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MGSE Media Mentions

Melbourne Graduate School of Education mentioned in ‘MiniLit a hit with Year 1 readers’, Education Today, 20 August 2019.

Professor John Polesel interviewed on ABC Newcastle Drive, talking about how students in year 10 benefit from workplace experience depending on the circumstance. He says some Australian companies train, qualify and ensure its working students are future ready at year 12. He also mentions that there is a fine line between exploitation, as workers at a young age must have a mutually beneficial relationship with its employer, where workplace safety and improvement of skills up to industry standard is ensured. Aired on 21 August 2019.

Dr Jon Quach and Professor Janet Clinton in ‘Finding the fundamentals of reading’, Pursuit, 26 August 2019.

Wellbeing Profiler won in the category of Community Engagement in the AFR awards, Financial Review, 28 August 2019.

Associate Professor Wes Imms was interviewed for the Teacher Staffroom Episode 7: Celebrating STEM about his work at the Research Conference on how teachers can make effective use of teaching spaces to help students engage in deeper learning, 30 August 2019.

Associate Professor Wes Imms and Honorary Fellow Marian Mahat referenced in ‘Teaching in contemporary learning spaces’, Teacher Magazine, 2 September 2019.

Sector News

Are marks to get into teaching getting lower and lower?, ABC Fact Check, 20 August 2019.

‘Ticking time bombs’: top Australian universities lower English standards, The Sydney Morning Herald, 21 August 2019.

Why Australia has become too dependent on international students, The New Daily, 21 August 2019.

The University of Melbourne launches new strategy for India, SBS News, 22 August 2019.

What is wrong with me? I’m never happy and I hate school, The Conversation, 23 August 2019.

Teachers warn they’re overwhelmed by mental health problems in schools, The Age, 25 August 2019.

$80,000 pay rises in plan to tackle ‘low status’ of teaching in Australia, Sydney Morning Herald, 25 August 2019.

Grattan’s new report proposes strategies to stem teacher shortage crisis, Campus Review, 26 August 2019.

The new ‘Edflix’ model of education, Campus Review, 26 August 2019.

Better pay and more challenge: here’s how to get our top students to become teachers, The Conversation, 26 August 2019.

Unis need new ways of attracting Chinese students, Financial Review, 27 August 2019.

Trauma, racism and unrealistic expectations mean African refugees are less likely to get into Australian unis, The Conversation, 28 August 2019.

Government to announce new taskforce to stop foreign interference at unis, SBS News, 28 August 2019.

NAPLAN results 2019: Year 9 results trigger school test rethink (subscription required), Herald Sun, 28 August 2019.

Schools failing to promote vocational pathways, Financial Review, 28 August 2019.

No, minister! Keep NAPLAN results away from student job applications, The Conversation, 29 August 2019.

NAPLAN results show Year 3 students perform better than Year 9 in writing, and it’s a worrying trend, The Conversation, 30 August 2019.

Graduates beware, don’t fall for that unpaid job advert, The Conversation, 30 August 2019.

Teachers in eight public schools to be trained as human rights ambassadors (subscription required), Herald Sun, 31 August 2019.

Australia’s school education report card, The Age, 1 September 2019.

School principals are a disappearing species, Financial Review, 2 September 2019.