MGSE media

Dr Jim Watterston in, ‘Federal Budget 2018: Incompatible state, federal governments hold education back’, Financial Review, 10 May 2018 (subscription required)

Dr Jason Lodge interview with Life Matters Amanda Smith, 'Embracing confusion in the classroom', Radio National Canberra, 10 May

Dr Dan Woodman ‘Internships have much to offer the young entering the workforce’, The Australian 16 May 2018 (subscription required)

LH Martin Institute to receive Award for Excellence in Leadership Recognising the great work of university professional staff, Campus Moring Mail, 15 May 2018

Associate Professor Ruth Schubert in ‘Universities should focus on good teaching more than brand’ (subscription required)

Dr Sandra Milligan in ‘UniMelb exports education expertise’, Campus Morning Mail, 18 May 2018

Ms Katherine Henderson receives Awards for Excellence in Engagement – Public Value