MGSE staff news

Who's travelling?

The following MGSE staff will be travelling soon. If you have colleagues, potential RHD scholars, prospective students, events, or opportunities in or near the locations that they are travelling to, you are encouraged to get in touch with these staff directly to explore the potential for collaboration.

Carmel Sandiford 03/10/19 MEL BKK LHR         United Kingdom  Study
Sandra Milligan 04/10/19 CDG DXB Saudi Arabia Other
Lisa McKay-Brown 10/10/19 MEL HKG FRA OSL Norway Conference
Bella Blaher 15/10/19 MEL LAX JFK EWR USA Conference
Jon Quach 17/10/19 MEL SYD MEL Sydney Conference
Fazal Rizvi 17/10/19 LHR GVA LHR Switzerland Conference
Jim Watterston 19/10/19 MEL SYD PVG China Conference
Chi Baik 21/10/19


United Kingdom

Kate Coleman 24/10/19 MEL DXB FRA CPH Denmark Conference
Joe Lo Bianco 24/10/19 MEL SYD MEL Sydney Conference

Travel advice

A reminder to staff that all University-related travel must be booked in the UniTravel system, which enables the University to fulfil its duty of care to staff and students travelling on our behalf. This is particularly important where risk to travellers can escalate quickly, such as in the case of recent advice regarding the risk of travel to Iran.

Booking travel within the UniTravel system also eliminates the need for a travel diary for staff, where the dominant purpose of travel is University business.

Diversity and Inclusion Staff Survey

The University recently conducted its first ever Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Staff Survey, to give an organisational view of the diverse make-up of our workforce and gather staff perceptions and experiences of inclusion in the University of Melbourne work environment.

The D&I Staff Survey was an initiative to obtain an organisational view of D&I. It is the first step in an organisational wide effort. The results of this report will be used to inform future areas of focus for the UoM around D&I. The survey response rate is 45% with all faculties achieving a response rate higher than one third of their population. The survey findings are available on the Staff Hub.

Relocation of MSPACE to Level 3, Kwong Lee Dow

A number of colleagues from the Melbourne School of Professional and Continuing Education (MSPACE) have recently moved to Level 3 of the Kwong Lee Dow Building and 100 Leicester Street. A further group of MSPACE staff are expected to commence on Level 3 of Kwong Lee Dow from next Monday.

MGSE already has strong links with the MSPACE team, who provide services supporting online learning and custom and executive education, both of which are critical to our sustainability. It is my hope that the proximity further develops our relationship with the MSPACE team, and ultimately leads to a stronger and more vibrant Graduate School.

Having a significant number of additional occupants in our buildings can put pressure on facilities including bathrooms, kitchens and meeting rooms, please be cognisant of the challenges this may pose.

Meeting rooms including conference room 372, room 307, and focus rooms 341, 342 and 343 are all shared facilities bookable by both MGSE staff and MSPACE colleagues. Other bookable spaces available for MGSE staff include rooms 509, G22 and G26 within the Kwong Lee Dow building, as well as meeting rooms on levels 2 through 9 of 100 Leicester Street.

If you have feedback on how we can promote a positive working environment for both MGSE and MSPACE colleagues, please contact Roland Wunder who is managing accommodation including our relations with the MSPACE group.

Canvas Migration Survey

Subject Coordinators are invited to complete the first step by taking a very brief Migration Questionnaire by Monday 14 October. The questionnaire will:

  • Identify/confirm subjects for which you are the Subject Coordinator
  • Indicate the version of your existing Blackboard subject/s to use as the source of creating your subject/s in Canvas, and when it would be suitable to make a copy of the subject/s
  • Choose your preferred week to meet with the team for a migration consultation.

For more information please refer to the following announcement from the Project Evolve and Learning Environments teams.

Expressions of interest - Science of Learning Network 2020

Expressions of Interest are now open to be part of a partnership initiative with the Science of Learning Hub. In 2020 the focus of the Science of Learning Network will be to support schools to build metacognition in their learners. The program will offer a range of online modules, supported with online focus sessions with leading education researchers, consultations and personalised support, to develop teacher understanding of:

  • Metcognition
  • The concept of surface
  • Deep and transfer learning
  • Learning strategies that support effective learning at each stage.

Based on this, teachers can engage students with high level learning strategies at the right time, and teach students when the appropriate time is in learning to access these strategies.

Student Art Prize 2019

The Student Art Prize is a $1500 prize to be awarded to a student of the University of Melbourne. Through a University-wide open call, students are asked to submit an image in response to the curatorial prompt “the future will only contain what we put into it.”
The artwork will be reproduced as a temporary vinyl billboard and presented on the east wall of the Peter Hall building. Applications will be considered from individual artists and collectives. Students from all academic disciplines are encouraged to apply. Applications will be judged by the selection panel according to the selection criteria.
For more information and to apply, visit the New Student Precinct website.

MGSE Staff Dialogues

The fourth round of MGSE Staff Dialogues will be held in November. If you wish to add this to your calendar please visit this page.

StaffDateTime Location Update
Professional Staff Wednesday 27 November 3pm 100 Leicester Street, Level 9, Frank Tate Room
Early Career Academics Thursday 28 November 11am Kwong Lee Dow Building, Level 5 in music studio Q503/504
Mid-Career Academics Thursday 28 November 3pm 100 Leicester Street, Level 9, Frank Tate Room
Professoriate Friday 29 November 11am Kwong Lee Dow Building, Level 1 room Q101

The MGSE Dialogues provide staff with the opportunity to discuss issues informally with the Dean and other members of the Executive.

The agenda is informal and driven by each individual MGSE staff cohort to enable discussions which are specific and relevant for each group.