Dean's report

Dr Jim Watterston Dean Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Enterprise Professor, Education Systems

Academic Leaders' Forum

Last week saw our first Academic Leaders’ Forum where senior academic supervisors from across MGSE gathered to discuss a range of important issues that will contribute to the implementation of our Academic Supervision model.  During the Forum we considered our revised academic cognate structures and effective supervision framework, as well as some development requirements for our supervisors. More generally we canvassed what good leadership looks like and the ways we can ensure that enabling leadership is standard practice at MGSE. It was an engaging and productive meeting with feedback gathered from participants which will enable further enhancements to future forums, ensuring they meet the needs of both MGSE and individual leaders. We will be providing information to this supervision group over the next week, including the supervisors who were unable to attend, with the aim of moving towards our new supervision model during October.

Vice-Chancellor Roadshow

Once a year the Vice-Chancellor conducts a roadshow across the University where he provides a report on the University’s performance over the past year and looks ahead to the key issues and challenges for the year ahead. This year things will be a little different as the new Vice-Chancellor, Professor Duncan Maskell, will be commencing his appointment next week. Rather than a report, the roadshow will be switched around to a ‘Listening and Learning tour’. Professor Maskell will visit MGSE on Friday 9 November where we will be able to both hear a little from our new Vice-Chancellor and explain to him our new strategic direction for MGSE. There will be time at the end for some questions and comments from staff. This is a great opportunity and I strongly encourage all staff to attend.

Farewell to Tim Brabazon

Earlier this week we bid a fond farewell to Tim Brabazon who, after 10 years of outstanding service to MGSE, is joining University Services as the Director, Student Success. While the speeches acknowledged the wide range of work Tim achieved during his time at MGSE, and his calm supportive manner, the star of the farewell was undoubtedly his daughter.

Interim Executive Director

I am delighted that Roland Wunder, Manager Finance and Strategic Planning will step into the interim role of MGSE Executive Director from next Monday. Roland is already known to many of you in his current role and he brings a wealth of experience from his time in the Faculty of Science and more recently as Deputy Executive Director of the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning. In the last 12 months, in addition to his role as Manager Finance and Strategic Planning, Roland has also served as Deputy Executive Director at MGSE. I am looking forward to working with him in this important role at MGSE.

Like many of you I am looking forward to the long weekend and the pleasure of watching the Eagles win the Grand Final on Saturday afternoon!