Diary dates

Perfection Exhibition

Date: 12 September - 3 November
Time: 12.00pm - 6.00pm Monday to Saturday
Venue: Melbourne Science Gallery at the Melbourne School of Design
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Dr Maurizio Toscano (Science Education) will be exhibiting work in the Melbourne Science Gallery’s exhibition: Perfection. His installation, Ark of Imperfection, captures what we consider imperfect about ourselves. The tension in the work between scientific and metaphysical symbolism heightens the sense of an existential crossroads brought about by scientific perfectionism.

UNESCO Observatory of Arts Education, studioFive Artists in Residency

Date: Monday 1 October - Friday 2 November
Time: Monday - Friday 12.30pm - 5.30pm
Room: studioFive, Level 5, Room 507 Kwong Lee Dow Building 234 Queensberry Street

Clare McFadden is a writer, artist and educator and has worked in arts education with children, young people, and communities in both Australia and the United States. Her first book, The Flying Orchestra, was awarded the Children's Book Council of Australia’s Crichton Award, adapted for the stage as the headlining work at the “Out of the Box” Festival and listed as one of the Australian Booksellers’ Association's 50 Favourite Children’s Books. Clare is the Executive Director of Write the World—a writing community for young writers ages 13 - 18. She holds a master's degree in Education from Harvard University. While in residency in studioFive, Clare is hoping that the collaborative and practical environment of the studio will provide the ideal setting to create the artwork for her next book, and, at the same time, develop her facilitation and leadership skills as an artist working within educational and cultural institutions.  This residency in studioFive will immerse her in the creative life of the building, where she will observe what is essential in cultivating such an artful and creative environment. Clare will be painting and illustrating within the open and collaborative space of studioFive, welcoming daily observation and interaction with students and faculty in her space in Room 507. Over the course of the residency, she hopes to complete five double spread pages for the final book, as well as additional sketches.  Clare will be documenting her residency, and will be filming and photographing her progress so that this documentation can be accessed by faculty and students after she leaves.

Just Teacher: Ethical dilemmas in the profession of teaching

The Social Transformations and Education Research Hub - Unpacking Education Brown Bag Lunch Time Seminar

Date: Thursday 25 October
Time: 12pm-1pm
Venue: Room 713/714, Level 7 100 Leicester Street Melbourne Graduate School of Education University of Melbourne

In this seminar, Dr Paula McAvoy, North Carolina State University, and Dr Lauren Gatti, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, will draw upon their study that uses both empirical research and the tools of philosophy and professional ethics to articulate a conception of “professional teacher.” Teachers are particular types of professionals. Unlike lawyers, doctors, and engineers, whose work is often done in the private sphere, with adults, and one-to-one (meaning a doctor works with one patient at a time), teachers mostly work in the public sphere, with children, and in groups. Consequently, the teacher’s professional autonomy is necessarily limited by the fact that they must be responsible to: 1) the democratic aims of education, 2) parents and their legitimate interests in how their children are raised, 3) the well-being of individual children and groups of children, and 4) their professional training and conception of what good teaching requires.

Dr Paula McAvoy is Assistant Professor within the Department of Teacher Education and Learning Sciences at North Carolina State University. She is the co-author with Diana Hess of The Political Classroom: Evidence and Ethics in Democratic Education (Routledge, 2015). 

Dr Lauren Gatti is an Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. She is currently working with Paula McAvoy on a book project about ethical dilemmas in teaching.

Service Improvement and Innovation in Tertiary Education Conference

Date: Thursday 25 - Friday 26 October

The 2018 conference aims to encompass all aspects of innovation in tertiary education and capture the collaborative efforts we hope to nurture between industry, government and education providers to create the best outcomes for the tertiary education sector. This year’s conference will examine examples of innovation throughout the tertiary education sector as well as learnings which could be applied from other sectors.

For all conference related queries contact:

Ms Melissa Hendicott
Program Officer
LH Martin Institute
Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education

T: 9035 6429 E: melissa.hendicott@unimelb.edu.au

Security by Design: The Emperor’s New Clothes in the Cybersecurity Space?

Date: Friday 26 October
1.00pm - 2.00pm
Theatre 104, Level 2, Melbourne Law School
Presented by Professor Lee A. Bygrave

Security by Design (SbD) is emerging as a goal in various European government policy documents dealing with cybersecurity regulation. For instance, the European Commission’s European Cyber Security Strategy, published in September 2017, prioritises ‘[t]he use of “security by design” methods in low-cost, digital, interconnected mass consumer devices which make up the Internet of Things’. Drawing on insights from parallel discourses on ‘Privacy by Design’, ‘Data Protection by Design’ and, more broadly, ‘Legal Protection by Design’, this seminar critically explores the semantics, origins and potential value of SbD as a nascent regulatory principle.

