MGSE staff news

Who's travelling?

The following MGSE staff will be travelling soon. If you have colleagues, potential RHD scholars, prospective students, events, or opportunities in or near the locations that they are travelling to, you are encouraged to get in touch with these staff directly to explore the potential for collaboration.

Patrick Soo 26/07/19 MEL SIN KUL SIN MEL Malaysia Marketing and Recruitment
Bernadette Murphy 31/07/19 MEL CNS GOV CNS MEL Gove         Conference         
Jim Watterston 01/08/19 DRW GOV CNS Cairns Conference
Sue Arney 02/08/19 MEL SYD MEL Sydney Conference

Travel advice

A reminder to staff that all University-related travel must be booked in the UniTravel system, which enables the University to fulfil it’s duty of care to staff and students travelling on our behalf. This is particularly important where risk to travellers can escalate quickly, such as in the case of recent advice regarding the risk of travel to Iran.

Booking travel within the UniTravel system also eliminates the need for a travel diary for staff, where the dominant purpose of travel is University business.

Winter Construction News from PTV

During July, major construction works take place across the metropolitan and regional train networks in preparation for the Metro Tunnel, to remove level crossings and upgrade regional lines.

More people will be using roads, tram services and different train lines if their regular journey is disrupted. We encourage you to plan ahead and allow more time for your journey. Avoid the peak if you can and consider alternatives where possible.

Frankston and Stony Point lines

Buses replace trains between:

  • Mordialloc and Frankston/Stony Point from 8pm Friday 19 July to Sunday 28 July.

Mernda Line

Buses replace trains between:

  • Thornbury and Mernda from 8.30pm Friday 26 July to Sunday 28 July.

Route 3/3a, 16 and 67 trams

  • Service changes affect Route 3/3a, 16 and 67 trams from Saturday 20 July to Sunday 28 July.

Visit PTV’s website for more information about the disruptions and tips to help you plan ahead during the winter construction blitz.

To find out more about Victoria’s major road and rail projects, visit Victoria’s Big Build.

For information on changes to traffic and roadworks, visit VicRoads.

New University Security System

A new security system ‘Gallagher’ is being implemented across the University to manage electronic access to University spaces and facilities. The Gallagher system will replace the existing University system including both back-end software and all University card readers (swipe points). Works are scheduled for the Kwong Lee Dow building on 6-8 August and 100 Leicester Street on 12-15 August. Disruption is anticipated to be minimal to staff and students as the on-site works required are modest.

The new card readers will look and sound different to the existing hardware, but your existing staff card will continue to work. The school is also reviewing security privileges as part of the Gallagher implementation, but this is not expected to impact on most MGSE staff, with access to most facilities unchanged from existing. If you are having issues with access to secured areas please contact Pina Failla, or for queries about the Gallagher implementation at MGSE contact Roland Wunder.

The Chancellors Prize for Excellence in PhD Thesis 2019

In the final selection of the Chancellor’s Prize for the Humanities, Creative Arts, and Social Sciences, an award for excellence in the PhD thesis for candidates who passed in 2018, was awarded to the nomination from MGSE, Katherine O’Connor.

Kate’s PhD,  “Remaking the university curriculum: what counts as knowledge in the new forms of online learning” took up one of the most notable developments in higher education today, the burgeoning of online learning, and brought to it an original set of questions and theoretical perspectives drawn from curriculum theory: what is happening to knowledge? Supervised by Lyn Yates and Fazal Rizvi, Kate’s thesis showed that current institutional commitments to ‘constructivism’ as a teaching and learning model, are poorly conceived and in fact being negated by the mandatory forms in which the curriculum must be delivered.

Kate was also awarded the 2018 AARE Ray Debus Award for Doctoral Research Excellence Special Commendation (Australian Association For Research In Education) and the MGSE Doctoral Research Prize 2019.

Universitas 21 Scholarships and Fellowships now open

The Universitas 21 (U21) Scholarship Scheme provides awards of up to $12 500 to UoM professional staff to undertake a management development activity across U21 institutions. The Scheme is designed to encourage visits and exchanges of key professional staff across participating institutions.

