MGSE staff news

Who's travelling?

The following MGSE staff will be travelling soon. If you have colleagues, potential RHD scholars, prospective students, events, or opportunities in or near the locations that they are travelling to, you are encouraged to get in touch with these staff directly to explore the potential for collaboration.

Aaron Jarden 4/12/19
Joe Lo Bianco





Helen Cahill 1/12/19         MEL BNE MEL



Katina Tan 29/11/19
Nives Nibali 30/11/19 MEL BNE MEL Brisbane Conference
Jan van Driel 30/11/19 MEL BNE MEL Brisbane Conference
Russell Cross 1/12/19 MEL BNE MEL Brisbane Conference
Carmel Mesitti 1/12/19 MEL BNE MEL Brisbane Conference
Eric Fu 1/12/19 MEL NTL Newcastle Conference
Andreas Molina 1/12/19 MEL NTL MEL Newcastle Research
Marian Mahat 1/12/19 MEL BNE ADL MEL Adelaide Research
Julie McLeod 1/12/19 MEL BNE MEL Brisbane Conference
Gosia Klatt 1/12/19 MEL BNE MEL Brisbane Conference
Lindsay Oades 4/12/19
Patrick Soo 5/12/19 MEL HKG TPE HKG MEL Taipei Marketing and Recruitment
Joann Blannin 9/12/19 MEL SYD MEL Sydney Meeting
Vernon Crew 11/12/19 ARM SYD ARM
Sandra Milligan 11/12/19 MEL HKG HAN HKG MEL Vietnam Conference
Cuc Nguyen 13/12/19

Travel advice

A reminder to staff that all University-related travel must be booked in the UniTravel system, which enables the University to fulfil its duty of care to staff and students travelling on our behalf. This is particularly important where risk to travellers can escalate quickly, such as in the case of recent advice regarding the risk of travel to Iran.

Booking travel within the UniTravel system also eliminates the need for a travel diary for staff, where the dominant purpose of travel is University business.

Reminder of supervisor responsibilities - Travel

The University's Travel Policy requires supervisors to ensure that staff they supervise undertake travel in accordance with the policy and in a manner that ensures that the University is able to maintain its employer duty of care and fringe benefits tax (FBT) compliance.

Staff intending to travel for business must communicate their travel plans with their supervisor and the supervisor must: ensure the traveller books flights and accommodation through the University's endorsed booking platform; confirm that the travel is being undertaken for legitimate University business; and, if there is a personal component to the travel, confirm that the dominant purpose of travel is for University business. Guidance on supervisor responsibilities, and dominant purpose definition and common examples can be found on the UniTravel webpage. For any enquiries contact:

Facade remediation works - IQ apartments

Remediation works on the IQ Apartments facade (Building 275, 223 Berkeley Street, Carlton) will commence on Saturday 30 November. These works are not expected to disrupt use of the building, however there will be external scaffolding erected around work areas and possibly minor noise disruptions. These works are scheduled to be completed by the end of February 2020.
For any enquiries: or call 0438 334 074.

Emergency response procedures - flipchart

Hard copy flipcharts of the University's emergency response procedures are being installed across University occupied buildings. They will be installed at fire panels, main entrances to buildings, lift lobbies, libraries, receptions, lecture halls and other teaching spaces. The flipchart includes universal actions such as evacuation or shelter-in-place procedures and includes hazard-specific instructions for active armed aggressor, electrical outage, suspicious package and other emergency types. Visit the Emergency preparedness and response page. For further enquiries contact:

New University Wide Process for Engaging Independent Contractors

The University of Melbourne has established a central function to undertake the process of engaging Independent Contractors (ICs). Hiring Managers are required to complete an Independent Contractor Notification Form prior to the engagement of an IC and the central function will undertake the engagement process. Refer to the guidelines document for further details.

Nominations for the Dean's Lecture Series in 2020

We are now seeking nominations for speakers for the 2020 Dean's Lecture Series by Friday 6 December.

Please send your suggestions on international or interstate academics and other leaders who you think would be suitable and available to present as part of next year's series. As our Dean’s Lectures provide a platform for discussion and debate in the education community, we are looking for leaders who have a widely-recognised capacity to speak on education-related topics with significant public interest.

To make a suggestion please provide the following information to Rav Mukushi: by Friday 6 December:

  • Name of proposed speaker and their institution
  • Their area of expertise
  • Possible lecture topic, and
  • Likely date for availability.

Please note that we do not have funding to support travel, accommodation or an honorarium. It is expected that nominated speakers will already be travelling to Melbourne.

OneCRM Leadership Toolkit

OneCRM will deliver a single Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and digital platform across the entire UoM, helping the University transition into an insight driven organisation that aims to provide an intelligent, intuitive and seamless experience for our audiences.

Visit the OneCRM website and download the Leadership Toolkit and Snapshot or subscribe to their newsletter to keep up to date.

Giblin Library closure over the Summer

The Giblin Eunson Library is closing for repairs to the ceiling and walls from Saturday 7 December 2019 to Monday 3 February 2020. For information about interim arrangements during this period, please visit the News & Events page. Staff can also contact Kat Frame or Fransie Naude for mediated access to collections.