Lee A. Bygrave is professor at the Department of Private Law, University of Oslo, where he oversees the Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law (NRCCL). He is currently a guest professor at the Australian National University’s newly established 3A Institute. For the past three decades, Lee has been engaged in researching and developing regulatory policy for information and communications technology (ICT).

UoM: LGBTI+ Awareness Briefing

Date: Wednesday 31 October
Time: 1.00pm - 3.00pm

The aim of the session is to provide participants with an overall understanding of why LGBTI+ workplace inclusion is important to an organisation as well as to provide a level of comfort around terminology, explore challenges often faced by LGBTI+ employees and provide awareness on the impact that a culture has on the lived experiences of its employees.

At the end of this session, participants should be able to:

  • Explain the differences between sex, gender identity, gender expression and orientation
  • Outline some of the unique challenges faced by LGBTI+ employees
  • Respond to some of the common views questioning the need for inclusion initiatives
  • Understand the role that individuals play in creating a more inclusive culture

Steps to enrol and signup

  1. Login to TrainMe: https://uomtrainme.elmotalent.com.au/
  2. At the top of the page, click on Learning
  3. You will see 2 tabs on the page, My Learning and Course Catalogue
  4. Click on Course Catalogue
  5. In the search field, type “LGBTI” and click the search button
  6. The search will return “LGBTI Awareness Employee Briefing”
  7. Click on Sessions, you will see 1 session available
  8. Click on Enrol

Pitching to Book Publishers

Date: Thursday 1 November
Time: 10.30am - 12.30pm
Venue: Ground Floor, Elisabeth Murdoch Building, University of Melbourne

This two-part workshop offers the opportunity for you to pitch your idea for books to publishers, editors and literary agents. In the first session, your ideas will be refined and developed and how to put together an effective book proposal will be explored. In the second session, you will present a summary of your book proposal to a panel of non-fiction editors and publishers from commercial publishing houses who will give constructive feedback to participants.

Seminar - What is Japan CLIL Pedagogy Association going for?

Presented by Professor Shigeru Sasajima, Toyo Eiwa University, Yokohama, Japan

Date: Wednesday 7 November
Time: 5pm - 6pm
Venue: 100 Leicester Street, Carlton, Level 2, room 221 

J-CLIL (Japan CLIL Pedagogy Association) was established in 2017 to study and promote the implementation of integrated education called CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) or CBLT (Content-based Language Teaching). CLIL is dependent on each context and has its flexible and diverse features. J-CLIL primarily focuses on CLIL in English but consider CLIL in other languages (Japanese, Chinese and Korean). This presentation provides an overview of current CLIL developments in the Japanese context, and what CLIL practitioners are doing in Japan.

MGSE TV - Open Day

Did you know that MGSE has its own TV studio? Located on Level 4 of the Kwong Lee Dow Building, the Studio is the hub for a number of rooms wired for high quality audio and video data capture. Originally developed and funded by the Science Of Learning Research Centre Project, and managed by the International Centre for Classroom Research (ICCR) Technicians (Cameron Mitchell and Reggie Bowman), the room and technical team are now servicing MGSE teaching and research staff in various projects.

Rooms attached to the facility include the Q417 Classroom, ICCR Computer LAB and all of Studio 5 including art, music, and drama studios. In addition to these hard wired facilities, the technical team also specialise in fieldwork with dedicated, custom built solutions for teaching, research or PD material production. Recent work includes Department of Education Training Videos, Master of Teaching materials and teaching seminars, Research Platform Training videos, Lecture Filming, and promotional videos.

The studio will have an open day on Monday 12 November, in the TV Studio located on Level 4, Room Q418. Further information about the services and facilities can be found on the ICCR website.

For all enquiries please contact Cameron Mitchell

Digital Literacy Show and Tell

Date: Monday 12 November
Time: 1.30pm - 4.30pm
Venue: 234 Queensberry Street, Carlton,
studioFive, Level 5, Kwong Lee Dow Building

Following on from the highly successful inaugural event in 2017, the Melbourne Graduate School of Education and Scholarly Services are hosting another Digital Literacy Show and Tell event. The afternoon will include 15 demonstrations. Attendees will move between demonstration stands to view and experience learning activities. There will be opportunities to ask questions, explore challenges and make connections with colleagues, as they share their inspiring examples of developing digital literacy skills within curriculum.

