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MGSE Media Mentions

Andrew Norton, Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education in ‘People need to calm down’: Universities defend the ATAR, Sydney Morning Herald, 17 October 2019.

Dr Eric Fu, Dr Jenny Chesters and Associate Professor Hernan Cuervo in ‘What are 21st century parents concerned about?, Pursuit, 23 October 2019.

Dr Annie Gowing in 'Wellbeing by acronyms: Simplifying the complex?', BERA, 24 October 2019.

Dr Jim Watterston and Dr Lisa McKay-Brown in ‘Future Victoria: Middle school revamp plan to cut dropouts and lift grades’ (subscription required), Herald Sun, 25 October 2019.

Professor Joseph Lo Bianco AM in Panel Discussion on ABC’s Radio National about foreign language education in schools. Professor Lo Bianco commented that national targets for foreign languages in schools need to be realistic, he says that there have been improvements in Victoria. Broadcast on 25 October 2019.

Emeritus Professor Patrick Griffin in ‘Redesigning NAPLAN got the nation’s future needs’, The Age, 27 October 2019.

Laureate Professor John Hattie in ‘Latest book from John Hattie out’, Education Today, 28 October 2019.

Sector News

Don’t calm down! Exam stress may not be fun but it can help you get better marks, The Conversation, 16 October 2019.

HSC exams put ‘too much pressure’ on students, survey finds, Nine News, 17 October 2019.

The unique vale of Indigenous knowledge, Education HQ, 18 October 2019.

Scrap the ATART and set standards for school leavers, proposes ‘bold’ review, The Age, 22 October 2019.

How your child can make friends at school, Education HQ, 23 October 2019.

New $60 package unveiled for Victoria’s brightest students, The Age, 24 October 2019.

Don’t blame the teacher: student results are (mostly) out of their hands, The Conversation, 24 October 2019.

‘I’m in another world’: writing without rules lets kids find their voice, just like professional authors, The Conversation, 25 October 2019.

Young, gifted and backed: select-entry students’ great expectations, The Age, 27 October 2019.