Professor Emeritus Joseph Lo Bianco


Joseph Lo Bianco is Professor Emeritus at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. Prior to his current role, he was Chief Executive of the National Languages and Literacy Institute of Australia.

From 2011-2017, Joseph served as Research Director of the UNICEF Language and Peacebuilding initiative in Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand, and as Senior Research Advisor for the European Commission project Languages in urban communities: Integration and Diversity for Europe (LUCIDE).

In his work he supports international research projects in several countries on language planning, multiculturalism and intercultural education and also advises on language, culture and literacy education, the integration of indigenous and immigrant children into mainstream schools, and reconciliation and peace through education.

Joseph combines research studies with practical intervention to help people affected by conflict to promote social cohesion and peace-building. He has published extensively, with over 32 books and 130 articles and chapters. His research interests also include Asian studies and Italian language and cultural history.

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Professor Emeritus Joseph Lo Bianco

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