MGSE staff news

First Menzies Research Fellow

Congratulations to Ms Kerry Elliott, who has been appointed as the first Menzies Research Fellow to support the incubator. Read more at the Menzies Foundation website.

Update on the Early Career Academic Committee

The Early Career Academic Committee (ECAC) was formed in 2012 by a group of dedicated Early Career Academics at MGSE to advocate for ECAs and provide a conduit for the voices and interests of ECAs to be represented in various fora throughout the school. The committee is formed through a self-nomination process (a call is put out in January or February) and each position is a 2-year post.

This year we have the following people on the ECAC and as representatives on other MGSE committees:

Dr Maurizio Toscano (Representative for Research and Research Training Committee, Finance Committee, Strategic Plan Working Group, Representative on the ECAC Leadership Group)
Dr Duncan Symons (Representative for Workforce Planning Committee)
Catherine Smith
Dr Sophie Rudolph (ECAC Chair 2018)
Dr Sue Mentha
Dr Ligia (Licho) López López
(Representative on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee)
Dr Mahtab Janfada (Representative on the International and Engagement Committee, Representative on the Teaching Minimum Standards Working Group, Representative on the ECAC Leadership Group)
Dr Chelsea Hyde (Representative on the Library Committee)
Dr Rhonda Di Biase
Dr L. Merryn Dawborn-Gundlach
Dr Babak Dadvand (Representative on the Learning and Teaching Committee)
Dr Tan-Chyuan Chin
Dr Lucy Buzacott (Representative on the ECAC Leadership Group)
Sue Arney (Representative on the Curriculum Committee)
This group bring diverse views of ECA life from across the school and we encourage all ECAs to get in touch with any of these colleagues if you have issues you would like raised at our meetings or at a particular committee level.

Update: 100 Leicester St carpark roller door

A brief update on the 100 Leicester St carpark roller door - a quote for the repairs has now been accepted by Infrastructure Services and the replacement process will commence soon, lasting up to 4 weeks.

Also, demolition works in the old Stovetop Café (Ground, 100 Leicester St) are also scheduled to commence this Wednesday, with the introduction of the new Mood Food venue ‘coming soon’.

Payment Summaries (Group Certificates 2017-2018 and Casual Pay run Deadline

Payment Summaries (Group Certificates) for 2017 - 2018 will be available to staff to access through Themis Employee Self Service. Online access is the quick and easy way to download Payment Summaries from Themis Self Service.

These will be available no later than Saturday 14 July. Hard copies of the payment summary can be provided subject to a formal request by individual staff members (including casuals) to: no later than Friday 8 June. Staff members must have their correct home address in Themis. For more info how to update your personal contact details please visit:

More information:

The final Casual pay run for this financial year is on 21/06/2018, and the deadline to get the timecards approved is 4pm on 18/06/2018. Any casual timecards which are not approved by 4pm on 18/06/2018 will be paid in next financial year.