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Who's travelling?

The following MGSE staff will be travelling during the coming fortnight. If you have colleagues, potential RHD scholars, prospective students, events, or opportunities in or near the locations that they are travelling to, you are encouraged to get in touch with these staff directly to explore the potential for collaboration.

Gwilym Croucher18/07/18
Undertake research
Fiona Wirrergeorge19/07/18MEL CNSCairnsOther
Vicki Mckenzie20/07/18MEL NRT MELTokyoOther
Jenny Chesters22/07/18YYZ LAX MEL MelbourneOther
Patrick Soo24/07/18SIN KUL SINKuala LumpurMarketing/Recruitment
Maria Hatzigianni24/07/18SYD MEL SYDSydneyOther
Catherine Pearn31/08/18MEL DXB MUC DXB MELDubaiConference
Duncan Symons31/08/18MEL DXB MUC DXB MELDubaiConference
Jim Watterston08/08/18

UWA meetings

Asia Education Foundation meetings 
Joseph Lobianco30/10/18
Los Angeles


If you have not completed the TrainME courses via Themis, visit the Working in the University site to complete the courses.

Download the recent report on UoM Compliance Training.

Audit of Aboriginal Ancestral Remains and Associated Objects

The Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council advised the University in April 2017 of the new legislative requirements of section 14 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 (the Act), which commenced on 1 August 2016.

This change requires that all public entities and universities which may hold Aboriginal Ancestral Remains and associated Aboriginal objects examine their holdings and report on any collections to the Council within two years of the commencement of the Act.

The current audit is being overseen by Dr Lyndon Ormond-Parker, Chair of the University’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Heritage Oversight Committee (ATSICHO Committee) and Susie Shears, Museums and Collections Coordinator. Researcher Louise Murray is working with relevant staff to gather information and meet the reporting requirements.

If any Melbourne Graduate School of Education staff has knowledge of the existence of any Aboriginal Ancestral Remains and associated Aboriginal objects that do not form part of a Cultural Collection you must report these items.

Please download and fill out this form to report the existence of any remains or objects and return it to Louise Murray or you can call her on 8344 8672 if you have any queries or require further information.

The University plans to report the outcome of the audit to the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council before 31 July 2018.

Professional Staff Conference 2018 - call for submissions

The Professional Staff Conference is designed to bring together professional staff from across the University to highlight best practice, share ideas, and provide professional development and networking opportunities to our vibrant staff community. It is an opportunity to interact, share experiences and learnings, collaborate, showcase our achievements and celebrate the role of professional staff at the University of Melbourne.

This year’s Professional Staff Conference will be held on Wednesday 5 September 2018 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. With an overarching theme of Our World, Our Future, this conference takes a future-focus through the lenses of Innovation, Inclusion, Impact and Insight.

Call for submissions

The Professional Staff Conference team are excited to announce that submissions to present at the conference are now open! We invite submissions from both professional and academic staff members of the University.

We want to hear from you! Tell us about your take on Our World, Our Future!
How do the four sub-themes of Innovation, Inclusion, Impact and Insight speak to the future?

You are invited to explore the theme of Our World, Our Future in whichever way sparks your creative interest or prompts the flow of ideas – we encourage you to think outside the box!

Submissions can be based on opportunities you have capitalised on or innovative ideas you have explored. It can be best practice guidance, case studies, review of a critical project, or discussion of a current 'hot topic'.

Sub-theme starter questions

  • Innovation: How have youcreated innovation in your work? What might the future of work look like? How do we create a culture of innovation?
  • Inclusion: Who do you connect with in your work and how do we build those connections? How do we include those who are not included? How might we include students in our work?
  • Impact: How do we make a difference with what we do? How do we make a difference in what we do? What happens when things are disrupted?
  • Insight: What have you learned from your work? What expertise can you share with others? How can you help others grow by sharing your story?

Submissions do not have to be confined or restricted to a single theme and can cut across multiple themes or additional areas of interest. Presenters may be invited to collaborate with colleagues and participate in workshops with senior University leaders in the lead-up to the conference. Greater consideration will be given to presentations that demonstrate collaboration across disciplines, functional areas or with external organisations.

Call for submissions closes Sunday 24 June 2018

Want to know more about the themes or to submit your presentation ideas visit:

Have an idea, but need some help? Contact the Professional Staff Conference team via:

Construction on Leicester and Barry Street

The City of Melbourne is committed to improving community infrastructure and amenity to make Melbourne a more attractive place to live, work, shop and visit. As part of this commitment the City of Melbourne has engaged Citywide to complete the following construction works on the intersections of:

  • Leicester Street and Barry Street
  • Leicester Street and Queensberry Street
  • Barry Street and Pelham Street

Construction Period: From Thursday 21 June for a duration of 8 weeks (weather permitting)

Time: 7am - 7pm weekday including weekend as necessary

For any queries contact:

Louis Munforte
Works Officer
T: 9267 5180

Shen Chang
Project Officer
T: 9257 5238

Applications for the Special Studies Program 2019

The Special Studies Program - Long (SSP-L) for 2019 (January to December 2019) involves special study for periods of greater than 6 weeks and up to six (6) months duration.  A sub-committee of the Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee will meet to consider all SSP(L) applications.

Continuing academic employees at Level B or above are normally eligible to apply to undertake SSP after three years of continuous service at Level A or above at this University and if they have PDF ratings that demonstrate that performance expectations have been met or exceeded over the same period.

