Dean's report

Dean Jim Watterston
Who's Travelling?

This fortnight we have instigated two new regular sections of our newsletter – Who’s travelling? and Do you have Research to Share? The first of these sections comes about for a variety of reasons. I have often heard colleagues commenting on a missed opportunity when someone returns from a trip in terms of networks with whom they could have connected.  Knowing where and when colleagues are travelling gives us all the chance to improve the experience and success of a trip. This may be by putting colleagues in contact with academics in that city or country, providing advice about people and places, perhaps providing an opportunity to meet with MGSE alumni and generally furthering our collaborations.

Do you have any research to share?

The second section, Do you have Research to Share? is a call for staff to think about the wider possibilities for disseminating your research. Sometimes the effort and success of publishing your work in a journal feels like the end of the journey; getting it out to a wider general audience can be forgotten. This week a story from the Centre for Positive Psychology on children’s sense of belonging in schools was published in Pursuit. The article was timed for the start of the new school term and was pushed out through social media. Along with media coverage, social media is an effective way to promote your research to a diverse audience. MGSE has been having great success with social media of late. In the last quarter we had the highest percentage increase (220%) in social media engagement of any faculty at the University. It is worth thinking about how your own social media channels can assist in furthering the reach of the work of MGSE.

Teaching and Careers Expo 2018

Last Friday we held our annual Teaching and Careers Expo 2018, which is an event designed to assist MGSE students in preparing for their entry into the world of professional teaching. Through a lively series of presentations, students were given advice on writing resumes, applying for jobs and participating in interviews. I was delighted that four principals from the Government and Independent sectors gave up their time to discuss what they are looking for in new teachers and how their own careers progressed to being principals in schools. The feedback from students was highly positive, highlighted by the opportunity to wander around and talk to the 21 organisations who were exhibiting.