Refurbishment Project Update

Project Update

Work continues on the Staff Accommodation Relocation project, with a key focus on confirming the requirements and preferences for new workspaces for design. We are keen to incorporate as many of these suggestions as possible in design, and appreciate the response the project has received both within and separate to design workshops. If your group would like to speak with the project team about your needs, please speak to the nominated contacts for your group, or contact the project team, as soon as possible.

Our architectural team are presently working on new workspace designs based on feedback received, with designs to be made available for further feedback once complete.

Getting ready

The other major project activity has been in helping prepare staff for the refurbishment through a review of items in MGSE storage rooms, offices and workspaces. The project will result in an overall reduction in storage in 100 Leicester Street, and staff are encouraged to dispose of items no longer required, or seek offsite archiving of materials that need to be retained, but not regularly accessed. Pina Failla is working with staff to identify and manage the contents of our storage rooms and your assistance to the project is appreciated.

More information is available on the Getting Ready page of the project intranet site. Your local records management contact can provide first-line advice on managing records including archiving or disposal options, and expert advice is also available from Record Services as required.

Project feedback or queries

For feedback or queries on the project, or to let us know how we can assist you, please contact the SAR project team at or via the Project Feedback Form.