MGSE staff news

Who's travelling?

The following MGSE staff will be travelling soon. If you have colleagues, potential RHD scholars, prospective students, events, or opportunities in or near the locations that they are travelling to, you are encouraged to get in touch with these staff directly to explore the potential for collaboration.

Christopher Deneen 6/11/19 MEL BNE MEL Brisbane Other        
Ruth Aston 12/11/19 MEL SYD SFO MSP JFK MEL USA Other
Joe Lo Bianco







Helen Cahill 16/11/19 YYZ LAX MEL Canada Other
Yvette Slaughter 22/11/19 MEL BNE MEL Brisbane Conference
Duncan Symons 24/11/19 MEL SYD HKG PEK China Field site work

Travel advice

A reminder to staff that all University-related travel must be booked in the UniTravel system, which enables the University to fulfil its duty of care to staff and students travelling on our behalf. This is particularly important where risk to travellers can escalate quickly, such as in the case of recent advice regarding the risk of travel to Iran.

Booking travel within the UniTravel system also eliminates the need for a travel diary for staff, where the dominant purpose of travel is University business.

Reminder of supervisor responsibilities - Travel

The University's Travel Policy requires supervisors to ensure that staff they supervise undertake travel in accordance with the policy and in a manner that ensures that the University is able to maintain its employer duty of care and fringe benefits tax (FBT) compliance.

Staff intending to travel for business must communicate their travel plans with their supervisor and the supervisor must: ensure the traveller books flights and accommodation through the University's endorsed booking platform; confirm that the travel is being undertaken for legitimate University business; and, if there is a personal component to the travel, confirm that the dominant purpose of travel is for University business. Guidance on supervisor responsibilities, and dominant purpose definition and common examples can be found on the UniTravel webpage. For any enquiries contact:

Top travel tips - presentation slides and recording available

To celebrate Stay Smart Online Week (7 October - 13 October), the University held a 'Lunch and Learn' session on Top Travel Tips. The guest speaker was Elliot Dellys, Principal Security Advisor for the cybersecurity consultancy Trustwave, an Optus company. The presentation discussed why universities are such an attractive target for cybercriminals and what staff can do to keep their device and your information secure. Presentation slides and a recording of the event are available on Staff Hub.

Closing tomorrow - Reminder to have your say on the Strategy 2030 Discussion Paper

Don't miss the opportunity to provide feedback on the Strategy 2030 Discussion Paper. Your responses will help shape a final strategy that will express the University's priorities over the next decade. You can provide your feedback via the Strategy 2030 webpage within Staff Hub or by sending an email to: Submissions for will close Thursday 31 October.

Semester 2 Subject Experience Surveys (SES) now underway

The Subject Experience Surveys (SES) for Semester 2 are currently underway and will close on Sunday 3 November. During this period, staff are asked to support and promote the SES to students. The University aims for a minimum response rate of 50% for each subject. Materials to help with survey promotion are available on the SES website.

Academic staff - have your say about the Believe campaign

UoM Advancement has engaged global consulting firm Grenzebach Glier and Associates (GG+A) to undertake a review of the Believe campaign and to understand what might be possible in the future for Advancement at the University. As part of this project, GG+A would like to invite all academic staff at the University to complete a survey to understand their involvement in and thoughts on fundraising and alumni and stakeholder relations at the University. The survey is collected anonymously and will take approximately five minutes to complete. The survey will close by Friday 8 November. For any enquiries contact:

New emergency response and preparedness requirements

Staff have the opportunity to provide feedback on a new document 'Health & Safety: Emergency preparedness and response requirements' which is out for consultation until Friday 1 November. To access the requirement and find consultation instructions, visit the Staff Hub.

Clashing room bookings in Outlook/Calendar

An issue has been reported with room bookings in Outlook/Calendar, where bookings may not always be reporting correctly leading to the occasional double-booking of rooms. The issue may be affecting only some meeting rooms, but is a known issue for the Q.372 conference room which is a shared University space.

The Business Services team have advised the below work-around until this issue is resolved.

Once you have made an appointment in Outlook/Calendar that includes a room booking, please check that the booking has registered by following these steps:

  1. First check the meeting room calendar (not your own calendar) in Outlook and ensure your booking appears correctly. If it does, this means the booking has worked and it will also appear in your personal calendar.
  2. If however it is NOT in the meeting room calendar, this means someone else has already booked the room and so you’ll need to book another time and space.

At this point, it is important that you check your own calendar in Outlook and delete the booking manually. Although the meeting has been ‘declined’ it does not remove it from your personal calendar, which is causing the double bookings.

If you encounter this issue, please also submit a report so that incidents can be tracked and a root cause found and resolved. Reports via Service Now are preferred.

Technology support in MGSE

Changes in the recent MGSE Functional Review include a transition of technology services to a new support model in MGSE. From November 2019 University Business Services will be the primary contact for most technology support, in line with the Melbourne Operating Model and support in other academic divisions.

MGSE will retain local support for services not provided by Business Services, which includes support for the use of technology in teaching, such as the use of bots and Raspberry Pi/Arduino computing.

The MGSE IT support page has been updated to reflect these new arrangements, including a new ‘Services on a Page’ document which outlines how support will be delivered in the new model.

MGSE are currently working with Business Services to promote the smooth transition of services to the new model, and we would welcome direct contact by staff who have technology support needs which should be considered as part of this change. Please email Roland Wunder directly with any queries.

