Inaugural David Clarke Memorial Lecture delivered by Alan Schoenfeld

The ICCR Research Hub was launched on Thursday 10 December 2020 with Professor Schoenfeld delivering the inaugural David Clarke Memorial Lecture.

David Clarke Memorial Lecture


David Clarke’s aptly chosen project title, “The Learner’s Perspective Study,” served as the springboard for Professor Schoenfeld's reflections on teaching and learning. Professor Schoenfeld spoke about what really matters are the learner’s experiences, and what sense learners make not only of the content but of themselves as learners. Classroom interactions between students, between students and teacher, between students and content, all shape a student’s evolving perspective both on content and sense of self. These are deeply cultural issues; understandings and perspectives vary across nations, shaping what happens in them. And when such experiences are the object of rigorous study, we all profit from the understandings that develop.


Professor Schoenfeld responded in writing to further questions raised during the Q&A segment. For more information, visit the Q&A page.

Professor Alan H. SchoenfeldProfessor Alan H. Schoenfeld

Elizabeth and Edward Conner Professor of Education and Affiliated Professor of Mathematics, University of California.

A mathematician by training who studies issues of mathematical thinking, teaching, and learning, Professor Schoenfeld has served as President of the American Educational Research Association and been awarded the Felix Klein Award for life-time achievement in mathematics education research by the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction. His main research focus is on the Teaching for Robust Understanding (TRU) Framework, which concerns creating learning environments from which students emerge being knowledgeable and flexible thinkers and problem solvers.