environmental impacts of events
  • A guide to planning your next sustainable event
  • Quick wins! Small yet effective changes you can introduce straight away

Did you know that one of the biggest environmental impacts of an event is the generation of unecessary waste? This session is delivered as part of the Towards Zero Waste Roadshow.

Unpacking Education Brown Bag Lunchtime Seminar
Learning Whiteness: education and the settler colonial state

Date: Tuesday 13 August
Time: 12pm - 1pm
Venue: 100 Leicester Street, Level 7, Rooms 713/4, Carlton

Just come along!
Whiteness and its often taken-for-granted dominance is not innate but is learned. Systems of education are central to the maintenance of whiteness, its ongoing legitimation, and also its contestation. In this informal conversational seminar we explore ideas of ‘learning whiteness’. We consider how whiteness is an educative project that is integral to securing the settler colonial state in Australia. Specifically, we explore how learning whiteness occurs in social and political life, and how this is connected to global systems of racial domination in three core – and interrelated – domains: the epistemic, the material and the affective.

Pedagogy at the Pub - presentation and discussion
Race and racism, the Sustainable Development Goals and the 'global learning crisis'

Date: Tuesday 13 August
Time: 6pm - 8pm
Location: The Oxford Scholar 427 Swanston Street

Pedagogy in the Pub is a series of discussions where invited speakers critically engage with the SDGs. At this session of Pedagogy at the Pub Arathi Sriprakash will consider how matters of race and racism have been treated within the SDGs, focusing on education and the ‘global learning crisis’. How can the field of education and international development better address its colonial past and what is its continued role in sustaining systems of racial domination? The session examines recent research on this question and encourages participants to identify and discuss how racism plays out in the knowledge-industries of international development – perhaps in relation to their own work.

PhD Confirmation Seminar
The relationship between student engagement and student learning outcome in Malaysian Trust Schools

Katina Tan

Supervisors: Professor Janet Clinton and Professor Mark Wilson
Advisory Committee: Associate Professor Peggy Kern, Dr Jon Quach and Dr Ryan Dunn

Date: Thursday 15 August
Time: 10pm
Venue: 100 Leicester Street, Level 4 rooms 413/414

Engagement has been widely accepted as a key element in predicting a student’s performance in school (Christenson, Reschly, & Wylie, 2012; Finn & Zimmer, 2012). Student engagement is broadly defined as students’ involvement with learning activities and once students are engaged, powerful learning outcomes often follow (Lawson & Lawson, 2013). Using a sequential exploratory design, this study aims to understand the link between student engagement and student outcome in a Malaysian school context. As part of Malaysia's public-school transformation agenda, student outcome encompasses the holistic development of a learner rather than pure academic achievement. By examining how student engagement is conceptualised and the measures that could be used to understand its impact on student outcome, this study seeks to inform policy-makers, classroom practitioners and importantly, students themselves as engaged learners.

Open Day 2019

Date: Sunday 18 August
Time: 10am - 4pm
Venue: 234 Queensberry Street, Kwong Lee Dow Building, Parkville
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The university’s annual Open Day will take place on Sunday 18 August. It is an important event in our student recruitment calendar for both our Master of Teaching and Professional Development courses, providing an opportunity to showcase our facilities and for prospective students to engage with our academics, professional staff and current students. We need everyone’s support to make the day a success.

PhD Confirmation Seminar
Youth voice on juvenile education in the Northern Territory

Emlyn Walter Cruickshank

Supervisors: Associate Professor John Quay and Dr. Nikki Moodie  
Advisor: Associate Professor Kylie Smith
Chair: Professor Helen Cahill

Date: Wednesday 21 August
Time: 2pm
Venue: 234 Queensberry St, Level 3, room Q372, Kwong Lee Dow Building, Parkville

All young people currently in the Northern Territory’s (NT) juvenile justice system belong to First Nations. The Uluru Statement from the Heart (Referendum Council, 2017) makes plain the “structural nature of this problem” and asks that considerations of voice, power and truth guide a process towards its dismantling.

In this presentation Emlyn will outline her aim to understand how education, broadly conceived, can best support young people during involvement with the NT juvenile justice system through the perspectives of young people who have experienced it. Situated within critical interpretivism, Emlyn uses literature across critical pedagogy, juvenile justice education and the desistance domain of criminology to understand the question and frame the response. With the guidance of a reference group comprising First Nations from the NT, this project also aims to address a lack of First Nations’ voices across these bodies of research.

Governing Risk and Uncertainty in English Universities

Date: Wednesday 21 August
Time: 12.30pm - 2pm
Venue: 234 Queensberry Street, Level 1 Room Q101, Kwong Lee Dow Building, Parkville

This presentation will examine notions of risk and uncertainty in the external regulation and internal governance of universities in England. Professor Roger King will discuss the relationships between executives, governors and regulators in risk handling, including key information dilemmas. Rather than focus predominantly on risk as hazard, the presentation suggests that effective risk-taking should be the institutional objective.

What is the REEaCh (Research in Effective Education in Early Childhood) Hub?

Date: Wednesday 28 August
Time: 12pm - 1.30pm
Venue: 100 Leicester Street, Level 4, Rooms L413-L414

Please join the first of the REEaCh Hub’s series of lunchtime seminars. In this session we will introduce REEaCh and share some of our key pieces of research and activities. The first hour includes presentations with the last half hour for more informal discussions. Please bring your lunch.

