MGSE staff news

Who's travelling?

The following MGSE staff will be travelling soon. If you have colleagues, potential RHD scholars, prospective students, events, or opportunities in or near the locations that they are travelling to, you are encouraged to get in touch with these staff directly to explore the potential for collaboration.

Yin Zhang 19/08/19 MEL SIN HKG PVG China Teaching
Joe Lo Bianco 22/08/19 MEL SYD Sydney Meeting
Vicky Millar 22/08/19 MEL DXB FCO Italy Conference
Jim Watterston 22/08/19 MEL BNE Brisbane Conference
Jan van Driel 23/08/19 AMS MXP AMS Italy Conference
Dina Uzhegova 24/08/19 MEL DXB AMS Netherlands Conference
Pam Robertson 25/08/19 MEL SYD MNL Philippines Other
Hilary Slater 26/08/19 MEL SYD MNL Philippines Other
Louise Young 26/08/19 MEL SYD Sydney Conference
Helen Stokes 27/08/19 MEL DXB HAM Germany Conference
Liz McKinley 29/08/19 MEL DXB HAM LGW London Research
Pauline Thompson 30/08/19 MEL DXB HAM MAN United Kingdom Meeting
Alexandra Johnston 30/08/19 MEL DXB HAM Germany Conference

Travel advice

A reminder to staff that all University-related travel must be booked in the UniTravel system, which enables the University to fulfil it’s duty of care to staff and students travelling on our behalf. This is particularly important where risk to travellers can escalate quickly, such as in the case of recent advice regarding the risk of travel to Iran.

Booking travel within the UniTravel system also eliminates the need for a travel diary for staff, where the dominant purpose of travel is University business.

MGSE Talks

The next MGSE Talks will be on Tuesday 3 September from 12pm - 1pm in the Q230 Lecture Theatre located at 234 Queensberry Street. A calendar invitation and agenda will be sent to all staff this week. Presentation slides from the previous MGSE Talks session are available on the intranet.

2019 Open Day Survey

The Marketing team are always looking for ways to improve University events. They are asking for all professional and academic staff who volunteered on the day for your feedback. The survey is 15 minutes long and you can go into the running for an MGSE Goodie Bag.

MGSE Staff Dialogues

The fourth round of MGSE Staff Dialogues will be held in November. If you wish to add this to your calendar please visit this page.

StaffDateTime Location Update
Professional Staff Wednesday 27 November 3pm 100 Leicester Street, Level 9, Frank Tate Room
Early Career Academics Thursday 28 November 11am Kwong Lee Dow Building, Level 5 in music studio Q503/504
Mid-Career Academics Thursday 28 November 3pm 100 Leicester Street, Level 9, Frank Tate Room
Professoriate Friday 29 November 11am Kwong Lee Dow Building, Level 1 room Q101

The MGSE Dialogues provide staff with the opportunity to discuss issues informally with the Dean and other members of the Executive.

The agenda is informal and driven by each individual MGSE staff cohort to enable discussions which are specific and relevant for each group.

Reminder - Review of subjects for 2020 Handbook delivery

Subject and Course coordinators are asked to review their subject details in the Handbook, and submit any required changes for 2020 delivery.

The final submission deadline is Wednesday 28 August for assistance contact Christine Eckhardt or on ext. 43774 about the approval form and information on the approval process.

Semester 2 Examinations

If your subject has an examination as part of the assessment shown in the handbook and you would like the examination to be administered centrally by Academic Services, please contact Sandra Black by Friday 23 August.

Please note that you will not be able to choose the time, date or venue if the examination is centrally administered. There are two sessions per day, a morning session and an afternoon session.

Delivery of exam papers post exams: completed exam papers will be delivered to the relevant department the following business day after 10am. This is the main avenue for the collection of exam papers as it is secure and tracked.

Exam Venues:
Wilson Hall
Kwong Lee Dow
Royal Exhibition Buildings

Semester 2, 2019 Exam DatesTimeWeek
Monday 4 November 8.30am Week 1 exams commence (5 day week)
Monday 11 November
Week 2 exams commence (5 day week)
Monday 18 November 8.30am Week 3 exams commence (5 day week)

Level 4 balcony renovation

The funds to renovate the balcony and make it useable came from a joint SSAF grant submission last year by the Graduate Education Society (GES) and MGSE.

One of our Master of Teaching alumus (2018) and previous GES President in 2017, Andy Murray, has lead the project with oversight from MGSE. He started work on the project while still a student, but has volunteered his time this year to make sure the vision came to fruition. Students are already using the space.

MGSE staff and students worked with a University appointed project manager to ensure everything was compliant.

The works have included:

  • Engineering survey
  • Glass roof clean
  • Sanding and oiling of floorboards
  • Installation of electricity switches
  • Plumbing works to install a tap for the planter boxes
  • Planter boxes with plants
  • A fridge and cupboard for storage for the GES (and MGSE as required)
  • New furniture
  • Outdoor ceiling heaters for winter events.

2019 Graduate Teacher Survey - closes Sunday 1 September

The 2019 Graduate Teacher Survey seeks feedback on course experience, including the practicum, as well as the effectiveness of school and system support for graduate teachers. In November 2019, the Department of Education and Training intend to provide a report to individual providers, subject to there being a sufficient number of responses to the survey from graduates of that provider. The report will provide the data for the individual provider compared to an aggregate of all Victorian providers. The survey was first piloted in 2017 (see School-university partnerships), is cross sectoral, and has been developed by VCDE representatives, principals, AITSL and the VIT, together with the Department of Education and Training.

Book United Airlines to USA and win

United Airlines is offering the first 30 travellers to book a return United Airlines ticket between Australia and the USA a complimentary upgrade to Economy Plus along with a one time use United Club pass. Bookings must be made in August with UniTravel for any travel dates. The Economy Plus upgrade will be offered on the flight departing Melbourne to Los Angeles or San Francisco. In addition, two bookings will be randomly selected for space available upgrades to United Polaris Business Class. Read the flyer For more information contact Gareth Payne