Refurbishment Project Update

Project Update

The MGSE Staff Accommodation Refurbishment (SAR) project is currently in the schematic design phase, with our architectural team (FPPV architects) working with MGSE academic and professional staff on the possible configuration of future workspaces, including staff workstations, meeting rooms and private work areas, and collaborative and flexible spaces. The workshops have been well attended by representatives of each Research Centre and Academic Cognate Group (attendees are available on the SAR Project intranet page).

Designs will now be created by project partners FPPV Architecture, and will be considered by the Project Design Group prior to release for broader consultation with staff. Designs will be posted on the SAR Project intranet and there will also be a physical display on Level 3 of 100 Leicester Street for staff to review designs and provide feedback. Face to face change management sessions will be held soon in July to ensure staff are aware of what they need to do during various stages of the project.

Getting ready

Staff will be advised as soon as information is available on when and where they will be moving, with this information likely to become available during July. We encourage staff to begin preparations in advance – particularly with regards to items and records which no longer need to be kept, and those which need to be kept but are not regularly accessed. New information is being posted to the MGSE Intranet to assist you in determining what to do in preparation, including advice on managing records and storage.

If you need access to waste, recycling or confidential waste bins please contact the project team and we will respond as soon as possible.

Who do I contact for...

If you have any general project queries, requests, or feedback, the Project team are here to assist. Please contact us at and we will respond to your query as quickly as possible. The project team is your first point of contact if you’re not sure who to speak to about a particular aspect of the project.

MGSE are working closely with Record Services who can provide definitive advice on the identification, retention and appropriate disposal of University records. Nominated MGSE staff also attended a recent workshop to ensure that we are identifying and recording our records for archiving or disposal, and who can provide local assistance with queries on managing records. More information is available in the ‘Getting Ready’ section of the Project website.

There are however many staff who may also be well placed to answer specific queries, including the project team, Records Services, and we would encourage your continued dialogue with your Research Centre Director, Academic Cognate Group leader, or other nominated key contacts in your group.