Recruitment: Apply for a PhD scholarship with Life Patterns

The Life Patterns project are offering two PhD scholarships.

Are you interested in undertaking a PhD studying young people's pathways?

Life Patterns is offering two PhD scholarships in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education to undertake qualitative and/or quantitative projects using data from the Life Patterns project.

The Life Patterns project contains an extensive longitudinal data set with quantitative and qualitative data from three ongoing cohorts which will span 35 years by 2025. The third cohort will be recruited during 2021. This phase of the program investigates how in a context of technological and structural change (including COVID pandemic), a new generation of young Australians transition to adulthood, keeping the focus on those elements that have proven to be enabling for previous generations to generate new knowledge about the influences of education, work, housing, relationships, and wellbeing on positive trajectories.

The successful candidates will be supervised by A/Prof Hernan Cuervo (Principal Supervisor) and Dr Jenny Chesters (Principal Supervisor) respectively.

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