Refurbishment Project Update

Project update

The project schedule has now been updated, with tender requirements released for works across three stages:

  • Stage One: 15 Nov – 6 Dec, Levels 4, 7 and 8
  • Stage Two: 2 Dec – 7 Jan, Levels 2, 5 and 6
  • Stage Three: 20 Dec – 24 Jan, Level 9

Please refer to the MGSE SAR Project Schedule intranet page for full details on the construction strategy and timing of works as detailed in the tender requirements for the project. Further emailed correspondence is commencing this week to teams and individuals to details impacts of the program and the availability of temporary work spaces, where required.

Tenders for construction are due today.

Getting ready

Many staff and graduate researchers will be required to move as part of the refurbishment project, and it is important that effective preparations are made so occupants are ready when the time comes. The SAR project Getting Ready intranet page includes tips on storage management, advice on packing to move, and handy ‘Getting Ready’ guides for quick reference.

Teams of professional staff will be available to help each group with packing, and to provide advice on archiving and storage options for during and after the refurbishment. This will be arranged with group leaders in the coming days.