MGSE staff news

Who's travelling?

The following MGSE staff will be travelling. If you have colleagues, potential RHD scholars, prospective students, events, or opportunities in or near the locations that they are travelling to, you are encouraged to get in touch with these staff directly to explore the potential for collaboration.

Lesley Farrell 15/08/18 MEL SYD MEL Sydney Conference
Jim Watterston 22/08/18 MEL CBR MEL Canberra Asia Education Foundation meetings
Julie McLeod 24/08/18 MEL LHR TXL DXB MEL UK Conference
Duncan Symons 31/08/18 MEL DXB MUC DXB MEL Dubai Conference
Maria Henriquez 03/09/18 MEL AKL SYD MEL New Zealand Conference
Lisa McKay Brown 05/09/18 MEL DXB HAM DXB MEL Dubai Conference
Emily White 08/09/18 SYD LHR TXL LHR SIN MEL UK Other
Tim Brabazon 08/09/18 MEL SIN MEL Singapore Other
Leo Geodegebuure 09/09/18 MEL PER MEL Perth Conference
Vernon Crew 20/09/18 ARM SYD BNE SYD ARM Sydney Teaching
Carroll Graham 28/09/18 SYD DXB MAN DXB SYD Dubai Teaching
Joseph Lobianco 30/10/18
Los Angeles
Jim Watterston 17/11/18 MEL SYD PEK SYD MEL China Conference

Appointment of Professor Early Childhood & Care

After an extensive international recruitment process, The Dean is very pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Nicola Yelland to lead Early Childhood Education & Care at MGSE. Nicola will join us in January 2019.
Professor Yelland will be well known to many academics in the field of Early Childhood education and is currently Professor of Early Childhood Studies at Flinders University in Adelaide. Her key qualifications include a PhD from the University of Queensland, a Masters of Education from Flinders University and B.Ed. (Hons) from the University of Exeter.
Professor Yelland commenced her employment as a teacher at Seymour College in South Australia, moving to Geelong College in Victoria and then into the higher education sector. She has more recently held professorial roles with Victoria University, Hong Kong Institute of Education and RMIT University.
The depth of knowledge and experience that Professor Yelland brings includes an extremely strong research platform in the area of early childhood, ICT, eLearning and pedagogy. She has an extensive list of publications and appointments to advisory boards and community based leadership roles. Since 1995 she has secured 14 ARC Grants including her most recent 2018 ARC Discovery grant focusing on Global childhoods in the Asian Century: Connecting policy, educational experiences and everyday life-worlds of children in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Vale Professor Geoff Whitty

We note the passing of Professor Geoff Whitty, Director Emeritus of the Institute of Education (UCL), after a long illness. Many of us at MGSE would have met Geoff or read some of his impressive body of work. Geoff made an immense contribution to the sociology of education, and to the struggle for social justice in and through education. He will be much missed by the academic community, by his friends and by his family.

Academic Workloads

As requested by the Dean, all academic staff workloads are now available on the MGSE intranet.

To access the document go to the intranet at the bottom of the MGSE home page. After logging in, the workload document is under the heading ‘Academic Workloads’.

If you have any changes that need to be made please email Helen Stokes and cc Fletcher Farrington and Pian Zhang into the email.

AATE Award

Congratulations to MGSE graduate Dr Au Yi-Man for her American Alliance for Theatre and Education Distinguished Dissertation Award 2018. She is the fifth MGSE student or staff member who has won this prestigious international recognition.

Centre for Positive Psychology Annual Review

The Centre for Positive Psychology has just released its Annual Report which details the recent research, teaching, publications and engagement of the Centre.

Artists in Residence

Kyrgyz Republic is an independent country located in the very heart of Central Asia in neighbourhood with Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China. The Kyrgyz, one of the ancient people of Central Asia, have rich traditional arts and crafts. UNESCO has safeguarded Kyrgyz traditional felt carpets as an ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’, and we will have an opportunity to learn more about this important work during the visit. The Kyrgyz artists are in residence from Monday 13 to Saturday 17 August. Proudly, we will also be exhibiting the work of Kyrgyz Photographer, Urmat Osmoev across the week. See the Diary Dates page for more information.


If you have not completed the TrainME courses via Themis, visit the Working in the University site to complete the courses.

Download the recent report on UoM Compliance Training.

Reasonable adjustments in the workplace survey

The UoM is dedicated to ensuring the health and wellbeing of all staff members. In line with the University's People Strategy 2015 - 2020, the University is devoted to being an inclusive, equal opportunity employer that values diversity, and seeks to embed it in all that we do. A reasonable workplace adjustment is defined as a necessary alteration to the workplace environment or working arrangements of an employee. As such, we are undertaking this University-wide survey to further understand what adjustments are available, by whom they are allocated, and what adjustments are required that may not be available, for our staff. The data collected will be used to better understand what adjustments staff at the University may require and inform a body of work to put forward recommendations for further reasonable adjustments to be considered by the University. The questionnaire will take approximately 10 - 15 minutes to complete. Find out more on the Staff Hub. For any enquiries contact Noah Green.

Call for applications – Academic Promotion 2018

MGSE is convening an internal Panel to consider applications for promotion from Level A to Level B (Level B Lecturer or Level B Research Grade 2). The guidelines and other important resources are available on the new Academic Careers @ Melbourne site. The supporting resources have recently been updated to reflect the new Academic Performance Framework.

If you intend to submit a promotion application in 2018, please follow the steps below to register your intention:

  • Review the Academic Promotions Guidelines via the link Academic-Promotions-Guidelines
  • Discuss your intention with your Supervisor and any other relevant senior Academic in a leadership position (e.g. your Centre Director), at your earliest convenience.
  • Send an email confirming your intention to apply for promotion to the HOD, copying in, by 20 July 2018.
  • The Dean has determined that your immediate academic supervisor will act as the Head of Department for your promotion application.

The Academic-Promotions-Guidelines document sets out how to address the argued case, CV and publications and is a good resource for staff preparing an application. Also relevant is the Academic Career Benchmarks & Indicators which provides a general guide of what is expected of a Level B academic.

Applications for promotion to Level B should comprise the following:

  1. Argued case for promotion, CV and publications list.
  2. Head of Department (HOD) Report

Academic staff applying for the Level B promotion should apply by uploading their application and other documentation via the Academic Careers @ Melbourne portal.

Heads of Department will also upload their reports via the portal. The application will be managed in the system providing an easy-to-use experience for the various consideration applicants and panel members.

The Level B Promotions Panel will be meeting in August 2018 to consider all Level B applications.

Should you have any queries regarding the promotion process, please contact myself or a member of the MGSE HR team (Terri Hanlon or Lisle Williams).

The promotion timeline is:

Call for application Thursday 19 July
Applicants to advise Head of Department that they will apply for promotion to Level B.
Friday 20 July
Applicant to send complete Level B application online to Head of Department to prepare HoD report Friday 10 August
Head of Department to return Level B application and HoD report to applicant. Sunday 19 August
Applicant to provide response to HoD report (where applicable) and full application (including Head of Department report) to
COB Thursday 23 August
Meeting with Faculty Appointment and Promotions committee (FAPC) Thursday 30 August 2018
Promotions announced Friday 31 August
Promotions effective Friday 31 August