MGSE staff news

2018 MGSE Strategic Postdoctoral Fellowships

Three strategic postdoctoral fellowships have been awarded to research teams, led by the following colleagues:

Professor Helen Cahill, for ‘A longitudinal analysis of the impact of education and employment on access to housing for young Australians’;

Professor Gregor Kennedy, for ‘Learning analytics for personalised feedback and improved task design to support student learning in Science, Engineering, Technology, Mathematics’, and

A/Prof Larissa McLean Davies, for ‘Investigating knowledge in English curricula in global contexts’.

The purpose of these fellowships is to break new ground in areas of research that are well aligned with the strategic priorities of MGSE and The University of Melbourne. Funding covers a full-time salary of a postdoctoral fellow for 3 years, plus an allocation of $50,000 for additional costs. Please join me in congratulating the recipients of these fellowships.