Manuscript and review process


Research papers

Research papers should be clearly written and demonstrate a high level of scholarship. Manuscripts should contain between 3,000 and 5,000 words and include a 150 word abstract. Manuscripts are blind reviewed by at least two members of the Editorial Committee or Review Panel.

Practitioner articles

Practitioner articles should be clearly written and logically organised. Practitioner articles should provide a descriptive/informative account of transition in practice supported by convincing analytical argument or relevance to theory. Manuscripts should contain between 2,000 and 3,000 words and include a 100 word abstract. Manuscripts are blind reviewed by at least two members of the Editorial Committee or Review Panel.


Manuscripts should be written in English, and submitted on disc using a commonly used word processing program such as Word, with three hard copies.

Pages should be set to A4, 1.5 line spacing using Times Roman 12pt font, with 2.54cm margins left and right, top and bottom. All pages should be numbered at the bottom of the page. Text should be left/right justified. The full postal address of the author/s should be provided on a separate sheet.


Tables should be given in Arabic numbers, with centred, headings/not bolded with a line between the title and the table.


All headings should be left justified in sentence case. Main headings should be bolded. Sub-headings should be not bolded.


Footnotes should not be used.


References to the work of others should be as follows: author's name, year of publication eg Brown (2004) or (Brown, 2004).

Full details of references should be placed in the reference list using the Harvard Bibliographic system.


The author/s of papers/articles accepted for publication should provide a brief biography indicating their name, position, place of employment, area/s of specialisation, and email address.


Details of acknowledgments, if required, should be provided at the end of the manuscript and be no more than three lines.

Manuscripts should be addressed to:

Associate Professor Kay Margetts
Coordinating Editor
Melbourne Graduate School of Education
The University of Melbourne
Victoria, 3010, Australia.