MGSE staff news

Who's travelling?

The following MGSE staff will be travelling soon. If you have colleagues, potential RHD scholars, prospective students, events, or opportunities in or near the locations that they are travelling to, you are encouraged to get in touch with these staff directly to explore the potential for collaboration.

Sophie Rudolph 28/06/19  MQL MEL  Mildura Teaching
Lynda Ball 29/06/19 MEL PER MEL Perth Conference
David Clarke 29/06/19 MEL PER MEL Perth Conference
Catherine Pearn 29/06/19 MEL PER JNB PER MEL Johannesburg Conference
Scott Cameron 30/06/19 MEL PER MEL Perth Conference
Terry Bowles 30/06/19 MEL DXB CDG Paris Other
Esther Chan 30/06/19 MEL PER JNB PER MEL Johannesburg Conference
Shiralee Poed 30/06/19 MEL SYD MEL Sydney Conference
Victoria Millar 01/07/19 MEL ZQN MEL Queenstown Conference
Jan van Driel 02/07/19 MEL ZQN MEL Queenstown Conference
Sue Mentha 03/07/19 MEL CBR MEL Canberra Conference
Nicola Yelland 03/07/19 MEL CBR MEL Canberra Conference
Leo Goedegebuure 04/07/19 AMS LCY AMS London Other
William Locke 05/07/19 MEL DXB LCY DXB MEL London Conference
Russell Cross 05/07/19 MEL HBA MEL Hobart Conference

Travel advice

A reminder to staff that all University-related travel must be booked in the UniTravel system, which enables the University to fulfil it’s duty of care to staff and students travelling on our behalf. This is particularly important where risk to travellers can escalate quickly, such as in the case of recent advice regarding the risk of travel to Iran.

Booking travel within the UniTravel system also eliminates the need for a travel diary for staff, where the dominant purpose of travel is University business.

MGSE Talks

The next MGSE Talks will be on Tuesday 9 July from 12pm - 1pm in the Q230 Lecture Theatre located at 234 Queensberry Street. A calendar invite an agenda of the session will be sent to all staff this week. Presentation slides from the first MGSE Talks session are available on the intranet.

Change to the Emergency Assembly Area

There has been a change in the Emergency Assembly Area for the 100 Leicester St and Kwong Lee Dow buildings. Because the building works have now largely been completed in University Square, the new assembly area is University Square. If there is an emergency, all staff, students and visitors should now proceed to University Square, traveling north along Leicester St.

All our emergency contact lists, which are located on the entrance to lifts, will be updated. Please be aware of who your local first aid officers and floor wardens are you never know when you may need them.

Theodore Fink Education Endowment

The Theodore Fink Education Endowment has $8,000 available in 2019 to support a seminar concerned with historical or comparative studies of Australian education. Funds can be used to support speaker travel costs, fees and seminar running costs. Please note that the seminar must be held in Melbourne and be called “The Theodore Fink Memorial Seminar in Australian Education”. Interested academic or professional staff can contact Pian Zhang to obtain the application information sheet and application form. Applications close at the end of June.

Vice-Chancellor's Address

Duncan Maskell gave the inaugural Vice-Chancellor's Address in the Old Quad. The recording and transcript are now available on the Staff Hub.

Learning and Teaching Initiatives Grant 2018

Congratulations to Daniela Acquaro, Caroline Cohrssen and Harry Galatis for their successful application for the Learning and Teaching Initiative Grants for 2018. Their project: Adapting to teaching in Australian educations settings: A cross-stream innovation has attracted $30,000 funding.

Awards evening: celebrating the outstanding achievements of students and staff

Thank you to those who attended and volunteered for the awards evening. We now have an overview of the evening and a photo gallery on MGSE's Flickr page.

For those of you who were in attendance, the Communications team welcomes any feedback that you may have regarding the night, as we strive to continually improve all of our events, we invite you to complete our quick evaluation survey.

Strategy 2030 - make your opinion count

Imagine it's 2030 - what should the University look like? This question was posed several weeks ago as part of the Strategy 2030 staff survey and a raft of candid, thoughtful responses were received from all quarters of the University - and there's an opportunity to hear from even more staff. Visit the Strategy 2030 page and click 'access the survey' button on the right hand side.

While on the page, take a couple of minutes to watch the video of the Vice-Chancellor, staff and students discussing what they want our new strategy to achieve.


Diversity and Inclusion staff survey

The Diversity and Inclusion staff survey achieved a response rate of 45 per cent, this information will provide Chancellery with new insights that will inform the work we need to do during the next few years to ensure we have a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

The senior leadership team and the Vice-Chancellor will be sharing the results and an action plan when a detailed analysis is completed in August.

Freedom of Speech Policy

University Council has endorsed a new Freedom of Speech policy to promote 'critical and free enquiry, informed intellectual discourse and public debate within the University and in the wider society'. The Freedom of Speech policy aligns with and supplements the University’s long-standing Academic Freedom of Expression policy.

Freedom of speech is a fundamental principle of our University - it always has been and always will be. Our new policy follows extensive consultation within the University community both before and after the French Review was undertaken. The policy will safeguard students, staff and invited visitors on our campuses and ensure freedom of speech continues to flourish at the University of Melbourne.

Centre for Positive Psychology Annual Review

The Centre for Positive Psychology has just released its Annual Review which details the recent research, teaching, publications and engagement of the Centre. Download the Annual Review.

2018 Sustainability Report released

This report demonstrates the University's processes and identifies challenges in delivering the University's strong commitment in sustainability. The Report is available on the University's Sustainability page.

2019 Professional Staff Conference

The 2019 Professional Staff Conference to be held on Thursday 19 September, is an enjoyable and interesting full-day, staff-led event, bringing together committed and motivated individuals to share skills and transfer knowledge. Now in its fifth year, the conference aims to encourage the exploration of best practice, reporting of project outcomes, sharing of new trends and opportunities while engaging staff through motivational and creative practice. Delivered within a project framework, the conference focuses on broadening networks and collaboration across the different campuses of the University while contributing to the sustained excellence of services supporting learning, teaching, research and engagement at the UoM. Registration and program details to follow. Contact Debra Menser for any enquiries.

MGSE Social Committee

The MGSE Social Committee has organised the following dates, please place them in your diary. More information to come closer to the event dates.:

Friday 9 August – After work drinks

Thursday 26 September - Pre AFL Grand Final celebration

Tuesday 5 November – Melbourne Cup celebration

Tuesday 17 December – Year end celebration

University of Melbourne and the University of Virginia launch international partnership program

The University of Melbourne and the University of Virginia have announced they are collaborating on an education partnership program to advance the role of teachers, inside and outside the classroom.

Grounded in the latest research, this innovative partnership program has been developed to drive better student learning outcomes as well as to grow the strategic expertise of teachers, to influence and shape education systems and policies.

Offered completely online, the program allows students to streamline their studies by first completing a Master of Education in Evidence-Based Teaching at the University of Melbourne and then progressing to the Education Doctorate (Ed.D.) at the University of Virginia.

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2019 MGSE Results Submission dates

Reminder: 2019 First Half Year Results

All students enrolled in a subject should receive a final grade at the end of the teaching period:

  • Standard semester one subjects: 5pm Monday 1 July 2019
  • Non-standard subject results, (e.g. Summer, Term 1, Term 2): within 20 working days of the end of the assessment period.  Check handbook for assessment end date.

Results are due to by the following dates:

More information about results can be found on the 2019 MGSE Result Information document or on the MGSE intranet.


The next set of results will be due:

End of year: Monday 25 November 2019.