Refurbishment Project Update

Project update

A meeting of the Project Control Group was held today and included discussion of the tendering for the refurbishment program and clearer timing of works for MGSE staff. Details on the timing of works will be released to staff as soon as possible.

Project Commencement delayed to November

In response to broad feedback from staff that moving outside of semester is strongly preferred, the commencement of works for the refurbishment program has been delayed until November.

Storage of Teaching Materials

One recurring query to the project has been the storage of materials for teaching, which for some staff includes a significant volume of material. Plans are in development for additional lockable storage within the Kwong Lee Dow building to provide for this need. If you have teaching materials which might benefit from this arrangement, please contact the project team so we can understand and plan for your needs.

Archiving of Materials

Did you know that materials not frequently accessed, including research data and records, can be archived offsite via the University’s arrangements with external storage company, Grace? Assistance is available to help you determine how long records need to be kept for compliance purposes, and to arrange for the recording, boxing, and transfer of records to offsite storage. Archiving can either be permanent or temporary, and archived materials can be recalled at just a few days’ notice. Archived materials are never destroyed without consultation with the record owner.

More information on Archiving, as well as other advice to get ready ahead of the program is available via the SAR Project Getting Ready page.