The purpose of the U21 Fellowships for academic staff is to recognise outstanding teaching performance, provide development opportunities for the recipients and benefit the University through the advancement of its quality of teaching and learning. Successful Fellowship applicants will receive an award of up to $12 500.

Applications for both of these programs close at 12.00pm on Monday 12 August, details are available from the Melbourne CSHE website. More information:
Enquiries: Nina Grange | 8344 1121

Melbourne Law School Tax Clinic

The Melbourne Law School Tax Clinic will be providing free tax assistance to unrepresented taxpayers in semester 2. The clinic will be staffed by Melbourne Law School Juris Doctor students who will work under the supervision of a dedicated clinic supervisor and volunteer tax professionals. The clinic is open to all taxpayers. Please visit for more information and to apply for assistance. Enquiries:

LMS readiness for the Second Half Year

LMS checklist - Tips for getting started

Be prepared for the start of the Semester with this quick reference list.If you do not have access to a 2019 subject you will be coordinating this second half year, please contact Jeni Rasche and she can assign an LMS coordination role for you. Please note that any staff member with a coordinator role in LMS can assign staff roles to other staff members.

Canvas at MGSE

The July edition for Project Evolve includes:

  • Updates on the pilot that is underway with 11 subjects at MGSE
  • Using Kaltura - our new video management system that integrates with Canvas
  • Your opportunities for training and workshops to learn more about Canvas.

There are further updates available on the Project Evolve site.

Review of subjects for 2020 Handbook delivery

Subject and Course coordinators are asked to review their subject details in the Handbook, and submit any required changes for 2020 delivery.

Submission deadlines are Wednesday 31 July or 28 August. The 31 July deadline must be met for new Electives, new MGSE Breadth subjects, Subject Title changes, and Assessment and / or Intended Learning Outcomes for compulsory or specialisation core subjects.

Contact Christine Eckhardt or on ext. 43774 for an approval form and information on the approval process.

Assessment reminder

There are two policies: Double Marking and Review of Assessment of Student Work 

1. Double Marking: this only applies when a student will fail a subject. If a student will fail a subject due to failing a particular assessment task, then this task should be double marked.

2. Review of Assessment: students can request that their mark be reviewed, but this is not an automatic right. It is helpful in this process, to avert student queries and concerns, to provide comprehensive information about the assessment and marking process for the subject on the LMS and/or via a subject guide, and when assessment is discussed during the subject.

A) if a student believes they have just cause to request a review of a result, they should do so to the Subject Coordinator in writing within 10 business days after the publication of the results for the assessed item – with a rationale that explains why they believe a review should be conducted. An adequate and reasonable justification for why a result should be reviewed does not include merely gaining a second opinion on their result – this would be a request for double marking, which only applies in the specific circumstances outlined above.

B) The Subject Coordinator and the Course Coordinator together act as the Board of Examiners in making decisions related to a student request for a review of assessment.

C) If a review is deemed appropriate then the Subject Coordinator should make sure that the nature of the concern is understood and this should be used as the basis for checking the mark and comments e.g. checking aggregation of marks, use of rubric, that the comments provide adequate feedback, etc. Following this check, the Subject Coordinator (with the knowledge of the Course Coordinator) should advise the student of the outcome and, if required, make any adjustments to the mark and/or provide additional feedback on the assessment task.

D) If a student is not satisfied with the consultation provided by the Subject Coordinator and Course Coordinator (the Board of Examiners for this subject), the student has the right to appeal as per the appeal procedure. If the student appeal concerns academic judgment, then the student should put their case in writing and send this to the MGSE Associate Dean Learning and Teaching. If the student appeal concerns procedural matters, then the student should address their appeal to the Academic Registrar after reading the Student Complaints and Grievance policy. In this circumstance it would also be helpful if the student informed the MGSE Associate Dean Learning and Teaching.