Where funding arrangements permit, fixed-term academic employees at Level B or above are normally eligible to apply to undertake SSP after three years of continuous service at Level A or above at this University if they have PDF ratings that demonstrate that performance expectations have been met or exceeded over the same period. SSP must be within the life of the fixed-term contract.


Please refer to the Academic Appointment, Performance and Promotion Policy (MPF1299) (link below) for further information, including eligibility rules.  The Special Studies Programs Guidelines.

Please note that the SSP(L) section of this policy (clause 6) was recently reviewed and updated, with more flexibility built into the design of SSP(L).  We encourage you to review the policy.


The SSP(L) application form (HR74A) is available via the link below.  The form details the attachments that are required to be submitted along with the form.  Please review carefully.

The closing date for applications from eligible academic staff wishing to apply for SSP(L) is Friday 27 July 2018. Please lodge your application with MGSE Human Resources by this date. Please note, late applications cannot be considered.

Please submit via email to The covering application form (HR74A) must be a scanned copy with applicant and Head of Department signatures included.


Overall, applications for SSP(L) are assessed on merit and their alignment with the purpose of SSP outlined in this policy.

The funding available for SSP(L) is limited, and where eligible applications exceed the funding available, the Committee may consider the following specific factors in determining the most appropriate use of that funding:

  • Quality of the application
  • The applicant’s capacity to undertake the proposed activity and achieve the proposed outcomes and outputs
  • The relevance of the proposed activity to the applicant’s career trajectory
  • The degree of alignment with MGSE and local area strategy
  • The anticipated value and impact of the proposed activity
  • The strategic value of the relationships formed and fostered through the proposed activity
  • The breadth and balance of activity across all SSP(L) proposals
  • The nature and timing of previous career developmental opportunities extended to the applicant

The Committee may recommend to an applicant a revision to their proposed program to encourage better alignment with the objectives of the SSP(L) scheme, and / or due to funding limitations.

The application must make clear why the location and colleagues to be visited are optimal for the proposed program. Please include letters of invitation from the institutions that you plan to visit with your application.

If the proposed SSP(L) research is already the subject of a research grant proposal, then the study leave proposal should be of comparable quality.

The SSP(L) Application Form requires the report on any prior SSP(L) to be attached to the application. It is the responsibility of the applicant to do so.


Enquiries about the policy and the application process can be directed to:

Lisle Williams, HR Consultant, extension 48467 and Paula McAllister, Manager, Human Resources, extension 43712



27 July 2018

Closing date for applications. Please submit via email to

August 2018

HR to confirm eligibility details, dates of programs etc. for individual applications.

August 2018

Applications considered by the MGSE SSP-L Committee, to consider performance objectives and appraisals of academic staff, leave management, replacement for teaching and postgraduate supervision etc. The Committee will consider applications in accordance with University Policy with due regard to MGSE’s SSP(L) budget, gender balance and other equity issues.


The Dean gives final approval of SSP(L) applications based on recommendations from the Committee.

September 2018Applicants to be notified of outcome of applications.  Feedback provided to unsuccessful applicants.


By 8 weeks Completed SSP(L) Action Form ( HR 74B) to be submitted to MGSE HR. prior to departure

Upon return Staff member to provide report on SSP(L), along with the SSP(L) Report Form  (HR 74C).

Published paper

Associate Professor Matthew White and Dr Peggy Kern
Positive Education: Learning and Teaching for wellbeing and academic mastery

Cultivating Core Competences in a Changing Technological Society

21st century observes societal reforms that leap forward at fullest speed in human history. It also witnesses technology revolutions that push back mankind boundaries on a daily basis. In this rapid changing era, education itself is facing various grand challenges, one of which is raised by the question of what kind of students we wish to prepare for the future, especially the core competences we are obligated to cultivate in our students in response to the quick and convenient ways of grasping knowledge, thanks to new technologies. During the INEI 2018 symposium at BNU, scholars from different countries will get together and discuss what the core competences in a changing technological society are, and as educators, in what ways we should cultivate them.

  • Holiday Inn Beijing Deshengmen北京德胜门华宇假日酒店(1.2km)★★★★
  • 400-830-2360、86-010-82065555
  • 71 Deshengmenwai Street (Deshengmenwai Dajie), Xicheng District, Beijing
  • If you can’t speak Chinese and you’re visiting China for the first time, this hotel is highly recommended because most staff of the hotel can speak English, which may make it easier for you to communicate your needs.
  • Jingshi Hotel京师大厦(550m)★★★★★
  • 86-010-58802288
  • #19 Xin Jie Kou Wai Street, Haidian District, Beijing, 100875 (Situated at the southeast of Beijing Normal University, close to Xinjiekouwai Street in the east and Xueyuan Street in the south)
  • Tianfang Hotel 北京天方饭店(1.1km)★★★★
  • 400-688-6687
  • 28 North Xizhimen Street (Xizhimen Bei Dajie)
  • Beijing High-TechMansion BUPT 北京北邮科技酒店|北邮科技大厦(1.6km)★★★★
  • 400-963-2099
  • 10 Xi Tu Cheng Rd, Haidian District, Beijing
  • Beijing Haowei Mansion Hotel 北京豪威大厦(1.1km)★★★★
  • 010-62014455、010-62388951
  • 25 Beitaipingzhuang Road (Beitaipingzhuang Lu), Haidian District, Beijing
  • Yuanchenxin International Hotel 北京元辰鑫国际酒店(1.9km)★★★★
  • 86-010-82024488,86-010-82252864
  • 12 Yumin road, China international science and technology convention and exhibition centre C