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MGSE Media Mentions

Professor Dianne Vella-Brodrick in ‘How technology is boosting our young people’s well-being’, Pursuit, 1 May 2019.

Mike Salvaris in ‘It’s time to vote for happiness and well-being, not mere economic growth. Here’s why’, The Conversation, 2 May 2019.

Professor Nicola Yelland in ‘Tablets for tots: Parents are feeling steam-rolled by classrooms’ digital revolution’, The New Daily, 12 May 2019.

Sector News

Teacher attrition rates are a national crisis, ex-educator says, Education HQ, 29 April 2019.

Public schools actually outperform private schools, and with less money, The Conversation, 29 April 2019.

Strung out: research finds a quarter of uni students stressed daily, Campus Review, 30 April 2019.

Teacher perspectives on using project-based learning, Teacher Magazine, 1 May 2019.

How to succeed at NAPLAN, EducationHQ, 1 May 2019.

How do you help your child connect with others in the age of social media?, ABC Drive Radio, 1 May 2019.

Labor wants to restore ‘demand driven’ funding to universities: what does this mean?, The Conversation, 2 May 2019.

Time has come for national school starting age, The Sydney Morning Herald, 5 May 2019.

Personalised learning programs making a mark, Financial Review, 5 May 2019.

NAPLAN winning key support, Financial Review, 5 May 2019.

Education policies under scrutiny at election, Financial Review, 5 May 2019.

Need to revitalise native languages, Deccan Herald, 5 May 2019.

Learning to read and explicit teaching, Teacher Magazine, 5 May 2019.

The evidence is in for the future of education, Financial Review, 5 May 2019.

Cash Cows, ABC Four Corners, 6 May 2019.

Almost every Australian teacher has been bullied by students or their parents, and it’s taking a toll, The Conversation, 6 May 2019.

Schools continue transition to NAPLAN Online, NSW Government, 6 May 2019.

Universities accused of using international students as ‘cash cows’ (subscription required), Herald Sun, 6 May 2019.

Poor grades, miserable teen? The start of the school day could be to blame, ABC online, 7 May 2019.

Video – Child’s play: How the Labor and Liberal childcare plans compare (subscription required), The Weekly Times, 7 May 2019.

Childcare pay rise ‘a carrot to boost union membership’, The Australian, 7 May 2019.

Federal election 2019: Here’s where the major parties stand on education, ABC news, 7 May 2019.

Nearly all Australian teachers have been bullied by students and parents, ABC online, 7 May 2019.

Are international students passing university courses at the same rate as domestic students?, The Conversation, 8 May 2019.

Teaching is too often seen as a fall-back option, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon, The Conversation, 10 May 2019.

NAPLAN results do not measure individual performance, experts argue, Education HQ Australia, 10 May 2019.

Why we’ve got a maths teachers shortage (and why that’s a big problem), 3AW, 10 May 2019.

‘A crisis’: Australian high schools struggle with chronic shortage of maths teachers, SBS News, 11 May 2019.

Is waiving teachers’ HECS debts the best way to improve education in remote communities?, ABC News, 12 May 2019.

Can NAPLAN be communicated better?, Education Review, 14 May 201