Important changes to Purchased Leave

The 2018 EA introduced changes to the Reduced Working Weeks Scheme (also known as Purchased Leave). (Refer 1.18.14 in 2018 EA.) This scheme allows staff to reduce their fortnightly salary throughout the year to fund additional paid leave.

From now on, eligible staff are only able to apply for purchased leave taken over a whole calendar year, meaning that applications for Purchased Leave in 2019 have now closed. The University will accept applications for Purchased Leave for 2020 from 1 October 2019. Leave may be purchased in multiples of two weeks, capped at eight extra weeks of paid leave per year. It does not roll over and must be taken in the same calendar year. The 2018 EA no longer requires Purchased Leave to be taken in two week blocks.

Understanding the 2018 Enterprise Agreement

Please email MGSE People and Culture, our team are here to answer your Enterprise Agreement questions.

How to report an OHS incident

All staff can submit a health and safety issue. An issue can be an incident where a staff member is injured (or nearly injured), or a hazard, something that is potentially dangerous. Visit the incident/hazard reporting page and fill in the details. This page is also available via the Staff Hub and on the Enterprise Risk Management System page.

A health and safety issue should be reported directly to a manager or supervisor. This can be done within the Enterprise Risk Management System by allocating the supervisor as the person responsible. The supervisor will then receive an automatic notification of the issue. The supervisor will need to complete an online OHS action plan, which includes an assessment of the risk.

Security issues like theft and intruders should be reported directly to security by ringing 8344 0888.
Facilities issues should be directly reported through the Service Now portal and then by going into the facilities tab.

If you need any help in reporting or dealing with an issue, please contact James Vassilopoulos.

Payment Summaries (Group Certificate) 2018-2019

Payment Summaries for 2018-2019 will be available to staff to access through Themis Employee Self Service. These will be available no later than Friday 14 July. UoM has gone live with Single Touch Payroll and individuals can also access Payment Summary information via MyGov. Hard copies of Payment Summaries will only be sent to ceased staff members. Please ensure you have your correct home address listed in Themis. For more information on how to update your personal contact details, please visit:


Professional Development

Capability Development is excited to be piloting two new modules for staff at UoM levels 3 to 6 in June, with a view to making the modules part of the regular development offering from August 2019 onwards.

We are seeking staff at UoM levels 3 to 6 – from within and outside the HR Community – to attend these pilot sessions:

  • Managing My Work: Monday 17 June, 9am – 1pm
  • Understanding Myself and Others: Tuesday 2 July, 9am – 1pm

Registrations are now open on TrainMe. Search for “Managing My work” or “Understanding Myself and Others”.

Managing My Work

Date: Monday 17 June
Time: 9am – 1pm
Staff Development Centre, Level 7, Alan Gilbert Building

Target Audience:
The four-hour workshop is targeted at early to mid-career professionals (UOM levels 3 to 6).

Course Description:
Early to mid-career professionals at the University of Melbourne are often responsible for supporting a range of tasks and people. This course is designed to equip participants with tools for managing their work effectively and wisely.

How will this benefit participants:

  • Develop skills for prioritising tasks effectively
  • Understand your current utilisation of time and obstacles to better time management
  • Be equipped with practical tips and tools for organising your time
  • Understand how to overcome some of the common enemies of productivity

Course Facilitator: External facilitator from Winthink Consulting Pty Ltd.

Understanding Myself and Others

Date: Tuesday 2 July
Time: 9am – 1pm
Cost: $255 (includes a tailored DISC profile report)
Venue: Staff Development Centre, Level 7, Alan Gilbert Building

Target Audience:
The four-hour workshop is targeted at early to mid-career professionals (UOM levels 3 to 6).

Course Description:
Early to mid-career professionals at the University of Melbourne are often required to work closely with others to deliver set objectives. This course is designed to equip you to understand your own and others’ styles of working and communicating, and how to adjust your style to work more effectively with others.

How will this benefit participants:

  • Receive a tailored DISC profile report to help you understand your communication style
  • Increase your self-awareness regarding your work preferences and develop awareness of how your work preferences impact your interactions with others
  • Develop skills in modifying your actions as required to work well with others
  • Build skills in conflict resolution and collaboration
  • Develop techniques for providing and receiving feedback
  • Be equipped with practical tools and techniques for influencing others

Course Facilitator: The course will be facilitated by an external facilitator from Winthink Consulting Pty Ltd.

It's time to update your staff contact details

Many of us find the staff contact details made available on the Staff Hub really helpful. They help us make connections and find out who works with whom. University Services has made some changes to how your work contact information is displayed in Staff Hub, by changing how you edit your profile in Themis. This change will make it easier for you to control what contact information is displayed. So now is a great time to review what's online and make sure it's up to date. Instructions on how to review your contact details are available on the Staff Services Portal.
Enquiries: Service Centre

Learning and Teaching team

Congratulations to Suzy Owens in the Learning and Teaching team on gaining a secondment with the Enrolments team in University Services for 10 months. Suzy will start her secondment on 11 June.

In addition to Suzy’s normal work in Learning and Teaching, she had been coordinating team activities during the recruitment for the new Learning and Teaching Manager.

Placement Officer (Learning Intervention)

Ebony Birch-Hanger has taken up the role of Placement Officer (Learning Intervention). Ebony will be focussing on the placements within the Master of Learning Intervention course, following the increase in admissions (and soon to be placements) stemming from the Victorian Department of Education and Training’s scholarships for current teachers to undertake inclusive education programs.

Ebony is qualified in early childhood and special education and has worked in the special education/disability sector for the past decade, including running her own business providing services in education, therapy, consultancy and health and running professional development sessions in schools and disability organisations.

Secondment Opportunity - Program Officer at CSHE

CSHE have a secondment opportunity for professional staff to cover a parental leave replacement. The position is within the Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education as a Program Officer (UOM6) for approx. 12 months. The position entails supporting the development and delivery of the breadth of Centre’s programs including postgraduate programs, executive education programs, seminars, conferences and other events.

For more information and to apply for the position visit the Careers page. The position closes on Tuesday 25 June.

Please note this position is being advertised internally to MGSE staff only please do not forward on.