3rd National Indigenous Education Forum

Date: Tuesday 3 - Thursday 5 September
Location: Hilton Cairns

Education sets the foundations for a strong future; however, many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children remain disadvantaged to their non-Indigenous peers.

Education positively impacts the lives of not only individuals but their families and communities too. It is crucial that Governments and communities work together to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people and encourage educational engagement and attendance.

The 3rd National Indigenous Education Forum will provide delegates with the tools on how to increase students’ academic performance through positive relationship building and the implementation of cultural curriculums.

PhD Completion Seminar
Teaching Geoscience out-of-field with digital technologies: Understanding agency

Emily Rochette

Supervisors: Dr Christine Redman and Dr Paul Chandler (ACU)
Chair: Associate Professor Wee Tiong Seah

Date: Thursday 12 September
Time: 3.30pm
Venue: 100 Leicester Street, Level 9 Room L915

In 2015, the Australian Curriculum (ACARA, 2014) was incorporated into the Victorian Curriculum (VCAA, 2015) and teachers are expected to integrate digital technologies into all learning areas. Teachers’ use of digital technologies depends on a number of factors including their personal and pedagogical beliefs (Ertmer, 2005; Ertmer & Ottenbreit-Leftwich, 2010; Ertmer et al., 2012; Ertmer et al., 2014; Ertmer et al., 2006; Ottenbreit-Leftwich et al., 2010; Somekh, 2008; Tondeur et al., 2008; Tondeur et al., 2016). Adding to this complexity is that general science teachers are unlikely to be specialists in all sub-disciplines of science (Hobbs, 2015; Hobbs & Törner, 2019; Ingersoll, 1998; Price et al., 2019). Geoscience, the study of Earth’s physical structures and processes acting on them (King, 2008), is a modern, technical science. Internationally, it is largely taught by nonspecialists (King, 2008, 2013, 2015).

This research sought to understand the lived-experience of 10 science teachers from an inner-city school in Melbourne as they prepared to teach the Victorian Curriculum. The seminal research question was:
To what extent do secondary science teachers’ perceptions of their agency change as they are supported to teach an out-of-field area of the curriculum with digital technologies?

Professional Staff Conference

Date: Thursday 19 September
Time: 9am - 5pm
Venue: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

The Professional Staff Conference is designed to bring together professional staff from across the University to highlight best practice, share ideas, and provide professional development and networking opportunities to our vibrant staff community.

This year’s theme of People our most important asset will be explored through the lenses of Harmony & Success, The Importance of Being Us, Future World and Career Evolution.

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Education Beyond Borders

  • EBBS Agents Workshop, Muscat, Oman, October 21 - 23, 2019

Information about past EBBS workshops: You can see pictures from our last workshop in October 2018 and comments from agents and educators.

The EBBS workshop in Sofia will be held in parallel with the International fair EDUCATION BEYOND BORDERS - SOFIA (EBBS) which will be held in the National palace of culture, Sofia, Bulgaria, March 15 – 16, 2019.

You can see pictures from the educational fair in Sofia or read more about the event on our website.

Enjoy our discounts:
Book the EBBS workshop in 2019 (Sofia or Muscat) and take 50% off for all EBBS events in 2019.

The workshop Includes the following services:

  • 1-day Seminar with included presentation
  • 2 days One-to-one meetings (Full table)
  • Info package + a full profile page in the event catalogue
  • Accommodation and full board during the workshop for one representative

Save the date - Creating Connections

Date: Wednesday 23 October
Time: 8.30am - 7pm
Venue: 100 Leicester Street, Level 1, Parkville

Melbourne Education Research Institute (MERI) is hosting an all-day event ‘Creating Connections’

All staff and graduate researchers are invited to attend. The event aims to showcase the diverse and high calibre research being undertaken within the School, facilitate opportunities for academic debate and dialogue, create professional development opportunities and to continue to build on a strong research culture.

Participants will gain insight into ethics, grants, publications and various other workshops that are planned for the day. There will be opportunities for graduates to undertake confirmation and completion seminars.

Further details and program to follow.

Call for papers
7th IOE-BNU International Conference
Innovation in Education and Pedagogy

Date: Friday 22 - Saturday 23 November
Time: 9am - 4pm
Venue: Beijing Normal University

IOE and BNU are excited to announce that the 7th IOE-BNU International Conference will be held in Beijing on November 22-23, 2019. The theme for this year's conference is "Innovation in Education and Pedagogy". IOE and BNU welcome submissions from all over the globe, and certainly is pleased to welcome works from INEI member institutions.

Visit the conference page for details about the conference theme and submission requirements.

Save the date - Narrm Oration 2019

Date: Thursday 28 November
Time: 6pm
Venue: TBC

In this United Nations declared International Year of Indigenous Languages, the University is delighted to announce that the 2019 Narrm Oration will be delivered by Larry Kimura, Associate Professor of Hawaiian Language and Hawaiian studies at Ka Haka Ula O Ke'elikolani College of Hawaiian Language, University of Hawai'i. Internationally renowned and often described as the 'grandfather' of Hawaiian language revitalisation in modern Hawaii, his work can be traced back to the conception of core foundational educational programs in the 1980s that launched the rebirth of the Hawaiian language. Associate Professor Kimura will speak of the significance of a people's own language and the importance of Indigenous language revitalisation globally, incorporating his own experience in reclaiming and renewing the life of the Hawaiian language.