Graduate Union Membership

MGSE has had a long-standing membership with the Graduate Union offering any MGSE staff member discounted rates for booking a venue for conferences/workshops or if you have a visiting scholar in need of accommodation.

Our Organisational Membership gives Not-for-profit and Profit Organisations a number of in house and external benefits.

The Membership is open to University Departments and Schools, and Corporate Business Benefits -  All Members of the Organisational entity have access to:

  • Use the premises for catered meetings and functions facilities
  • Free room and equipment hire for catered functions and meetings
  • Members rates
  • Use accommodation at Graduate House, bar and dining  facilities
  • All Graduate House events and functions at member rates
  • The use of our reciprocal arrangements and in-house discounted services.

Download the Meeting and Function Services Information booklet for information about room layouts and prices.

Staff support for Canvas - MGSE Working Bees

MGSE staff  are invited to attend one of four ‘Working Bees’ at MGSE to develop your Canvas subjects in preparation for 2020.

The working bees will provide a space to work with colleagues and to discover some tips and tricks of Canvas. This is not a formal training session but an opportunity to work alongside others who are also developing Canvas subjects.

MGSE staff who have participated in the Canvas Pilot, library staff and Project Evolve team members will be available to answer your questions during the Working Bee.

All working bees will be from 10am - 12pm on the following dates:

  • Thursday 28 November
  • Wednesday 4 December
  • Wednesday 11 December.

Scan the QR code on the Working Bee flyer to register.

MGSE Canvas Workshops

MGSE staff are invited to attend one or both of two Canvas training sessions to run in the Kwong Lee Dow building on Monday 9 December:

1.Canvas: Getting started
Venue: Q214
1pm-2.30pm (90min)

2.Canvas: Assessment and Feedback
Venue: Q214
3pm-4.30pm (90min)

Drop-in sessions will be in room Q417 on Level 4 in the Kwong Lee Dow Building have also been organised to run concurrently with these session. To register for these sessions visit the Canvas: Faculty workshops page.

MyTimetable has launched for 2020

MyTimetable successfully launched to students for the 2020 academic year on Monday 11 November, with students now able to view 2020 subject timetables and generate sample plans to assist with their enrolment choices. The participation and support of so many people across Student and Scholarly Services, Business Services and Academic Divisions has ensured that the launch was a seamless experience for students. A large number of students have been interacting with the system since its launch, including:

  • Average 4000 sessions a day in MyTimetable, with more than 10 000 on the first day alone
  • 10 400 sample timetable plans generated over the two week period
  • Almost 20 000 views of new student timetabling support web pages.

The next step, Preference Entry, has been open to students from Tuesday 26 November for most First Half-Year subjects. Students will have until early February to complete their Semester 1 preferences, eliminating the stress that came with the previous first-come, first-served approach to timetabling. It will also ensure that no students are disadvantaged due to other commitments, such as employment or carer responsibilities, or who are returning or living overseas during the timetabling period. Visit the Students page for more information.

Academic Procession registration

A reminder that the MGSE Graduation Ceremony will be held on Saturday 14 December at the Royal Exhibition Building at 10am.

Registrations for December Academic Processions are now open.Please note, there is limited capacity and once reached, no additional registrations will be accepted. If you would prefer to attend as a staff member, you can now request a staff ticket by submitting a request via ServiceNow. Please register by Friday 6 December. More information is available on the Graduation information page for any enquiries contact or call 8345 4749.

MGSE Graduation celebration

Students of professional programs and non-masters courses have been invited to celebrate their course completion alongside graduating students. Staff are warmly invited to attend this celebration that will be commencing immediately after the formal graduation ceremony.

The Student Experience team is looking for any interested staff who may be able to assist on Saturday 14 December from around 9.30am-12.30pm for event registrations and general help. Subject to agreement with your manager, and in line with University policy, you may be eligible to receive overtime pay, or time in lieu. For further information, please contact

Now Open - Nominations for Aspire Awards

Nominations close Tuesday 24 December.

Nominations for the 2019-20 National Aspire Awards are now open. The awards recognise Australians who identify with a disability and whose work and achievements have made a significant contribution to their profession or to the community. Dr Rita Hardiman from the Melbourne Dental School is a previous recipient of the Best Achievement in University Teaching Award and is the ambassador for the awards this year. Nominations are open in a broad range of categories. Visit the Aspire website for more information.

Cycling@Unimelb map launch

Ever ridden to campus and struggled to find bike parking, showers, or a bike repair station? The Sustainability Team is proud to launch the new Cycling@Unimelb online map, with Parkville campus-wide locations for bike parking, showers and change rooms, water refill and bike repair stations. Available on the Sustainable Campus website, you can also save it to your phone's home screen and never again be stranded without a shower or bike pump! For more information visit the Universities Transport page.

