Refurbishment Project Update

Project update

The focus for the project in the past fortnight has been on feedback for the draft designs, which are posted on Level 3 of 100 Leicester Street and available via the project website. The project team continues to work with staff on preparations for refurbishment, including downsizing materials for the move and packing records for archiving.

Feedback on Draft Designs

Thank you to the many staff, honorary staff and graduate researchers who visited the display on Level 3 of 100 Leicester Street during the advertised ‘drop in’ sessions, and to the colleagues who forwarded feedback via email. This is now being collated for our architectural team, who will work on detailed design in preparation for the commencement of works.

Project Commencement delayed to November

A repeated query the project team have received is regarding timing of works, with many staff requests to delay any move until outside of the core teaching semester. We can now advise that the project has negotiated a later start time with the University, with works now scheduled to commence in November rather than September/October as previously advised. Once the program of works is finalised, we will be sharing this with staff to ensure as much notice as possible of any potential disruption.

Waste Disposal

Many staff are starting to prepare by going through materials stored in offices and storage units, disposing of what is no longer required. The University no longer supplies large ‘wheelie’ bins, however these can be hired for one week periods when required – please contact the team with your needs. Confidential waste bins are also in limited supply, but the project is able to take any confidential waste for disposal via Campus Assist on request. Two large cardboard ‘Speedie Waste’ paper recycling bins have been placed in each facility room, and should be emptied by cleaners nightly. If you have any queries about waste disposal please refer to the Getting Ready intranet page, or contact the project team. The Getting Ready page includes some handy ‘getting ready guides’ including on packing, and managing storage and records.