Retirement event - Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor Lyn Yates

Date: Tuesday 13 November
Time: 4.30pm - 6.30pm
Venue: 100 Leicester Street, Carlton,
Frank Tate Room, Level 9
RSVP by Monday 5 November

For any queries please contact Deb Walton dgwalton@unimelb.edu.au ext. 45219 or  hgorham@unimelb.edu.au or ext. 48331

Lyn joined the Faculty of Education in 2005 as Foundation Professor of Curriculum, following positions at La Trobe University and UTS. She enjoys an eminent international reputation for her contributions to the sociology of knowledge, to studies of inequality, education and gender, and is widely regarded as the leading curriculum scholar in Australia. She was Associate Dean (Research) in MGSE and then served as Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research) for the University from 2007 to 2013. She is a former President of the Australian Association for Research in Education, elected fellow of the Australian Academy of Social Science (2011), and has served on the Australian Research Council College of Experts (2002-2004), and the executive of the Australian Curriculum Studies Association. Beyond her formal leadership roles, Lyn has been a generous mentor and supervisor for many, and a tireless advocate for educational research. This event marks her contributions and celebrates her career.

Dean's Lecture Series

How do we learn to thrive? The emergence of wellbeing science

Presented by Professor Lindsay Oades, Director, Centre for Positive Psychology

Date: Wednesday 14 November
Time: 5.30pm pre-lecture refreshments and registration
6pm lecture
Venue: 234 Queensberry Street, Carlton
Theatre Q230, Level 2, Kwong Lee Dow Building

Debates about wellbeing and happiness have occupied religious discourse, philosophical, political, medical and economic debate for centuries. The emergence of wellbeing science in general and positive psychology in particular, is relatively new. Can we change our wellbeing? If so, should we try? How do we do it? How do we help others to learn to thrive?

In this forward looking presentation, Professor Oades will invite you into the building of a new comprehensive mid-level theory of wellbeing: “Thriveability Theory”  - so desperately needed to fill the barren space between high level theory of philosophers and the sometimes non-reflective measurement by some empirical scientists. Come prepared to actively wrestle with and discuss three difficult questions. Leave with a better understanding of current and local endeavours of wellbeing science, including its applications such as positive education.

This event is scheduled as part of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education's 10 Year Anniversary. We warmly invite alumni from Education to join us for this special Dean’s Lecture.

PhD Confirmation Seminar
Process drama as a targeted tool for academic language development in the middle primary years

PhD student: Rafaela Cleeve Gerkens

Date: Wednesday 14 November
Time: 10am
Venue: 234 Queensberry Street, Carlton
Level 5, room Q505, studioFive, Kwong Lee Dow Building

Supervisors: Dr Richard Sallis and Dr Carmel Sandiford

To progress beyond ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn’ (Cowan & Albers, 2017), students require academic language proficiency, defined by Cummins (2001) as the ability to draw upon a bank of sophisticated/technical vocabulary, complex syntax and concept knowledge. Many students lack this proficiency and consequently begin to encounter reading comprehension difficulties in middle-primary (Department of Education and Training Victoria, 2017; Andoniou, 2017; Biemillier, 2003; Chall, 1983). This qualitative, school-based study aims to build on evidence of process drama’s effectiveness as a tool for building students’ academic language proficiency by seeking to understand which particular process drama conventions/techniques best support students’ academic language development.

Mathematics & Science Education Research Seminar

Visual attention in teacher-student interaction: Gaze-tracking research in the context of collaborative mathematical problem solving

Date: Tuesday 27 November
Time: 12pm

This session reports on a mixed-method research which has been designed to investigate the relation between teachers and students’ visual attention and teachers’ scaffolding intentions, interpersonal classroom interaction, and teacher gestures. The data consisted of multiple mobile gaze tracking recordings and stationary classroom videos from three collaborative mathematical problem-solving lessons in Finnish lower secondary schools. Data analysis involves continuous coding on gaze dwells and classroom activity and interaction. The results show that the scaffolding intentions affect the teacher’s gaze targets and the creation of dyadic eye contacts with students, and there exists a complex relation between teachers’ interpersonal behavior and the occurrence of teacher-student eye contacts.

2019 Primary and Early Childhood Mathematics Education Conference

Date: Thursday 20 - Friday 21 June 2019
Time: 9am - 5pm

The Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV) in collaboration with the Melbourne Graduate School of Education’s Mathematics Education Group (MEG) present a conference focusing on primary school mathematics education.