Refurbishment Project Update

Project Update

Staff and Graduate Researchers have now moved into refurbished spaces on Levels 4, 7 and 8 of 100 Leicester Street, with all substantive works done to staff and student work areas, and finishing touches being applied where required. The new spaces look fantastic and a buzz is already developing on these new floors.

Works have now commenced on levels 2, 5 and 6 and refurbishment is already progressing rapidly, with an expectation most work will be complete before year end and will be ready for occupancy in early January. Staff and students required to locate, and who have indicated their need for a temporary space, are now located in teaching spaces 217, 218, 420 and 508 in the Kwong Lee Dow building.

MGSE has now mostly exited level 3 of the Kwong Lee Dow building, with only a few offices remaining occupied.

Revised timing for Level 9 Works

Works on Level 9 of 100 Leicester Street have been brought forward and will commence next Tuesday 17th December. Most professional staff currently occupying workstations on level 9 will be required to relocate for Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th December to allow for a minor reconfiguration of work spaces. Works on Level 9 are not anticipated to conclude until later in January 2020 as construction workers take a well-earned break over the end-of-year period.

Relocations and Post-Occupancy Support

The University relocations team perform most of the work for staff relocations, including movement of all boxes and crates, movement and configuration of IT, and any required movement of furniture. The relocations team also provide post-occupancy support, and the project team is available to answer any other queries staff may have.

A key reminder to all staff that the relocations team operate principally on items being labelled and everything to be moved including boxes, crates, computers, monitors, telephones, desk chairs, etc. should be labelled with your name and destination workstation to assist the movement process. Further information on packing and labelling can be found on the project’s Getting Ready page which includes Reference Guides to assist these processes.

The project team welcomes your queries via the project mailbox