Functional Review Update

MGSE Functional Review of Professional Staff structure

After extensive consultation and consideration of feedback, the Change Plan for MGSE Functional Review has been confirmed. This enables MGSE to move to implementation and begin the recruitment process for new roles.

With the commitment to represent a staffing profile that aligns with the strategic goals of MGSE, and in accordance with the UoM Recruitment, Selection and Appointment Procedure and Australian discrimination laws, applicants will be recruited and selected based on merit through a fair and open process, ensuring fairness, equal employment opportunity and merit. There is an overarching aim to optimise career prospects for currently employed staff.

The following recruitment principles have been applied:


  • Advertised positions will source applicants for 1 week for internal (MGSE Professional) continuing and fixed term employees only. Applications will close on 16 October 2019.
  • Where identical multiple roles are affected, only applicants within that team will be invited to apply
  • If a suitable internal candidate cannot be determined for a position, the advert will source more widely (University of Melbourne (public) and external to the University) for a further period.


  • Interviews will be conducted using a selection committee.
  • Gender representation on selection committees will be observed.
  • Each interview should take approximately 45 minutes.
  • Reference checks will be undertaken after interviews (where required).


  • The Hiring Manager will advise the outcomes to successful and unsuccessful applicants.
  • At the recommendation of the hiring Manager, the People & Culture team will initiate and submit the letters of offer to the successful candidates for the positions.
  • New offers will be made effective from 3 December 2019 (or earlier if appointments are confirmed earlier).

The People & Culture team or your manager can be contacted for further questions and technical instruction on how to locate the internal advert or submit your application.

The Change Plan and guidance notes to assist with the application process can be accessed via the Functional Review page on the intranet.