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Associate Professor Kay Margetts interviewed on ABC Radio about the game peek-a-boo and hide and seek which she says teaches children that something exists even if they cannot see it. Associate Professor Margetts says through this game children learn to cope with fear, fright, or surprise and can build a trusting relationship with those who suffered trauma or a difficult relationship. Aired on 25 July and 1 August 2019.

Dr Lisa McKay-Brown in ‘Helping kids who refuse to go to school’, The Age, 11 August 2019. Also featured in:

  • Sydney Morning Herald, 11 August 2019.
  • Brisbane Times, 11 August 2019.
  • WA Today, 11 August 2019.

Professor Barry McGaw interviewed on ABC News about Australia’s richest schools spending more on new facilities and renovations than the poorest 18,000 schools combined. Professor McGaw said it is unfair how great the differences are wherein the public schools are coping with the growing numbers of students. He says the OECD data show increase expenditure does not make much difference to the quality education in the range in which rich countries spend. McGaw says the States are strapped compared to the Commonwealth and it is one of the reasons the Government schools do not do well because they depend on the poor sector. He says in the Netherlands, about two-thirds of students go to non-government schools and while he was in the OECD and doing the analysis of the country expenditures, they had to make a distinction between government-funded and privately-funded and government-governed or privately-governed and in the Netherlands, all schools are publicly-funded. Aired on 13 August 2019.

Professor William Locke and Dr Gwilym Croucher in ‘Performance-based funding just start of needed change’ (subscription required), 21 August 2019.

Professor John Polesel in 'Teen matchmakers are helping fix 'crap' work experience placements', ABC News 21, August 2019

Sector News

Building rapport and relationships need to be taught to preservice teachers, Education HQ Australia, 6 August 2019.

Why the teaching profession matters more than ever, Education Week, 7 August 2019.

Australian teachers work longer hours than those in most OECD countries, The Age, 7 August 2019.

NAPLAN online failures arose during practice tests, review reveals, The Sydney Morning Herald, 8 August 2019.

One in 10 Aussie kids care for someone with a disability or drug dependence – they need help at school, The Conversation, 9 August 2019.

Government funding will be tied to uni performance from 2020: what does this mean, and what are the challenges?, The Conversation, 9 August 2019.

Why school choice is good for families, but not for the system, The Age, 11 August 2019.

Teachers call to scrap school tests for children under eight in push for play-based learning, ABC Online, 12 August 2019.

Seeing double to improve inclusivity in the classroom, Education HQ Australia, 12 August 2019.

University debt and limited job prospects mean learning a trads at TAFE better for income, reports find, ABC Online, 12 August 2019.

Teaching assistants in Australia, Teacher Magazine, 13 August 2019.

Jenny Macklin and the creation of the NDIS, ABC Big Ideas, 13 August 2019.

Lessons of Garma shape the future (subscription required), The Australian, 14 August 2019.

The Imagination Declaration: young Indigenous Australians want to be heard – but will we listen?, The Conversation, 14 August 2019.

Melbourne Uni centre to showcase indigenous thought (subscription required), The Australian, 14 August 2019.

Who am I? Why am I here? Why children should be taught philosophy (beyond better test scores), The Conversation, 15 August 2019.

Monash University rises in global rankings, Financial Review, 15 August 2019.

Should school uniforms be compulsory? We asked five experts, The Conversation, 16 August 2019.