Refurbishment Project Update

Project Update

In the past fortnight the project has focussed on finalisation of details required for initial design, and in preparation activities including the rationalisation of storage. Design plans are anticipated to be available within the next few weeks, for review and feedback from staff.

Proposal for alternate locations (alternate 'stacking')

A consistent area of feedback from staff groups has been to minimise the impact of the refurbishment program on staff, including minimising required staff movement.

As a result of this feedback an alternate locations for groups has been proposed – in architectural terms an alternate ‘stacking’ within the building – which has been discussed with the leaders of all Research Centres and Cognate Groups. This proposal maintains beneficial co-location where possible, but now gives greater emphasis to minimising staff movement, and is currently with the architectural team for validation. Staff will be advised as soon as possible of a final outcome for group locations.

If approved the revised floor locations for groups would be:

Level 9 Executive, MERI, Finance, People & Culture, Business Development
Level 8 Assessment Research Centre, Arts & Creative Education
Level 7 Social Transformation & Education, International Centre for Classroom Research
Level 6 Learning Intervention, Centre for Program Evaluation, Melbourne Disability Institute
Level 5 Youth Research Centre, Centre for Vocational & Educational Policy, Educational Leadership
Level 4 Early Childhood Education, Science & Maths Education
Level 2 Language & Literacy Education, Centre for Positive Psychology, Educational Psychology

Getting ready

Staff are asked to continue preparations through review and reduction of office and workstation contents, and stored materials including filing drawers, cupboards and store rooms. Several store rooms have already been emptied and several more are in progress. Thank you to staff who have assisted in this important activity. Staff are asked to focus in particular on items that can be disposed of, or archived offsite. Offsite archiving is available for both temporary and permanent storage, noting materials can be recalled on request to Record Services and will not be disposed of without the record owner’s approval.

The Project’s Record Management approach is:

More information is available on the Getting Ready page of the project intranet site. Your local records management contact can provide first-line advice on managing records including archiving or disposal options, and expert advice is also available from Record Services as required.