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Professor John Polesel & Jenny Chesters in The Sunday Age, Sydney Morning Herald and syndicated. Rosy picture for girls' achievement is not as it seems

Professor Joseph Lo Bianco participated in a roundtable discussion with a number of Australian academics for ABC Radio National’s ‘Big Ideas’ program. This program investigated the possible future of English as Europe’s lingua franca in the aftermath of Brexit, as well as the potential outcomes of a subsequent decline in the status of standard English. The future of English as a global lingua franca

Marnie O’Bryan, Honorary Research Fellow in Indigenous education, The Guardian. Skin in the game: how boarding school can fail Aboriginal kids

Dr Chelsea Hyde, ABC Radio Melbourne on ‘What to do when students don't get the ATAR score they want’

Samantha Mangarell, How can we help students connect?

Professor Lea Waters, Focusing on kindness, not consumption, this Christmas

Dr Jared Cooney Horvarth, Holiday stress and how to beat it