Refurbishment Project Update

Project update

A preferred construction partner has been selected and preparations are underway for commencement of works in the week of 18 November on floors 4, 7 and 8. Many staff and Graduate Research students on these levels are packed or in the process of packing, for a shift to temporary workstations ahead of works affecting their workstations. Our thanks to staff and students who have worked closely with the project team and devoted their time and energy to these tasks, on top of their other responsibilities.

The Centre for Program Evaluation has already successfully moved into their temporary workspace, located at 32 Lincoln Square North (corner Bouverie Street).

Construction Strategy

In line with the advice on the project site on the MGSE Intranet, a minimal disruption strategy is being utilised by the program. On most floors there are no works to staff offices (bottom of diagram below, green boxed) nor the ‘Graduate Research’ workstations (top of diagram, green boxed). Staff and students in these areas will not be moved during program works, with works contained mostly to workstation reconfiguration (orange boxed areas) and the demolition of store rooms (red boxed area).

Some staff and students not directly affected may have to move at the end of refurbishment of the floor, in order to allow occupancy by another group. Communications are being sent to all staff and students advising them of the impact of the program on their workspace, and arranging for temporary workspaces where required. Please look out for emails from the program advising the impact of program works on your area.

Getting ready

Many staff and graduate researchers will be required to move as part of the refurbishment project, and it is important that effective preparations are made so occupants are ready when the time comes. The SAR project Getting Ready intranet page includes tips on storage management, advice on packing to move, and handy ‘Getting Ready’ guides for quick reference.

Teams of professional staff will be available to help each group with packing, and to provide advice on archiving and storage options for during and after the refurbishment. This will be arranged with affected groups and individuals as the program progresses for each area.