Dean's report

Dean Jim Watterston
2018 MGSE Awards

The MGSE Awards night late last week was a wonderful occasion to celebrate the impressive achievements of our students and staff. Held at the Copland Theatre in the Spot building over 200 people gathered to honour these achievements, to hear a little about the work of some of our winners and to mingle to the sound of a classical trio. It was a great pleasure to be a part of this night for the first time.

Strategic Plan forum

Thank you to all the staff who attended the Strategic Plan forum yesterday and for all your contributions so far to the development of this important new direction for the Graduate School. For those who missed the forum, and for all other staff, please add your thoughts and ideas to our 2018 Strategic Plan via our new online survey.


It has been a busy fortnight for publishing some of our research in the University’s online magazine Pursuit. This is a great medium for engaging with the wider community and raising issues of concern and interest to our community. The Multicultural Youth Census story revealed a strong sense of belonging amongst migrant and refugee youth despite them experiencing concerning levels of discrimination. This story was followed up by, among others, SBS TV and the BBC. Later in the week Pursuit published the most recent report from the Life Patterns Longitudinal study about the housing challenges facing young people and posed the question of what happens to society when distance disrupts family ties? This story received over 1,000 views and was covered by the ABC.

Podcast – Talking Teaching Episode 2

This Thursday sees the second episode of MGSE’s podcast series Talking Teaching to go to air with an episode focusing on the teaching of maths with well-known maths teacher Eddie Woo. Talking Teaching is off to a wonderful start garnering an audience of over 2,000 listeners in its first 10 days.