Refurbishment Project Update

Project Update

Project focus in the past fortnight has continued to be on design, with draft plans close to finalisation with project architects FPPV. Once completed, plans will be made available to all staff via the SAR Project Website, and will also be displayed on Level 3 of 100 Leicester Street near the large kitchen area.

Work to assess stored records and items also continues and we encourage staff to be reviewing stored items now, ahead of works commencing in the near future. The Project Team and your Records Management Contacts are available to assist with the identification of retention requirements for records, and processes to destroy or archive records and research data. We are here to help - please do contact us for support.

Alternate Stacking Proposal

The alternate floor locations (stacking) proposal advised in the most recent MGSE News has been confirmed as achievable by project architects FPPV, and endorsed by the SAR Project Control Group. A majority of leaders of Research Centres and Academic Cognate Groups have also confirmed this proposal as preferred overall. The alternate stacking proposal will be formally considered by MGSE Executive next week, with an expectation designs released for feedback will reflect the alternate stacking arrangement.

Other Building & Facility Works

Other minor works are being arranged to improve the livability of MGSE buildings, including remediation to bathroom and shower facilities across both the Kwong Lee Dow and Leicester Street buildings.

Works are expected to conclude in early August to refurbish a ground floor bathroom in Kwong Lee Dow building, including restricting access to staff only within this high traffic area. Other bathroom facilities will continue to be available to students and the general public on the ground floor.

Remedial works have also been conducted to the shower facilities in both buildings to increase facilities for staff riding bicycles to work, or exercising during your lunch break. Unfortunately remedial works to the Kwong Lee Dow level 4 shower were not successful, which has been disabled to prevent egress of water. Shower heads have not yet been installed on additional facilities in 100 Leicester Street following similar recent remedial works. Additional lockers have also recently been installed on Level B2 of 100 Leicester Street, adjacent to the bicycle storage facilities.

The School will continue to work with the University to improve facilities available within MGSE buildings.