Themis unavailable Friday 15 - Sunday 17 November

Infrastructure Services advise that Themis will be unavailable from 4pm Friday 15 November until 6pm Sunday 17 November. During this period, security and finance patches will be applied. Themis will be made available earlier if the upgrade is completed ahead of schedule. For more information:

Class registration data no longer coming from StudentOne

A new student timetabling system 'MyTimetable' will be replacing StudentOne's class registration functionality for both staff and students. This means that from 2020, all student timetabling data will come from MyTimetable and no longer be available in StudentOne. If you use class registration data from StudentOne then you may need to modify your process to get the data from MyTimetable. If you would like some assistance, please contact Melissa Ritchie.


The University is introducing a new student timetabling system (formerly class registration) for 2020 called MyTimetable. The system will be open to students from Monday 11 November, with the release of the University timetable and Handbook and the opening of re-enrolment period.

There will be two main University timetabling allocation timelines for the first half year:

  1. SUM/JAN/FEB subjects – preference entry from Tuesday 26 November to Monday 9 December, review and adjust from Wednesday 11 December
  2. SM1/YRL/MAR/APR/MAY subjects – preference entry from Tuesday 26th November to Monday 3 February, review and adjust from Monday 10 February

Note that different dates apply for most of our MTeach cohorts – alternative timelines for each are available in the schedules posted on our website.

Key Points for Academic Staff

  • Students will now register into all their first half year subjects prior to and at the start of the year (rather than a month before subject commencement), so we’re being encouraged to make as few late changes to subject timetables as possible
  • There are firm guidelines informing the timetable allocation process, especially relating to MTeach timetabling, so all student queries and class swap requests should please be directed to our team at We ask that teaching staff please not approve any class changes without contacting our team, as we need to ensure all changes align with MGSE guidelines.
  • Our MTeach programs have alternative timetabling timelines to the rest of the University. We will be emailing all MTeach candidates from Monday 28 October and have our alternative schedules for each MTeach cohort available online.
  • Students can find more information about MyTimetable on the MGSE website, and on the University website. Further information for staff is available in this fact sheet and through the Staff Hub, on the Preferential Class Registration Project page.
  • Subject Coordinators will now have the option to generate class attendance and photo lists for their subjects themselves through the MyTimetable system – more details to come.

2020 Bookings in shared spaces

Web Room Booking (WRB) will open on Tuesday 12 November for 2020 bookings in shared teaching spaces. In the first release, WRB will be open for bookings outside of semester teaching weeks. On Monday 6 January, WRB will open for all weeks, but most spaces will revert to 'request spaces' and not be bookable directly. On Friday 27 March, WRB will open fully with no restrictions. For more information: or for enquiries:

Season's Greetings cards available to purchase

University branded Season's Greetings cards are now available to download from Staff Hub. There will be six designs to choose from that can be used for an e-card or ordered for print. You will be able to personalise the cards with your own message at the same time you order. For more information, visit: or contact Georgina Wilkinson: 8344 2993.
The last date to order printed cards will be Monday 9 December.

Call for workshop presenters for 2020 Learning Sustainability Conference

The 2020 Learning for Sustainability Conference Organising Committee is looking for workshop presenters for the day. The invitation to deliver a workshop is open to those who want to assist educators with a particular sustainability linked topic. This could relate to citizen science or research work that you want to connect in with schools or early years relating to sustainability education. Calls for presentations close Monday 25 November. You can complete an online Workshop Proposal or email through details of what you would be interested to present.

The best PhD thesis reward in Taiwan

Congratulations to mathematics education PhD student Tsu-Nan Lee who won 'the best thesis award' from the Association for Curriculum and Instruction in Taiwan. Tsu-Nan was supervised by Caroline Bardini and Kaye Stacey, and both Robyn Pierce and Max Stephens played significant supportive roles.

Expressions of interest - Science of Learning Network 2020

Expressions of Interest are now open to be part of a partnership initiative with the Science of Learning Hub. In 2020 the focus of the Science of Learning Network will be to support schools to build metacognition in their learners. The program will offer a range of online modules, supported with online focus sessions with leading education researchers, consultations and personalised support, to develop teacher understanding of:

  • Metcognition
  • The concept of surface
  • Deep and transfer learning
  • Learning strategies that support effective learning at each stage.

Based on this, teachers can engage students with high level learning strategies at the right time, and teach students when the appropriate time is in learning to access these strategies.

Word on Waste - Victoria bans plastic bags from November 1

Lightweight plastic shopping bags will be banned from retailers across Victoria including supermarkets, greengrocers, clothing stores, restaurants and more from Friday 1 November. Opt for reusable bags made from durable material instead, and keep a couple at work, home and in your bag so you won't forget. Build better bag habits now to make sure you don't get caught empty-handed at the checkout. Visit the Sustainability page for more tips.

MGSE Staff Dialogues

The fourth round of MGSE Staff Dialogues will be held in November. If you wish to add this to your calendar please visit this page.

StaffDateTime Location Update
Professional Staff Wednesday 27 November 3pm 100 Leicester Street, Level 9, Frank Tate Room
Early Career Academics Thursday 28 November 11am Kwong Lee Dow Building, Level 5 in music studio Q503/504
Mid-Career Academics Thursday 28 November 3pm 100 Leicester Street, Level 9, Frank Tate Room
Professoriate Friday 29 November 11am Kwong Lee Dow Building, Level 1 room Q101

The MGSE Dialogues provide staff with the opportunity to discuss issues informally with the Dean and other members of the Executive.

The agenda is informal and driven by each individual MGSE staff cohort to enable discussions which are specific and relevant for each group.