Research Projects

The Language and Literacy Research Hub has the following prior and ongoing research projects.

Project Research Contact Project Status
Beginning teachers’ developing clinical judgment: competencies, skills and attitudes Teresa Angelico Completed
Building a Bridge into Preschool in Remote Northern Territory Communities Dr Jane Page Completed
Challenging the monolingual mindset – leveraging students’ out-of-classroom language practices for pedagogical innovation in the English-as-an-additional-language (EAL) classroom Dr Yvette Slaughter Completed
Chinese Teacher Training Centre Materials and Resources Dr Yvette Slaughter Completed
Creating Meaningful, Participatory English Language Teaching Pedagogies for Refugee Women and Their Children Dr Julie Choi Current
Creativity, Risk, and Content & Language Integrated Learning A/PROF Russell Cross Current
Early Childhood Learning in Museum Experiences Assoc. Prof. Patricia Eadie Current
Every Toddler Talking Research Evaluation Assoc. Prof. Patricia Eadie Completed
Girls Writing Together: Developing writing pedagogies for low language and literacy learners Dr Julie Choi Future
How language develops, what goes wrong and why it matters: Following the Early Language in Victoria Study to age 13 Sheena Reilly Completed
Improving children’s language, literacy and mental health: Evaluating the impact of the Classroom Promotion of Oral Language (CPOL) Sharon Goldfeld Current
Investigating literary knowledge in the making of English teachers Dr Lucy Buzacott
Literacy Teaching Resource Dr Carmel Sandiford Completed
Literate Practice in Factories of the Future: A Linguistic Ethnography Professor Lesley Farrell Current
Teacher Agency Across Content and Language Integrated Spaces for Schooling A/PROF Russell Cross Current
Text Selection in the Senior English Curriculum Dr Alexander Bacalja Current
Understanding Workforce Literacy in the Technologized Workplace Prof. Lesley Farrell Completed
Workplace Literacy in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: The Literacy 4.0 Project Professor Lesley Farrell