Update your Windows 7 computer

All eligible Windows 7 computers must upgrade to Windows 10. Microsoft is rolling back its support for Windows 7 in 2020, which means it will become increasingly difficult to support and use these computers. You can initiate the upgrade via the Software Centre application on your computer. Contact the Service Centre via the Staff Services Portal for assistance or call 8344 0888. For more information:

Updated information Security Policy

The University is constantly working to bolster our cybersecurity capability to prevent, detect, and respond to cyberthreats. As part of this, we have revised the Information Security Policy (MPF1270) to ensure that we continue to maintain an open and collaborative workplace while addressing key security risks. The policy has been amended to:

  • Improve internal consistency and clarity
  • Ensure policy statements and procedural principles align with industry best practice, including: ISO27001 control objectives; NIST cybersecurity framework; privacy related legislation including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014; Privacy Act 1988, and the Health Records Act 2001, Copyright Act 1968 and Public Records Act 1973.

Thank you to staff who provided their valuable feedback during the policy consultation process. The submissions were thoroughly reviewed and considered during the finalisation process. The policy has now been approved by the policy approver and is effective immediately. The policy will be supported by a range of processes and guidelines. If you have any queries, please direct them to: To learn more about the steps you can take to become more secure, visit the Cybersecurity @Melbourne page.

Cybersecurity eLearning module roll out

The 'Managing Information - Cybersecurity' module is being rolled out in stages. This new module aims to make staff more aware of common cybersecurity threats and steps they can take to reduce their, (and the University's) vulnerability online. The new module is mandatory for ongoing and fixed-term staff. If managers would like their casual staff to complete the training, they can assign the training through TrainME. If you receive any unusual emails use the report phishing button in Outlook to report phishing or spam, or email: If you think you've been affected by a cyber threat log a request with ServiceNow.

UniWireless troubleshooting advice

Due to a recent network setting change, you may need to reconnect to UniWireless if you haven't accepted the terms of use on your device. Use your device settings, enter your username and password and accept the terms of use to connect. If you're unable to connect following these steps, you can find additional UniWireless troubleshooting advice on the wireless website (search wireless Unimelb) or contact the Service Centre via the Staff Services Portal or call 8344 0888.

Student career development tool 'Interview Stream' to be decommissioned

The student career development tool 'Interview Stream' (accessed via will no longer be accessible to students and staff from Saturday 30 November. Staff can redirect students to alternate tools on University platform 'EmployMe' or drop into the Careers & Employability Studio, 757 Swanston Street for assistance with work and interview preparation. If staff seek career development tools or expertise for working with students, requests can be lodged via Service Now.

Compliance update - commencement of Labour Hire Licensing Scheme

To ensure compliance with the Labour Hire Licensing Scheme, staff who engage new suppliers must complete the ServiceNow supplier request form. Finance Services can no longer set up suppliers on behalf of staff. For questions on the supplier onboarding process, please contact Finance Services: or call ext. 54000 (Option 2). Staff should continue to use the existing preferred suppliers and eMarket in iProcurement, and must ensure the supplier is set up and onboarded prior to invoices being paid. If you receive direct enquiries from suppliers, please redirect them to:

Reporting issues on campus with the Snap Send Solve app

The Snap Send Solve mobile app is the easiest and most efficient way to notify the University of any maintenance, cleaning or IT equipment issues that need addressing on campus. The Snap Send Solve app allows you to take a photo of a problem area on any UoM campus with your mobile phone and send it directly to our campus support teams to resolve. Report facilities, cleaning, furniture, grounds, bathrooms, lighting and power, general maintenance, plumbing, rubbish, technology and more! The Snap Send Solve app can be used almost anywhere. It's also an easy and efficient way to notify your local council, utilities or other authorities of issues that need addressing in your community. The Snap Send Solve app is available in the Apple app store and on Google Play. For more information visit the Snap Send Solve University page.

Season's Greetings cards available to purchase

Only two weeks left. The last date to order printed cards will be Monday 9 December.

Students were asked to design a greeting card based on the theme of 'The world's contracted thus'.
Congratulations to first-year Bachelor of Arts student Sophia Sze, who was the winner of our inaugural greeting card competition.
The judges were looking for unique perspectives of our iconic buildings that make the University a special place to live, work or study. Sophia won $750 and her design has been printed as part of the University's bespoke season's greeting cards made available to staff for distribution to stakeholders.

In addition to the student-designed card, there are a range of University branded Season's Greetings cards available to download from the Staff Hub. There are six stunning designs to choose from featuring the beautiful flora of our campuses; these can be used for an e-card or ordered for print. You can personalise the cards with your own message when you place your order.
Greeting cards can be ordered in bulk: or individually at the Visitor Centre and Shop at Gate 10, Parkville campus. For an enquiries contact Georgina Wilkinson on 8344 2993.

Expressions of interest - Science of Learning Network 2020

Expressions of Interest are now open to be part of a partnership initiative with the Science of Learning Hub. In 2020 the focus of the Science of Learning Network will be to support schools to build metacognition in their learners. The program will offer a range of online modules, supported with online focus sessions with leading education researchers, consultations and personalised support, to develop teacher understanding of:

  • Metcognition
  • The concept of surface
  • Deep and transfer learning
  • Learning strategies that support effective learning at each stage.

Based on this, teachers can engage students with high level learning strategies at the right time, and teach students when the appropriate time is in learning to access these strategies.