Functional Review Update

MGSE Functional Review of Professional Staff structure

MGSE’s Executive Committee recently endorsed a two-stage proposal to undertake a review of MGSE’s professional staff structure.

The review is being conducted in the context of MGSE’s capacity to implement our strategic priorities and projects, the development of the 2020 budget, the need to maintain MGSE’s FTE cap and to optimise and direct our resources in the most efficient way.

The current professional staff structure presents some challenges including:

  • Some staff are not currently incorporated into a team
  • A large number of the professional staff cohort report to one senior manager creating inequities at the management level
  • Key corporate functions (e.g. strategy and risk) are only partially funded as short-term initiatives and are not incorporated as permanent roles in the structure
  • There is a lack of career progression opportunities.

The review is likely to result in moderate change with some minor adjustments to position descriptions and line management arrangements.

It will not result in a major disruption of the type experienced as part of the BIP MGSE change process in 2017.

The proposal consists of two stages.

Stage 1

The first stage will be a high-level functional review that will involve:

  • Engaging professional staff through a series of management team meetings (these sessions have already commenced)
  • Examining the structures of other divisions
  • Consulting with senior academic staff and stakeholders on any proposed changes.

It is anticipated that Stage 1 will result in a proposal for a revised management structure for the consideration of the MGSE Executive by the end of July. There will not be any significant change to position descriptions or existing roles as part of Stage 1.

Stage 2

Stage 2 will involve a more detailed review of skills and capabilities required in each team or business unit. This stage will review position descriptions with a view to update them to reflect current activity. It is anticipated that Stage 2 may result in moderate change, with some adjustment to roles and responsibilities and some positions realigned to meet business need.

Stage 2 will culminate in a formal Change Proposal to be developed in accordance with our Employee Agreement obligations. The indicative timeframe for Stage 2 is July – October however this will be subject to the consultation processes outlined in the EA agreement.

The review has adopted the following operating principles:

  • Treat staff in accordance with our values and be sensitive to the natural concerns staff will have to this review
  • Comply with the change and consultation process in the Employee Agreement
  • Ensure staff have an opportunity to contribute
  • Conduct the process as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • Communicate openly but treat confidential matters confidentially
  • Use data to inform decisions
  • Provide support and assistance when it is required and consistent with our obligations.

In undertaking this review, MGSE is cognisant of recent changes and that any review of this type will cause some level of concern.

The Manager, People & Culture will be working very closely with me and the management team to ensure that any concerns individual staff members may have are dealt with appropriately and sensitively and in accordance with MGSE’s values and our obligations.

Keryn Negri
Executive Director